September 9 – 15, 2023

Alan Joyce speaks at a press conference with a Qantas plan behind him.


A woman with shorthair and wearing red lipstick.
Twiggy Forrest in a hi-vis shirt and a puffer vest. Behind him, a wind turbine.
A bald man wearing glases and a suit sits by a microphone.
A bearded man in a blue suit and pink shirt.
Kim Jong-un in a beige suitm holding hands with a navy officer in a white uniform. Behind them, a crowd in white uniform applaud.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Abbott’s blinkers

Tony Abbott’s skill is to say one thing is another thing, even when it is not. It is as close to transubstantiation as politics comes.


Elephant in the airline

The public vilification of Alan Joyce as the poster boy responsible for incinerating the Qantas brand ignores the elephant in the room (Rick Morton, “Exclusive: Qantas considers paying back JobKeeper”, …

Time for justice

As we sprint towards October 14, it was timely to have the edges of our anxiety quieted by Paul Bongiorno (“Between the hard right and a soft ‘No’ ”, September 2-8) and Claire G. …

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Image for article: Artist William Kentridge


Artist William Kentridge

Before the Australian premiere of his latest work, Sibyl, at the Sydney Opera House, animator, director and visual artist William Kentridge reveals that the moment when a work begins to catch fire is always mysterious.

A dancer performers in a white outfit with sheets draped around them.


Sydney Dance Company’s Ascent

Sydney Dance Company’s thrilling triptych Ascent showcases three very different approaches to choreography.

An exhibition with portrait photographs of public figures, including Vladimir Putin and Neil Young.

Visual Art

The 10th Ballarat International Foto Biennale

Spilling across the city, the 10th Ballarat International Foto Biennale offers a panoramic view of the state of the art.


Book cover: Illustration of two women floating in a body of water

Katherine Brabon
Body Friend

Book cover: abstract artwork

Melinda Rackham and Elvis Richardson
CoUNTess: Spoiling Illusions Since 2008

Book cover: pink slime

Fernanda Trías (translated by Heather Cleary)
Pink Slime


Image for article: Beef heart with onions and fried sage


Beef heart with onions and fried sage

Two elderly women walk through a park in Paris.


Boulevard of open dreams

The time has come for urban Australia to abandon the British Empire-based bungalow sprawl and follow a more collective European apartment model.

An elderly woman and two children sit on a park bench overlooking a lake.


Mother’s Day in old Hanoi

As World Childless Week approaches, the author reflects on how an attempted escape from painful reminders led to unexpected joy.


Spain’s Me Too moment plays on

While Spain played a glorious final to claim the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the victory has been overshadowed by the ensuing fallout from an unwanted kiss and animosity towards the coach.

Women walk past a mural of a man in a suit kissing a woman in a spanish soccer uniform.




“We went to the last election, and a number of elections before that, with that as our official policy.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader promises a second referendum on constitutional recognition, without a Voice. He went to the last election with eyebrows, too, and frankly you can’t trust anything he says.


“With the benefit of hindsight, my view is that we did do too much.”

Philip LoweThe outgoing governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia offers an assessment of his time in power. It’s like the old saying goes: no one dies wishing they’d spent more time raising interest rates.


“I have apologised to Corey for what I said and would not like to make public comment at the risk of causing him further hurt.”

Amanda VanstoneThe former senator apologises for describing Kamilaroi science educator Corey Tutt as a “fuckwit” while her mic was still live after a radio interview. Once a Howard-era immigration minister, always a Howard-era immigration minister.


“The Murdochs were always nice, they never got in my way at all … But there were, you know, small-mind – it’s a company run by fearful women.”

Tucker CarlsonThe conservative broadcaster describes his time working at Fox News. Perhaps the women were fearful, but only because Roger Ailes worked there.


“These cartoonists are fairly tame and not seriously controversial in their work – such is the subdued nature of contemporary cartooning.”

Michael LeunigThe cartoonist criticises peers for boycotting the Walkley Awards. They should do something really radical, like drawing a man with a teapot on his head or criticising working mothers.


“It is completely and utterly untenable.”

Barnaby JoyceThe former deputy prime minister says the cost of reaching net zero is unreasonable. He’d prefer a world in which everyone was the same colour as him.