December 16 – 22, 2023


Lisa Wilkinson and lawyer Sue Chrysanthou, SC.


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An aerial shot of Santos’s Moomba gas field in outback South Australia.
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The weasel text of false consensus

At the end of the mealworm drafting, the key clause is described as a pathway. There is no mention of the “phase out” of fossil fuels. Despite majority support, and undeniable need, it was deemed too strong a phrase.


Lineball judgement

Karen Middleton reports that judges may be asked to determine which refugee offenders are likely to reoffend and should be returned to detention (“ ‘It’s pathetic’: outgoing security …

Future shock

I share wholeheartedly the concerns expressed about the consequences of jailing people for crimes they might commit in the future. No less concerning is the problem of innocent convicts, jailed in effect by politicians …

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Julia Baird
Bright Shining

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Lydia Davis
Our Strangers

Image for article: The Freedom of Emma Herwegh

Dirk Kurbjuweit (translated by Imogen Taylor)
The Freedom of Emma Herwegh


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Zucchini flower and goat’s cheese frittata

Two men lean over a kitchen table.


Food photographer Earl Carter

From behind the camera, The Saturday Paper’s food photographer, Earl Carter, interprets and informs the processes of some of Australia’s leading chefs.

Two farmers examine unripened bananas hanging from a tree.


Saving the banana from a deadly fungus

Australian scientists are on the verge of a world first, engineering a genetically modified banana to thwart the rampant spread of a fungus that poses a global risk to food security.


The coroner’s findings on Shane Tuck’s ‘tortured death’

As a coroner’s report into the untimely death of former footballer Shane Tuck acknowledges the AFL’s attempts to mitigate the risks associated with head knocks, his widow claims the league’s duty of care remains grossly inadequate.

Image for article: The coroner’s findings on Shane Tuck’s ‘tortured death’




“Queensland is in good shape.”   

Annastacia PalaszczukThe former premier of Queensland offers her assessment after eight years in office. She’s wrong: the state is way too big and too influential in federal elections.


“Complete capitulation.”

Nicholas OwensThe lawyer representing Nine newspapers describes Kerry Stokes’s decision to pay Ben Roberts-Smith’s legal bill. Stokes is the second innocent old man to be badly hurt in this story.


“I had a huge row. I was told in the interest of taste and in respect for the cameramen and women that I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Nigel FarageThe conservative politician explains that he showered naked throughout I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here because he wanted to check for leeches. The man insists on associating only with creatures like him.


“The divisions inside the conservative movement are less over what should be done and more over how far we might go…”

Tony Abbott

The former prime minister shares his vision for electoral success. In case there was any doubt about his brain function, he maintains “the right answer is always as far as possible”.


“News Ltd should sack him.”

Chris BowenThe energy and climate change minister calls for Andrew Bolt to be sacked over a column that linked climate action with “race-based tribalism”. At this point, Bolt is really just playing bingo with himself.


“The system preferred to blame me rather than accept that, sometimes, children can and do die suddenly, unexpectedly, and heartbreakingly.”   

Kathleen FolbiggThe 56-year-old responds after the Court of Criminal Appeal quashed her convictions. Folbigg served 20 years in prison following the deaths of her four children.