November 4 – 10, 2023

Palestinians search for casualties amongst the debris of a destroyed neighbourhood..


Am man with lock of grey hair and wearing a suit speaks at a conference.
A small home with a tin roof in the outback.
An ACU campus building under a blue sky.
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Afghan refugees wait in a queue to cross the Pakistan–Afghanistan border in Torkham.


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Truth or dare

There’s a glint of excitement in John Howard’s eye, as if he’s found a lolly in his pocket. His brows hop up and down. His hands clasp his legs. He is saying out loud something he has long thought.


Upholding honesty

Your journalists and commentators have nailed different aspects of the fallout from the Voice vote (October 28–November 3). Their ideas mesh well into a positive approach to pulling us from the Peter Dutton-led …

Ignorance is the enemy

Barry Jones neatly summarises the main reasons voters turned their backs on the Voice in the referendum. If only more people could see the picture so clearly. He says there was “no distinction between …

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Book cover: two figures in the distance walking up a hill.

Christos Tsiolkas
The In-Between

Image for article: Faking It

Toby Walsh
Faking It

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Suzy Garcia (ed.)
New Australian Fiction 2023


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A woman with the Aboriginal flag printed across her shirt peaks at a conference.


No to Dutton’s royal commission

Calls for a royal commission into the abuse of children in remote communities ignore important research on the issues and perpetuate toxic tropes about Indigenous men.

Jack Riewoldt holding his daughter as he waves to a crowd of Richmond supporters at the MCG.


Jack Riewoldt’s The Bright Side

Far from offering thoughtful insight into the venerated career of Richmond full-forward Jack Riewoldt, his new memoir, The Bright Side, is a dull cover letter for future employment.




“I cannot think of another investigation that has generated this level of media and public interest …”

Dean ThomasThe homicide detective speaks after Erin Patterson’s arrest over the alleged poisoning of her in-laws and a friend. Patterson, who was later charged with three counts of murder and five counts of attempted murder, has strenuously denied wrongdoing.


“I’m going to treat you cunts like you treated me! And for me to talk like this tells you how angry I am.”

Nyunggai Warren MundineThe “No” campaigner sends an angry text message to a partner at KPMG after the consultancy refused his $10,000 speaking fee. The strange part is that being paid too much for meaningless advice is the firm’s entire business model.


“What I saw appears to have not happened and my memory has failed me.”

David PowerThe New South Wales Police Force sergeant apologises for giving false evidence in a case against rugby league players he said he saw fighting in a nightclub. This is why we have video referees.


“It was China who stopped it because they didn’t like the fact that we stood up to them.”

Scott MorrisonThe former prime minister explains the breakdown in relations with China during his term. If you can have only one skill, that skill might as well be self-delusion.


“I think it is worth stating that the anthropogenic global warming thesis, at least in its more extreme forms, is both ahistorical and utterly implausible.”

Tony Abbott The former prime minister addresses a conservative conference in London. The list of thoughts he believes are “worth stating” is much longer than it should be.


“Each of the waves we’ve had this year have been less and less severe.”

Paul KellyThe chief medical officer announces a new “business as usual” response to Covid-19. This is what now constitutes good news.