November 11 – 17, 2023

Mask wearing in the Melbourne CBD.


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Australian bushland.
Mourners stage a vigil outside Melbourne’s Coroner’s Court.
A young man in a white t-shirt.
A Palestinian boy carries a makeshift white flag as he walks with his mother.


Letters, Cartoon & Editorial


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The great pretend

This week, one of the great pretendings of Australian life came to an end. The made-up logic of Al-Kateb v Godwin was finally undone. The High Court confronted the spurious logic of indefinite detention and found it to be unlawful.


Neither side has clean hands

Nothing justifies the sickening brutality of the crimes committed by Hamas. However, no side has clean hands (Jonathan Pearlman, “No clear end to Israel–Gaza ground invasion”, November …

Calling an invasion an invasion

It’s important that The Saturday Paper world editor Jonathan Pearlman in his fine piece called what’s happening in Gaza an invasion. When the Russians waged war and invaded Ukraine, they …

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Greyscale image of an elderly woman sitting on a park bench as she plays a guitar.


Singer Margret RoadKnight

For more than 60 years, Margret RoadKnight has been interpreting songs in the folk, blues and jazz traditions. Her new album, LONG TIME…, is her latest attempt to preserve songs from extinction.

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The Night Terrors’ Hypnotica

On their latest album, The Night Terrors return to electronic music with a focus on the beguiling possibilities of the theremin.

Two masked people sitting on a newspaper.

Visual Art

Surrealist Lee Miller

The life of American surrealist Lee Miller – from her traumatic childhood to the horrors she encountered as a war correspondent – was as extraordinary as her photographs.


Photograph of a woman beside a child dressed in a wedding dress.

Tony Birch
Women & Children

Book cover: illustration of a suburban and the silhouette of an adult flanked by two children.

Paul Lynch
Prophet Song

Book cover: abstract collage

Max Easton
Paradise Estate


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Apple tarte Tatin

A runner bean plant climbs up a wooden trellis.


Tendrils in the night

The curl of possum tails around branches evokes for the author the unsettling sentience of climbing plants and things that grasp.

A brutalist building under a blue sky.


Mapping urban inequality

The notion of Australia as an egalitarian society is outdated and the burgeoning class system of this country is becoming etched in its urban landscape.


The lasting legacy of Magic Johnson

Decades after his retirement, interest in NBA legend Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson has not dimmed. A recent documentary, an HBO series on his 1980s Lakers and an 800-page biography are testaments to his enduring legacy.

Magic Johnson in action for the LA Lakers




“So I said, ‘Oh, finally they’re getting me in a James Bond movie.’ ”

Brian CoxThe actor explains that he signed on to the reality television show 007: Road to a Million believing it was a Bond film. Wait until he finds out Succession was not about Quebec’s push for independence.


“That would indicate potentially a deep network problem and one that is significant.”

Michelle RowlandThe minister for communications explains the Optus blackout. It’s rare for the blatantly obvious and grossly understated to exist so comfortably together in the one sentence, but there it is.


“People were saying that we have a handsome boy coming from Australia.”

Li QiangThe Chinese premier welcomes Anthony Albanese to the country. You can’t be that picky about lobsters and then salivate over the first Australian prime minister who washes up in a Matildas jersey at The Bund.


“We don’t have any intention to change them.”

Andrew LeighThe assistant minister for employment explains that the stage three tax cuts will still be implemented. It’s proof that even the smartest person in the party has to defend its dumbest positions.


“He’s not an idiot.”

Andrew BoltThe columnist advocates for Scott Morrison’s return to the front bench, possibly as foreign affairs spokesman. Honestly, the only real reason to move him would be to redistribute weight on a flight.


“Given that this is going on, I think it is appropriate that names are now put on the record.”

Brad StansfieldThe former Liberal staffer says Eric Abetz is behind a push to replace Bridget Archer with a right-winger. Abetz sleeps hanging upside down like a bat and the blood was bound to go to his head at some point.