August 12 – 18, 2023

Is China friend or foe?

In this new instalment of our The Saturday Paper explains video series, chief political correspondent Karen Middleton looks at the delicate balancing act of Australia's relationship with China.

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An elderly man in a grey suit matched with a patterned tie.


A Centrelink sign.
A man with a grey beard and wearing a suit speaks into a microphone at a rally.
A facility in the ocean.
A woman in a yellow top and navy blue blazer speaks at a press conference.
An elderly woman sits on a bed in her apartment. The windows have been smashed, and there is glass and rubble scattered across the floor.


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A better future

The new lie is that there’s too much detail. The Murdoch press is claiming the existence of a secret Uluru Statement from the Heart, which runs to 26 pages. It is Pizzagate for constitutional recognition.


Holding to account

Like many, I am inspired and heartened by young people, such as 19-year-old Anjali Sharma, who are fighting for climate justice (Mike Seccombe, “Care of duty”, August 5-11). I fear, however, that, as …

Territories miss out

It’s one of the great ironies of the Voice campaign (Kerry O’Brien, “The Pearson interview: ‘How does the elephant sit down with the mouse’”, August 5-11). On August 4, an …

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Ghanaian–Australian performer Genesis Owusu.


Musician Genesis Owusu

At only 25, hip-hop artist Genesis Owusu is already an international phenomenon – but with his second album he’s transforming himself into something new.

Part of Newell Harry’s exhibition Esperanto, at Murray Art Museum Albury.



In charting the disintegration of grand historical narratives, Newell Harry’s new exhibition, Esperanto, reclaims forms of knowledge that are fragmented, fleeting and overlooked.

An elderly woman hunched over in the darkness.


Melbourne International Film Festival 2023

The 71st Melbourne International Film Festival delivers a dizzying range of contemporary cinema, with a focus on the spectres of authoritarian repression.


Illustration of several hikers pulling supplies through a blizzard.

Dennis Glover

Book cover: a portrait photograph of a young Rupert Murdoch.

Walter Marsh
Young Rupert: The making of the Murdoch empire

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Martin Flanagan
The Empty Honour Board: A school memoir


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Cured venison basturma with blueberry buttermilk dressing

Two people sit in camping chairs overlooking the ocean.


Travelling companionship

It’s all about the journey, not the destination, when you travel with a friend who likes to chat.

The germinator.


The germinator

Determined not to add to her pile of plastic pots, the author embarks on the meditative practice that is raising seedlings.


Surfer Owen Wright on his stunning comeback

Growing up with a domineering father set Owen Wright on a path to sporting success. But nothing could prepare the champion surfer for the physical and mental battles that followed his near-fatal accident.

A tall man with long hair and wearing a white t-shirt in stands in knee-high water. The sun sets behind the coastline.




“What a very Australian thing to do, to say we’re going to take a day off and have a sleep-in …”

Jane HumeThe federal shadow Finance minister objects to a mooted public holiday should the Matildas win the World Cup. Another very Australian thing to do is have only 15 of the 64 matches televised on free-to-air.


“Mike Pezzullo … is precisely the wrong man to be in charge of national security in a liberal democracy.”

George BrandisThe former attorney-general says the Home Affairs secretary has amassed too much power in his department. There should be proper processes – it’s not arts funding, after all.


“Of course he lost.”

Ron DeSantisFlorida’s governor and Republican presidential candidate finally acknowledges that Donald Trump did not win the 2020 election. Frankly, he’s less behind on this than he is on pretty much everything else.


“Greenwich is an openly gay man who has participated in homosexual sexual activities …”

Legal defence briefingLawyers for Mark Latham indicate he will rely on an “honest opinion” defence in a defamation case brought by independent MP Alex Greenwich. The plan is to stand up and argue Latham is a genuine, sincere homophobe.


“We’ve sought and received assurances from them about how they are dealing with the situation …”

Matt ComynThe Commonwealth Bank’s chief executive announces that he remains confident in retaining the services of PwC. This was shortly after posting a record $10.16 billion profit and a personal annual salary of slightly over $10 million.


“I understand that the legislation has unintentionally caused stress, confusion and division …”

Roger CookThe Western Australian premier announces he will scrap Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation five weeks after its introduction. The confusion described was Rio Tinto thinking it might have to actually respect Traditional Owners.