December 2 – 8, 2023


Bruce Lehrmann arrives at the Federal Court in Sydney on Thursday.


A dentist makes a cast of a patient’s teeth.
A‘COP28 UAE’ sign.
Two women walking beside each another.
Image for article: Rushed citizenship laws ask judges to define ‘Australian values’
A man with his hand raised.


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To spite one’s face

The proverb first appeared in Latin sometime before 1191. Male ulciscitur dedecus sibi illatum, qui amputat nasum suum (He who cuts off his nose takes poor revenge for a shame inflicted on him). … Most recently, it is a useful description of Labor’s approach to the stage three tax cuts.


A viewing lens

This email won’t bring an end to the fighting in Gaza. It won’t address religious hatred and it doesn’t pretend to offer a solution to the Israel–Palestine conflict (Gregg Carlstrom, “Four-day …

Cap funding support

Our three children followed our experience and were educated through the public school system (Mike Seccombe, “Exclusive: Less than half Albanese’s cabinet went to state schools”, November …

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Image for article: Rogue Corporations

Quentin Beresford
Rogue Corporations

Book cover: A man wearing a top hat and holding a briefcase.

Adam Sisman
The Secret Life of John le Carré

Book cover: pop art illustrations of the Mental as Anything band members

Stuart Lloyd
Started Out Just Drinking Beer: The Mental As Anything Story


Image for article: Fig leaf panna cotta with cherries


Fig leaf panna cotta with cherries

A young woman at the counter of a bakery.


Chef O Tama Carey’s return to Sri Lankan cuisine

As part of a series drawn from the Australian Culinary Archive, The Saturday Paper food editor and Lankan Filling Station owner O Tama Carey talks about the different cuisines that led to her honouring the food of her mother and grandmother.

Animation of the interior of a house.


A million-dollar quest for survivors of domestic violence

The author embarks on a quest, enabled by a Churchill Fellowship, to gather the world’s best ideas for collaborative funding of frontline legal and housing services for women and children fleeing family violence in Tasmania.


Terry Venables and the Socceroos’ World Cup heartbreak

While eulogies for former England manager Terry Venables describe a colourful character,  in Australia he will be best remembered for one dream-shattering night in 1997.

Three football coaches on a field inside an empty stadium.




“One of the most dependable and distinctive voices on foreign affairs.”

George W. BushThe former United States president pays tribute to Henry Kissinger, who died at 100. The former secretary of state is survived by his wife and two children and the cluster bombing of Cambodia.


“Clearly, as we’ve seen, I’ve been mistaken there.”

Bruce LehrmannThe former political staffer admits to lying several times in evidence at his defamation trial. It’s unfortunately too late to commence proceedings against himself.


“I don’t believe any racist comments were ever made by any of the royal family.”

Piers MorganThe broadcaster responds to a new book that accuses two royals of racism. It’s amazing that he has gone so long without hearing about Prince Philip.


“Go fuck yourself.”

Elon MuskThe billionaire offers his advice to companies that have pulled advertising from the platform he calls X. The sooner he goes to Mars, the better.


“We understand that … the purpose of the College was to educate boys and young men.”

Brown Wright SteinThe law firm indicates that it will bring a legal challenge to prevent Newington College from educating female students. A substantial part of the case is expected to rely on evidence of “girl germs”.


“I do leave this place with some sense of sorrow, in that as a nation we were not able to respond positively to the referendum.”

Patrick DodsonThe Labor senator announces his retirement due to ill health. He will be missed.