October 28 – November 3, 2023

Peter Dutton and Jacinta Nampijinpa Price walk around a blue curtain.


Bill shorten with an NDIS logo behind him.
Kangaroos shrouded in smoke.
Image for article: Labor’s re-engagement with China
A group of men stand beside mountain of debris caused by air strikes. Smoke fills the sky.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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Reopening Nauru

The disclosure contained fewer syllables than the number of people trapped within it. The line was as short and unwilling as a secret: “There are currently 13 on Nauru.”


Mayo an inspiring leader

Thomas Mayo’s beautiful words of hope in “After the vote” (October 21-27) were very moving. I find it hard to understand how he can be so generous and rise above this disappointment to ask …

Albanese’s miscalculation

Your editorial (“The shrunken backyard”, October 21-27) and Martin McKenzie-Murray’s “Falling silent” (October 21-27) bring home the sad reality of the long-term, far-reaching …

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Book cover: Photograph of a man in a decorative military uniform.

David Marr
Killing for Country: A Family Story

Image for article: The Collected Works of Jo Ann Beard

Jo Ann Beard
The Collected Works of Jo Ann Beard

Image for article: Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism

Yanis Varoufakis
Technofeudalism: What Killed Capitalism


Image for article: Calamari with garlic, chilli, lemon and tomato


Calamari with garlic, chilli, lemon and tomato

Two men beside a pink wall with graffiti.


Memory, Mafalda and the ESMA Museum in Argentina

Argentina’s unequivocal approach to confronting its recent dark history sets an example for countries more reluctant to discuss their shameful past.

A basketball player midair as defenders surround him.


The reality of fantasy leagues

The creation of fantasy sports leagues has allowed avid fans to become armchair coaches. But at what point is love of the game sacrificed to ruthless analysis and numbers on a page?




“A cynic might say: ‘I hope Channel 7 paid him, or his solicitors, a lot of money…’ ”

Peter ApplegarthThe judge rules it possible to name Bruce Lehrmann as the person charged with an alleged rape in Toowoomba, although not yet committed to stand trial. For months a suppression order has forced the media to pretend he was a “high-profile man”.


“I also ask everyone to forgive my human limitations.”

Grzegorz KaszakThe Polish bishop resigns in the wake of a scandal involving a gay orgy held at a parish building. Honestly, it really depends on how you read the Bible.


“It’s not just female politicians that I would draw like this.”

Mark KnightThe cartoonist defends his depiction of Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan, standing nude on a catwalk. In fairness, he draws his racism naked too.


“Not exactly my go-to source of reliable information.”

Hollie HughesThe Liberal senator explains why she did not watch a Four Corners episode on restrictive practices used by National Disability Insurance Scheme providers. This from a person who regularly appears on Sky News.


“I see it constantly from you and I think it is deeply undermining of the cohesion of the force.”

Angus CampbellThe chief of the Australian Defence Force tells Jacqui Lambie she should be ashamed of herself for asking questions about soldiers’ pay. Being from the army, he later withdrew.


“You’re going to see an aggressive schedule in the days and weeks ahead.”

Mike JohnsonThe Republican representative is elected speaker of the United States House of Representatives. It’s the first election result he’s been willing to acknowledge.