June 3 – 9, 2023

Tax Practitioners Board chief executive secretary Michael O’Neill during a senate budget estimates hearing in Canberra on Wednesday.


A middle-aged man speaks into microphones that surround him on the street.
A young woman smokes an e-cigarette.
A man wearing glasses and a badge of the Australian Aboriginal flag speaks on a panel.
A man collects rubbish by a river filled with plastic.
A woman stands with a blanket wrapped around her and a dog in her arms. City apartments surround her, with debris scattered across the street.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Country mouse politics

Bridget Archer has a modest proposal. The Liberal Party and the Nationals should dissolve their coalition agreement and formulate individual policies while in opposition. She can see her own party’s drift from relevance. She can see the way Peter Dutton has quickly given up the values she thought were inherent.


Stay true

As the racial underbelly of the future referendum rises, a huge thanks to Daniel James for underlining the two questions at the heart of our vote (“Road without a horizon”, May 27–June 2). Besides the key …

Not my democracy

How extraordinary that Peter Dutton could insinuate through referencing Orwell’s Animal Farm that the Voice will somehow be the end of democracy as we know it (Paul Bongiorno, “Licensed to ill-inform”, …

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Book cover: a mouse cursor with a blue background.

Guillaume Pitron
The Dark Cloud: How the Digital World is Costing the Earth

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Jen Craig

Book cover: a photograph of a middle-aged woman between the title and author name.

Helen Elliott
Eleven Letters to You: A Memoir


Image for article: Fungi salad with celery, walnuts  and parsnip


Fungi salad with celery, walnuts and parsnip

Portrait image of a woman in a brown shirt and wide-brim hat standing in a forest.


Quitting the energy sector to fight climate change

The climate crisis is forcing a rethink among workers who feel their employers are part of the problem, and many are switching careers, at some personal cost, to fight for solutions.

A goanna with its mouth open basks on a rock under a clear sky.


Saving Canberra’s goannas

At certain times of the year, volunteers can be found roaming Canberra’s bush reserves bearing raw chicken carcasses – all in the name of saving the local apex predator.


Jack White’s journey from country Victoria to the NBA

He may be warming the bench for the Denver Nuggets in the NBA finals series, but Australian Jack White is happy to soak up the experience as he patiently awaits his next big break.

Basketball players running on court.





Nick McKenzieThe investigative reporter celebrates after Ben Roberts-Smith loses his defamation case. You would have thought they’d have trained the Victoria Cross recipient not to shoot directly and repeatedly at his own feet.


“People decide not to move out of home, or you don’t have that home office, you [get] a flatmate. ”

Philip LoweThe Reserve Bank governor suggests share houses are a solution to the rental crisis. It’s amazing how the problem is always people and never policy settings.


“There is one word that is rarely heard in this discussion and it is a simple word: thank you.”

Bev McArthurThe Victorian Liberal says Indigenous people should be grateful for the “wonderful things that have been enabled via colonisation”. Bev, “thank you” is two words and also you’re an idiot.


“Royalties advance from HarperCollins Christian Publishing.”

Scott MorrisonThe former prime minister updates his register of interests, revealing he has signed a book deal. The contract is with Rupert Murdoch’s Christian publishing division, a literal partnership between God and the devil.


“The truth is, I’m tired, extremely tired. In fact, I’m exhausted.”

Mark McGowanThe premier of Western Australian announces his retirement. It will be interesting to see how much of the rest and recovery involves taking a job at Woodside.


“We thank Ms Brittany Higgins for telling her story and for all that she has endured…”

Lisa MuxworthyThe editor-in-chief of news.com.au responds after Bruce Lehrmann dropped his defamation case against the website. This is where the joke usually goes but instead we will note Lehrmann maintains his innocence.