July 22 – 28, 2023

Greens senator Barbara Pocock at Parliament House on Tuesday.


A woman with shoulder-length hair and glasses.
Students stand in line with black tape over their mouths.
Protestors sit on the road as police officers speak with them.
A politician in a suit surrounded by cameramen.
A soldier dress in camo and wearing sunglasses.


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Class warfare

Julia Gillard (Unley High School) was at The Sydney Institute when she said the words that would help destroy the Australian education system: “no school will lose a dollar of funding”. More than a decade on, funding to schools has never been so unequal.


Universal solution

Heartwarming as it is to hear the compassion for victims of robo-debt, it is underwhelming to hear there is no strong support for alternatives to the punitive systems of income support we have in Australia (Rick …

Adding insult to injury

As if the entire robo-debt fiasco wasn’t scandalous enough, we, the taxpayers, are to pay Scott Morrison’s legal fees. I doubt many Australians approve of this decision, given the angst of those …

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Geraldine Viswanathan.


Actor Geraldine Viswanathan

Geraldine Viswanathan has outgrown her dreams of being Hannah Montana, and is now focused on inspiring the next generation of female actors of colour.

A performer on stage in a a dressing gown. Eyes are fixated above as they stand beside an ironing board.

The Influence

Suzie Miller

Internationally acclaimed playwright Suzie Miller first discovered the power of theatre to knit conflicting realities in Robert Lepage’s The Far Side of the Moon.

Image for article: <em>Oppenheimer</em>



The story of Robert Oppenheimer may be perfect fodder for Christopher Nolan as a director, but his lack of prudence when it comes to storytelling causes his latest film to implode.


Image for article: Helena Rubinstein:  The Australian Years

Angus Trumble
Helena Rubinstein: The Australian Years

Image for article: Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art

Lauren Elkin
Art Monsters: Unruly Bodies in Feminist Art

Image for article: We Come with This Place

Debra Dank
We Come with This Place


Image for article: Eggplant caponata with luganega sausage


Eggplant caponata with luganega sausage

Image for article: Hobart’s unwanted stadium


Hobart’s unwanted stadium

The stadium planned for central Hobart’s last remaining tract of waterfront land represents a costly capitulation to the AFL and it’s unclear how the associated public funding will deliver the promised ‘urban renewal’.

Jagged rocks at the top of a hill. In the background, rolling hills and bodies of water.


Walking in Scotland

A journey by rail across Scotland’s north and west takes in the deep traditions and volcanic beauty of the Highlands. A notable omission is any talk of independence.


Let the Commonwealth Games be cancelled

Following the state’s grim Covid lockdowns, the Victorian government embarked on an ambitious plan to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games in the regions. Was it just playing politics with an event already on a losing trajectory?

Politicians stand behind microphones on a field.




“I don’t snort cocaine. It’s not my thing.”

Donald Trump JrThe son of the former United States president, presumably named after his father’s penis, addresses the annual summit of conservative group Turning Point USA. Honestly, it made more sense when we thought he was on cocaine.


“I told her to fuck off because she was being outright rude and nasty and she was baiting me the whole time…”

Lidia ThorpeThe senator clarifies what she said to Pauline Hanson in the chamber last month, after outlining her allegations of harassment against another senator. Rude and nasty doesn’t seem to cover it, but then nor did “fuck off”.


“I’m feeling alright. I’m feeling a lot better than I was, I tell you.”

Timothy Lyndsay ShaddockThe Australian sailor talks to the media after drifting at sea for three months. He survived on raw fish and didn’t once eat his dog.


“The tactics of the ‘No’ case make it even more imperative that the referendum gets up – this is disreputable.”

Greg CravenThe constitutional law expert expresses dismay that the “No” case has used quotes from him in its referendum pamphlet. It might have been easier not to launch an ill-informed attack on the Voice to start with, but there you go.


“I’m really excited, very grateful for the opportunity, and looking to make a mark in something that I’ve had a lifelong passion for.”

Morris IemmaThe former New South Wales premier is appointed head of the state’s major sporting venues. Add back poker machines and it’s like he’s running the place again.


“We are here to mourn a great Australian who served his country and his community with humility and compassion, with integrity and intellect.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe prime minister remembers Simon Crean, who died unexpectedly last month. He was 74.