June 24 – 30, 2023

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton in parliament this week.


A man in a back blazer sits at a piano while another in a blue blazer leans on its side. Both men are smiling toward the camera.
A man smiles beside his own portrait painting.
A man wearing a floral shirt and a cap gazes beyond the coastline under a sunset.
Image for article: Victoria's hidden deal with <em>The Betoota Advocate</em>
A man and teenage boy hold each other through steel bars. The teenage boy is distressed and has a severely sunburnt face.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Blue-suited chisellers

PwC has no regard for confidentiality. It has no regard for the public interest. Its desire to make money is aggressive and all consuming. Its misuse of protected government information earned the consultancy $2.5 million, with the expectation of more.


Climate fail

Polly Hemming’s commentary (“COPing strategy”, June 17-23) strongly criticises the federal government for abandoning all pretence of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reining in the fossil fuel industry. …

COP out

Polly Hemming’s article is sad reading for those concerned for life on Earth. Labor’s miserable, ineffective steps to tackle global heating are bitterly disappointing, and only marginally better than those of …

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A guitarist dressed in a school uniform jumps through a television screen.

The Influence

Robin Fox

When audiovisual artist Robin Fox attended an AC/DC concert in his teens, the viscerality of the experience changed his relationship to sound.


A boy like Tommy Sloane

“Tommy Sloane was a wee thing and when he was born, they called him little gumnut because his whole head was hard like a stone and they couldn’t find the spot where you were supposed to be able to stick your finger clean through his skull, as if he was already set before he entered the world. He suckled on his mother but in the end, he stayed thin and so they gave him a bottle, which still didn’t help much except he grew attached to it. Even when he was a lad of seven he kept one in his backpack like a lucky charm, so when his mama found it on the road out to the bay she knew it wasn’t good.”


Book cover: pink, blue and green obscured under a single drop of water.

Roanna McClelland
The Comforting Weight of Water

Book cover: The book author and title printed in yellow, white and pink.

Vidya Madabushi
The Days Toppled Over

Book cover: an illustration of Donald Trump with the book title printed where his eyes should be.

Bruce Wolpe
Trump’s Australia


Image for article: Ginger pudding with custard


Ginger pudding with custard

Graffiti portraits of eccentric figures on the back of a building.


In praise of eccentrics

The combined forces of the market, the internet and even Postmodern thinking have done the opposite of what they promised – narrowing rather than broadening our experience of the world – which is why the eccentric is more important than ever.

Three Australian cricketers stand huddled beside one another on the pitch.


Australian Test cricket team silences critics

Just months after the Australian men’s Test cricket team were written off for being too weak and woke, they have begun their Ashes campaign as world champions with something to prove.




“I don’t think it’s funny. I just think it’s puerile.”

Liz Truss

The former British prime minister complains that the Daily Star live-streamed a lettuce to measure her time in office. It was unfair to put her up against such a hardy vegetable.


“There was a subject I really wanted to do but everybody was saying to me: ‘You can’t, because you’re not from that country.’ ”

Andrew Lloyd WebberThe composer complains about the impact of political correctness on his work. Of course, he lived among cats for many years before attempting to tell their stories.


“It might be distasteful being here but my family would want me to be at the Blink-182 show as it’s my favourite band...”

Brian SzaszThe stepson of a billionaire lost on a submarine trip defends his decision to attend a concert. A large adult son who loves Mark Hoppus is honestly not the weirdest part of this story.


“It’s legal. It isn’t illegal. We aren’t selling drugs to kids.”

Dustin SweenyThe managing director of Danielle Elizabeth Auctions defends a sale of Nazi memorabilia. He clarified that while he wasn’t selling drugs to kids, a worrying number of his buyers were politicians.


“Well, we just, we didn’t make money out of them.”

Felicity BuryThe friend of Warren Entsch’s wife, Yolonde, explains how the pair came to be awarded a $213,725 grant from the Morrison government. The money was to run pottery workshops in a remote Indigenous community, because of course it was.


“The words ‘cis’ or ‘cisgender’ are considered slurs on this platform.”

Elon MuskThe Twitter chairman explains his approach to managing transphobia on the platform. Anyway, there are so many other words that better describe him.