July 8 – 14, 2023

How to solve the housing crisis

In the first episode of our new video series, The Saturday Paper explains, we break down why housing is one of the biggest drivers of inequality in Australia.

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Commissioner Catherine Holmes delivers the robo-debt royal commission report at Government House, Canberra, on Friday.


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An offshore wind farm under a blue sky.
A bald, middle-aged man dressed in a suit sits in Parliament with his glasses in hand.
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Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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The fracturing truth


Disrespectful politics

The widening chasm between scientific understanding and the political response to global heating is reprehensible (“El Niño’s menace”, July 1-7). Climate scientist Joëlle Gergis …

Climate integrity

I am grateful to Joëlle Gergis for writing so candidly about the escalating catastrophe global heating is causing. As heat and extreme weather records fall like dominoes, I shudder to think what an El Niño …

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Musician ANOHNI.


Singer-songwriter ANOHNI

In My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross, her first album with The Johnsons since 2010, the acclaimed singer, visual artist and activist ANOHNI sets her sights on biblical patriarchy.

Two musicians on stage and holding microphones. They're surrounded by music equipment.


Why Australian music struggles on ARIA charts

Azealia Banks sparked a controversy about the lack of Australian acts in local music charts – but the American rapper has a point.

An installation view of Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Visual Art

Frida & Diego: Love & Revolution

The ‘perpetual revolution’ of Mexican Modernist art is on full display at the Art Gallery of  South Australia, including the mischief, joy and pain of Frida Kahlo’s iconic work.

Album cover: four rows of vines with a black background.

The Influence

Danny Estrin

From listening to triple j as a Perth teenager to Eurovision stardom, the metal band Type O Negative has always been there for Voyager’s Danny Estrin.


New year of the trees

“Even on gentle days, waves thrash up the front beach without ceasing. But the estuary is a flat, bright thread of quicksilver that advances and retreats, traversed by geese overhead and stingrays below.

Bits of your old life resurfacing, as if: Ready yet?

And didn’t you live or dream this already?

For instance, years ago, when you thought you were writing about another town, but it was clearly this one:

the girl with the dog on the beach

the strangers’ weekender filled with gaudy holiday house tack

the ungendered narrator doing a bad job of drying out, recovering from some unspecified wreckage”


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Catherine Jinks

Book cover: Illustration of a woman with her coat pulled up to conceal her face.

Megan Nolan
Ordinary Human Failings

Book cover: A fragmented collage of portrait photographs.

Catherine Lacey
Biography of X


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Lamb mulligatawny

A cyclist hitches a ride with a truck on the Sichuan–Tibet Highway, with a snow mountain looming in the background.


The long road learning to drive in China

Learning to drive in China seemed the best way for the author to explore the country – along with its bewildering bureaucracies and terrifying motorways.

Green shoots of daffodil flowers push through the soil.


Détente with the daffodils

In the midst of a deathly, monotone winter, life is getting ready to burst out – including the narcissists of the plant world.


Outrage and hypocrisy at the second Ashes Test

Despite the outrage and name-calling that marred the final day of the second Ashes Test, the thrilling cricket played by both teams has finally brought fun back to the game.

Australian players celebrate the stumping of Jonny Bairstow at Lord’s.




“The prime minister’s obsession with the Voice … [is] why you’re paying more for your mortgage.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader tries to link the Voice to interest rates. To be clear, when Dutton says “cost of living” he is deciding how much he thinks a person’s life is worth.


“The childless have little stake in the future.”

Elon MuskThe billionaire appears to suggest suffrage should be limited to people who have children. When Musk gets his staff pregnant or has triplets he’s really just expressing his love for democracy.


“It is with deep embarrassment that only after what regrettably happened did I learn of the antiquity of the monument.”

Ivan DimitrovThe British fitness instructor apologises to the people of Rome after carving his name and his girlfriend’s into a wall. The building was the Colosseum.


“The next school excursion going to the Sydney Sea Life aquarium is surely one to miss.”

Lyle SheltonThe former head of the Australian Christian Lobby claims the aquarium has manipulated two of its penguins into a gay relationship. What he needs to understand is that all sea creatures are gay, especially orcas and dugongs.


“He didn’t get cancelled. He’s just a big baby, who isn’t very popular.”

Clare O’NeilThe Home Affairs minister explains that Donald Trump Jr postponed his Australian tour because of poor ticket sales. He says it was because of problems with immigration but he says that about everything.


“Ultimately, I think people will vote in the referendum based on what is fair and useful, not based on fear and hate.”

Kate ChaneyThe member for Curtin responds to an anti-Voice ad that depicts her sitting on her father’s lap while an Indigenous campaigner dances for money. Anyway, the “No” case insists their objections are not about race.