July 15 – 21, 2023


The story of Robert Oppenheimer may be perfect fodder for Christopher Nolan as a director, but his lack of prudence when it comes to storytelling causes his latest film to implode.

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Former prime minister Scott Morrison in the house of representatives.


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A screenshot of an Instagram slide flagged as false information.
Young protestors occupy a busy street.
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Politicians shake hands on stage.
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A poor excuse

At the end, robo-debt was about two things: a government totally unable to imagine the experiences of the poor and a politics that sees votes in their exploitation. Robo-debt would never have existed were it not for the contempt with which the political class views those living in poverty.


A neanderthal opposition

Rick Morton eloquently expresses the anger and disgust felt by many Australians at the robo-debt tragedy (“Robo-debt royal commission ends in criminal referrals”, July 8-14). The appalling treatment …

Playing the blame game 

My thanks to Rick Morton for his articles on the robo-debt fraud. It is now a royal commission finding that Scott Morrison allowed cabinet to be misled in order to set up this scheme. While we will …

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Jennifer Ackerman
What an Owl Knows

Book cover: Illustration of a film studio building underneath a blue sky.

Sam Twyford-Moore
Cast Mates

A soldier stand in uniform with a hat in his hands.

Chris Masters
Flawed Hero


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Seaweed salad

A robot with facial features that resemble a young woman.


AI’s existential threat to humanity

Australia must join a globally co-ordinated campaign to ensure the safe development of AI, which is reaching a critical phase that could have disastrous consequences.

A young boy sits alone on a sporting field.


The bullies hiding in plain sight

The bullies who are quick to raise their fists are not the ones we should be worried about – it’s those who are hiding in plain sight.




“You have no right to do that. You are fining me. This is totalitarian. We don’t work like that.”

Tina ArenaThe singer describes her objections to lockdown restrictions and confirms that she broke them. She’s not Scott Morrison’s favourite artist for nothing.


“He told me the story about how octopuses have their own special gardens under the sea.”

Ringo StarrThe drummer explains how the captain of Peter Sellers’ boat inspired the song “Octopus’s Garden”. He also explained he was quite stoned at the time.


“[It] will deliver a dedicated news service, providing Australians with up-to-date information and rolling coverage that shares every perspective of the debate.”

Paul WhittakerThe Sky News chief executive confirms the network will launch a channel dedicated exclusively to the Voice. This from a station that thinks First Nations people get too much attention.


“If a person chooses to work from home, whatever the number of days a week, their salary is reduced by the reduction in costs they would have otherwise incurred.”

Jeff KennettThe former Victorian premier proposes a scheme to get public servants to return to work. It’s a welcome change to sacking them but it’s still not that helpful.


“Can you guess which name my husband chose?”

Carrie JohnsonThe wife of former British prime minister Boris Johnson announces the birth of their son, Frank Alfred Odysseus Johnson. In Johnson’s telling, the Odyssey was like one long lockdown party except more of his men turned into swine.


“Friendships with women who are in unstable places and from your wild recent past beyond getting a lunch or coffee or something respectful.”

Jonah HillThe actor lists behaviours that would cause him to end his relationship with his former partner. And just when we were planning to bring out a line of “I climbed Jonah Hill” shirts.