December 9 – 15, 2023


Bruce Lehrmann during a break at the Federal Court defamation hearing in Sydney on Wednesday.


Image for article: ‘It’s pathetic’: outgoing security watchdog slams detention laws
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The long, red memory

The Labor Party never recovered from the Tampa affair. The episode caught it unprepared and the party has remained that way since. They formulated no meaningful policy in response. They took no position, which in politics is the worst position.


Wagging the dog

When “Aussies” break the law and are sent to prison, including murderers, rapists, drug dealers and child sex offenders, they are always released from prison at the end of their sentence, often on parole …

No privacy

Madeline Gleeson’s heartfelt and powerful argument for the abolition of mandatory detention of asylum seekers (“The case against mandatory detention”, December 2-8) brought back horrific memories of …

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Writer and satirist Fran Lebowitz.


Writer and satirist Fran Lebowitz

During her long life, professional flâneur and chronicler of Manhattan Fran Lebowitz has transformed from bad girl to the most urbane agony aunt on the circuit.

A young man stands in the middle of an overcrowded boat.


Marrakech International Film Festival

In the shadow of a devastating earthquake and an all-pervasive war, the 20th Marrakech International Film Festival featured some of the best cinema from Africa and the Middle East.

Silhouette of a princess and a prince.

Visual Art

GOMA’s Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art draws on a rich range of art forms to investigate the enduring fascination of fantasy and folklore.


Book cover: two birds in flight.

Amanda Lohrey
The Conversion

Book cover: black & white photograph of a woman sitting on a couch. Her hand is reached out to a man with his back turned to her.

Alecia Simmonds
Courting: An intimate history of love and the law

Book cover: illustration of an old city.

Yūka Ishii (translated by Haydn Trowell)
The Mud of a Century


Image for article: Grilled quail with green mango salad


Grilled quail with green mango salad

A chef holding a knife over a cut of meat.


Chef Annie Smithers finds the right balance

For The Saturday Paper food editor Annie Smithers, a lifelong love of restaurants and cooking has evolved into a haven of pets and produce – and most importantly, peace of mind – in country Victoria.

A vineyard under a cloudy sky.


Notes from a small vineyard

Abandoning chemicals can rehabilitate the soil and restore the wildlife of the vineyard, but can a fully organic wine-making practice also be profitable?


Tiger Woods and child prodigies

Elite sport has its share of child prodigy stories, which make compelling reading for ambitious parents. Tiger Woods is a reminder that each is a cautionary tale.

Tiger Woods celebrates sinking his final putt to win the 1997 US Masters.




“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running.”

Joe BidenThe United States president explains that Donald Trump’s decision to run at the next election has informed his own. As a wise school teacher once said: if Trump jumped off a bridge, would you do that, too?


“Hands off our ham.”

Murray WattThe agriculture minister warns supermarkets against price gouging this Christmas. True to his word, he didn’t touch his face even once during the video.


“I think it’s the saddest decision they’ve ever made.”

Gai WaterhouseThe horse trainer expresses dismay at plans to turn Rosehill Gardens into housing. It’s a reminder that everyone in Sydney would prefer to bet on property.


“This mission is as much about the journey as the destination.”

Enrico PalermoThe head of the Australian Space Agency describes plans to send Australia’s first lunar rover to the moon. He said nothing about the friends you make along the way.


“I will not be apologising for acting in accordance with a High Court decision. Your question is an absurd one.”

Mark DreyfusThe attorney-general responds to a question asking him to apologise to people mistreated by released migrants. It’s a shame his government’s legislation is not as principled.


“We … have instructions to immediately serve a Concerns Notice under Section 12A of the Defamation Act…”

Mark O’Brien LegalThe lawyers acting for broadcaster Alan Jones indicate he has started defamation proceedings over a story in the Nine newspapers. The piece accuses him of indecent assault, which he denies.