November 25 – December 1, 2023


A group of men search through the debris of a fallen building.


Illustration of a college made of sandstone.
Rupert Murdoch wearing a suit and glasses.
Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus.
Bill Shorten.
A man with sideburns and wearing a suit walks in arm with a woman in a red dress.


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Black and white and scared all over

Peter Dutton is first and always a cop. He sees the world in terms of threats and he sees all threats as opportunities. Despite appearances, he is always looking for an angle.


Israel–Gaza ceasefire

As Israel continues its relentless bombardment of Gaza and its civilians, the death toll mounts and traumatised, displaced Gazans face the risk of starvation and disease, Penny Wong calls on Israel to exercise …

Orwellian low

Sophistry is nothing new in our mediocre politics, but it becomes Orwellian when a government unashamedly asserts that the 57th item under the heading “List of Recommendations”, with the introductory sentence …

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Image for article: Question 7

Richard Flanagan
Question 7

Image for article: Best Australian Political Cartoons 2023

Russ Radcliffe (ed.)
Best Australian Political Cartoons 2023

Image for article: Into Your Arms: Nick Cave’s Songs Reimagined

Kirsten Krauth (ed.)
Into Your Arms: Nick Cave’s Songs Reimagined


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Mango sago pudding

Image for article: Roving chef David Moyle


Roving chef David Moyle

In the first of a series drawn from the Australian Culinary Archive, food editor for The Saturday Paper David Moyle explains the simplicity that drives his cooking.

A group of nuns in traditional dress.


The Bhutanese nuns editing Wikipedia to share their culture

The rigours of editing Wikipedia brought rewards for the both the teacher and her class of Bhutanese nuns, as they work to bring the country’s culture and traditions to local as well as global readers.


Captain Planet’s team on top of the world

Dismissed recently as too woke, the Australian men’s cricket team overran home-town favourites India to claim the ICC World Cup and surely the most unlikely success of the year.

The Australian team, led by Pat Cummins, storm the field.




“Babies are life, babies are adventure, babies are the future, babies are brothers and sisters of other babies.”

Greg SheridanThe conservative columnist warns that Australia needs more babies. He sounds excited now but wait until he finds out where they come from.


“The names … used were not based on his purported Mexican friends … he never ate dinner at the home of a Mexican family.”

Court filingDocuments filed as part of a dispute over Guzman y Gomez claim the chain’s Australian founder, Steven Marks, made up the childhood friends on which it is based. Another form of proof would be trying his tacos.


“Unfortunately, on this day, all I can give you is everything I have.”

Anton NewcombeThe frontman of Brian Jonestown Massacre addresses an audience in Melbourne before collapsing into a brawl with his band onstage. They’re still a lot better than The Dandy Warhols.


“The gates at the entrance to the school are named after the Millner family and I am absolutely devastated by the decision.”

Robert MillnerThe billionaire investor expresses his grief that Newington College will begin educating girls. Next they will be allowed to drive cars and work in offices, too.


“[It] never stacked up. If there are other people involved, it’s one of the greatest miscarriages of justice and crime of all time.”

Barnaby JoyceThe former deputy prime minister expresses his doubt over the official account of John F. Kennedy’s assassination. He bases this on his own marksmanship and the fact he’s nuts.


“Clearly, as we’ve seen, I’ve been mistaken there.”

Bruce LehrmannThe former staffer explains why he gave multiple conflicting accounts of the reasons he and Brittany Higgins went to Parliament House after a night of drinking. The defamation trial continues.