August 19 – 25, 2023

A bald man in a blue suit sits in Parliament House.


A woman with red hair and wearing a grey blazer walks through Parliament House.
Three presenters in suits.
The main street of a small town.
A politician speaks in parliament.
A middle-aged man with sideburns and dressed in a suit celebrates with confetti falling around him.
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Red faces

Refugee policy is Labor’s quiet embarrassment. As much as possible, they would prefer not to talk about it. They know it is wrong but they don’t have the courage to fix it.


Money trap

It is surely time for our government to give up on the delusion that further expansion of fossil fuel production can be countered by carbon capture and storage (Ben Abbatangelo, “Captive audience”, August 12-18). …

Measuring mix-up

In Ben Abbatangelo’s article, Santos is reported to intend the capture and storage of up to 10 million tonnes of carbon. The use of the shorthand “carbon” when “carbon dioxide” is …

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Black & white photograph of a trumpeter performing in a suit.

Musician Wynton Marsalis

For the garlanded trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, music is how we learn to be human – and he’s in Australia to share his love for its rich traditions.

Four performers sit in chairs on stage and amongst long grass.


Caryl Churchill’s Escaped Alone and What If If Only

The latest staging of two short Caryl Churchill plays is an example of the artform at its best, offering moments of exquisite theatre.

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Zoe Leonard’s Al río / To the River

Zoe Leonard’s exhibition Al río / To the River asks uncomfortable questions about borders – between nations, people and art forms.


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Peter Polites
God Forgets About the Poor

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Anne Coombs
Glass Houses

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Jacqueline Rose
The Plague


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Chocolate custard tart

A black and white photograph of a class of school children with their teacher. The school is in the background.


From Maloga to the Voice

One of the earliest offers by First Nations people to help repair the damage of colonisation ended in failure. How does the history of Cummeragunja demonstrate the value of the Voice?

Footballers looking dejected on the field.


The Matildas’ wonderful ride

A breathtaking goal from Sam Kerr wasn’t enough to seal the finals for the team that has made this World Cup such a memorable national experience – at least the country is spared a tedious debate over a holiday.




“I was the perfect villain.”   

Linda ReynoldsThe former defence minister describes how she feels she was treated during the coverage of Brittany Higgins’s alleged rape. As Mel Brooks said: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger…”


“If she is worried about under-performance, her best solution is to buy a mirror.”

Mark LathamThe NSW upper house member responds after being dumped from One Nation’s leadership. You know it’s gone too far when an old white man can’t even lead a racist party anymore.


“Vanity ultimately prevailed and I decided to yield to having an official portrait done.”

Kevin RuddThe former prime minister returns from Washington for the unveiling of his official portrait. The painting appears to show him losing a game of chess to a cat.


“Let’s not upset many farmers with bird-killing wind generators and massive solar panel stretches.”

Gina RinehartThe mining magnate offers further criticism of renewable energy. Her view has nothing to do with the billions she makes selling coal.


“Hers was an incredibly calm, articulate voice at a time that was very frightening to Australians.”

Mark ButlerThe health minister pays tribute to the epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws, who died of brain cancer this week. She was 70.


“I’m going to focus on competing with people who take the sport seriously.”

Mark ZuckerbergThe tech billionaire pulls out of a proposed cage fight with Elon Musk. The world will just have to guess who is the bigger loser.