August 26 – September 1, 2023

Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations Tony Burke (left) and Treasurer Jim Chalmers dressed in suits at a press conference.


Skyscrapers under an overcast sky. In the foreground, a man wearing a mask and holding an umbrella.
A woman with brown hair and wearing glasses standing beside her red car.
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Jim Chalmers in a suit with his hand raised.
The site of a plane crash. Smoke rises from the ground as people stand around the debris with shovels.
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The world is burning

The same year Peter Costello delivered the first intergenerational report, the Howard government decided not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. This is the story of Australian politics, of a country stepping on a rake, over and over again, forever.


Resource cost

There’s little doubt as to why the Minerals Council of Australia (ably assisted by the Coalition and right-wing media) would spruik for nuclear energy in preference to renewable energy (Mike Seccombe, “Nuclear …

A question of alliances

The government received support at the ALP national conference on AUKUS, in spite of significant questioning of cost and timing (Chris Wallace, “Three nights in Brisbane”, August 19-25). It would …

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Book cover: abstract artwork.

Marie Darrieussecq, translated by Penny Hueston
Sleepless: A Memoir of Insomnia

Book cover: illustration of three women resting on each other’s shoulders.

Megan Williams
Let’s Never Speak of This Again

Book cover: the book title in white print with red lines crossed through the text.

Craig Horne
Line of Blood: The Truth of Alfred Howitt


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Crispy confit duck salad

A man wearing glasses and a t-shirt speaking on stage with a microphone in his hand.


Climate change fuels End Times evangelicalism

As mental health professionals report young people are increasingly distressed by climate change, a new rural conference for evangelical Christians is encouraging children to attend amid “escalating signs” of the End Times.

Sámediggi Sametingt, the site of Sami parliament in Karasjok, Norway.


Successful uses of a Voice overseas

The key arguments against the Voice to Parliament aren’t supported by contemporary examples in Norway and New Zealand, where consultation with indigenous communities has led to more effective policy.


Daniel Andrews’ Commonwealth Games debacle

Having bid for the 2026 Commonwealth Games on an impulsive whim, Daniel Andrews was on a course that says a lot about politics in Victoria.

Premier Daniel Andrews speaking at an outdoor press conference.




“We are working alongside outside experts to complete a definitive account of what is missing, damaged and stolen.”

Hartwig FischerThe director of the British Museum responds to news that thousands of the museum’s mostly stolen objects have been stolen again from the museum. Steal me once, shame on you, et cetera.


“Mr Murdoch said when he discontinued the proceedings that he did not wish to further enable Crikey’s use of the court to litigate a case from another jurisdiction...”

John ChurchillLachlan Murdoch’s lawyer, in an aborted defamation case, says his client will pay Crikey’s $1.3 million legal fees. The only shame is that it’s too late for James Packer to invest as well.


“Despite the more stable environment, our overall customer experience was inconsistent…”

Brad BanducciThe Woolworths chief executive announces his company’s $1.6 billion full-year profit. He is what’s known as a “cost of living pressure”.


“Only a moron goes down this path time after time, with the same disastrous result time after time.”

Mark LathamThe NSW upper house member responds after being kicked out of One Nation. It’s not clear who the moron is in this, but as a rule of thumb it’s usually Mark.


“It didn’t come from a place of hatred.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader reflects on his comments about so-called “African gangs”. For him it’s the same as saying it came from the head, not the heart.


“It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here, and it really all started during the seven-month stint in solitary confinement.”

Billy MacFarlandThe founder of the disastrous Fyre Festival announces he is relaunching the event after being released from prison. If nothing else, he now has a better understanding of accommodation requirements.


In 2020, The Saturday Paper ran a number of stories relating to branch-stacking allegations made against Marcus Bastiaan. The Saturday Paper did not intend to imply any criminality on the part of Mr Bastiaan - or to suggest that such a claim had been made.