August 5 – 11, 2023

Portrait photograph of a man wearing a black hat matched with a corduroy blazer.


A man wearing a black suit with a garden behind him.
A woman in a green blazer speaks at Parliament.
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A man with long hair and a beard behind bars. A crowd is gathered around his cell.
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The butterfly catcher

Sometimes a story will function in two registers. The first is obvious. It is the meaning of words in isolation. It is the object and the subject and the verb that connects them. The second register is more insidious.


Invidious position

When I made the decision some years ago to replace my old electric hot water system with “natural” gas, I believed this was a good decision. Using gas for cooking was also promoted as responsible. How …

Above politics

Barry Jones wisely points out how some objecting to the “Yes” vote on the Voice are seemingly scared about altering a constitution they have never seen and probably never will (“The constitution …

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Book cover: a portrait painting of a a woman sitting on a red armchair.

Angela O’Keeffe
The Sitter

Illustration of a cat wearing a suit.

Valentin Gendrot and Thierry Chavant (translated by Frank Wynne)

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Madison Griffiths


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Apple and honey filo pie

Image for article: The journey of tailor Max Thomas Sanderson


The journey of tailor Max Thomas Sanderson

The meticulous artisanal designs of pattern-maker and tailor Max Thomas Sanderson have taken him from the rural outskirts of Hobart to an atelier in Paris.

Image for article: The Matildas come back from the brink


The Matildas come back from the brink

As the FIFA Women’s World Cup leaves Matildas fans veering from despondency to euphoria, uncertainty over the status of the talismanic Sam Kerr remains.




“They need to move on.”

Scott MorrisonThe former prime minister claims he was the victim of a “political lynching” at the robo-debt royal commission. Oddly, “move on” is also great career advice.


“I kind of just had to wing it and my brain was so scrambled.”

Sonia KrugerThe television personality explains her speech after winning the Gold Logie. It also explains her views on Muslim immigration and the course of her career more generally.


“I’m not going up there to pretend I’m somebody that I’m not.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader explains why he will not travel to Garma this weekend. The person he is not is presumably someone willing to honour Australia’s largest Indigenous gathering.


“I want more capacity for people to be able to enjoy travel, but equally I want ... to decarbonise the transport sector.”

Catherine KingThe Transport minister explains why she denied Qatar Airways’ request to double its flights to Australia. In unrelated news, it was revealed Anthony Albanese’s 23-year-old son was granted access to the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge.


“Frankly, we are not talking about it nearly enough.”

Sussan LeyThe Liberal deputy leader describes Australia’s domestic violence rates as “a national disgrace”. It’s a pretty common spelling, but this may be the same Sussan Ley who rejected a royal commission’s call for Medicare to subsidise counselling services for victims and their families.


“Ms Higgins continues to use the media to make defamatory comments about my conduct …”

Linda ReynoldsThe Liberal senator confirms she is suing Brittany Higgins for defamation and breach of contract. There is no joke to go with this, but not because we couldn’t think of one.