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An Afghan woman wears a burqa on a road in Kandahar.


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Two television presenters on set.
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Two men walk through the rubble of a building in the dark.


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The poverty of fear

The problem with this country is that Peter Dutton could credibly become its prime minister. If the myth of American politics is that anyone can be president, the sad truth of Australia is that no one is truly unelectable.


No more pretending

The carefully sculpted consensus statement from COP28 is a tiny step forward when massive strides are urgently needed. The articles by Mike Seccombe (“Emails reveal Labor caved in to Santos”, December …

Forward thinking

Royce Kurmelovs’ piece on the recently wound-up Dubai COP was informative. There seems to be a glaring omission though, in my opinion: minister Chris Bowen’s wording, and I’d presume the …

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Actress Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain’s acting career successfully straddles critically acclaimed arthouse projects and blockbuster stardom.

A woman sitting on the end of a diving board.


Best music: sending an SOS to mainstream, big-budget pop

The Saturday Paper’s music critic looks back at the highlights of 2023.

A collage that includes several photographs of Margaret Thatcher.

The Influence

Salote Tawale on Lubaina Himid’s A Fashionable Marriage

Lubaina Himid’s A Fashionable Marriage – a take on Hogarth’s print series Marriage A-la-Mode that made her the first Black woman to win the Turner Prize – was revelatory for Fijian-Australian artist Salote Tawale.

Image for article: Best television: <em>The Bear</em>, a <em>Dog</em> and the end of <em>Succession</em>


Best television: The Bear, a Dog and the end of Succession

The Saturday Paper’s television critic looks back at the highlights of 2023.

Image for article: Best architecture: accolades flow as housing policy steps up


Best architecture: accolades flow as housing policy steps up

The Saturday Paper’s architecture critic looks back at the highlights of 2023.


In the event of my death

“I may still die naturally or perhaps by the hand of the state too, I don’t know. Some say that someone of my abilities or lack thereof shouldn’t be sent to death. They say I cannot possibly understand the value of life from my lack of intellect, and from my lack of worldly possessions, and my lack of words, and my lack of history. And yet, there are others that say despite everything I lack I am full of rage and horror. ”


Image for article: The 17 best books of 2023

Geordie Williamson and Justine Hyde
The 17 best books of 2023


Image for article: Liandra Swim’s River Run collection


Liandra Swim’s River Run collection

Liandra Swim’s latest collection of swimwear and resort wear, River Run, is a tribute to the vistas of designer Liandra Gaykamangu’s home in East Arnhem Land.

Image for article: Saving endangered wildlife on Kangaroo Island


Saving endangered wildlife on Kangaroo Island

Hunched over home computers or hiking with apps in hand, citizen scientists are doing their bit for the imperilled wildlife of Kangaroo Island. Their quest to help save endangered species may well also prove to be the key to our own survival.

Image for article: The sandwich of mortality


The sandwich of mortality

Time away from the garden allows weeds, like dust, to gather – a reminder of the limits of control and how everything ultimately yields to the life cycle.


Glazed ham and pineapple croquettes with mustard mayonnaise

Image for article: Glazed ham and pineapple croquettes with mustard mayonnaise


Top of the table for 2023

It’s been a year of nailbiting NRL and AFL grand finals, wonderful world cups, Ashes accusations and Novak Djokovic winning yet again. But four things ranked above all others.

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The Quiz

1. Where in the human body would you find the rotator cuff?
2. Which band, with a rhyming two-word name, had the 1974 hit “Sweet Home Alabama”?
3. Name the female star who played a New York fashion designer born in the south in the 2002 film Sweet Home Alabama?
4. True or false: the population of Victoria is higher than the population of New Zealand.
5. Similar to the Last Post, what starting with ‘T’ is played at times of death and remembrance by the United States military?
6. Who is known as the “Father of Medicine”?
7. Alphabetically, which country comes next after Uzbekistan?
8. What is the most popular sport in Japan?
9. How many Angry Men were in the title of a 1957 film starring Henry Fonda?
10. Those men collectively formed what official group?
11. Are Pan troglodytes: (a) chimpanzees; (b) orangutans; or (c) gorillas?
12. Does Norway still have a monarchy?
13. What organ in the human body helps clean the blood by filtering a waste product called urea?
14. In a rainbow, what colour is between yellow and blue?
15. Which planet in the solar system rotates on an almost horizontal axis, unlike the other planets, which spin on almost vertical ones?
16. Cherry belle, hailstone and daikon are all types of what root vegetable?
17. What nationality was artist Salvador Dalí?
18. Who was named Best Actress at the 95th Academy Awards held in March 2023?
19. In first aid, the DRSABCD action plan stands for Danger, Response, Send for help, [What], Breathing, CPR, Defibrillation?
20. 333 Export is a beer from which country?
21. Does a northerly wind blow from the north towards the south or from the south towards the north?
22. Is a male or female canary more likely to sing?
23. What is the value of pi to two decimal places?
24. Which novel by Alice Walker that became a 1985 film has been remade as a movie musical starring Halle Bailey?
25. Name the four field throwing events of the Summer Olympic Games.
26. What is the chemical symbol for magnesium?
27. Would you eat, play or wear a fez?
28. Fez is a city in which North African nation?
29. What is the third letter of the Greek alphabet?
30. Georgia Godwin, Trudy McIntosh, Jacqui Dunn, Lauren Mitchell and Mary-Anne Monckton have all represented Australia in which sport?
31. Concrete Blonde (in 1990) and the Goo Goo Dolls (in 1998) released songs named after people. What were their titles?
32. Nigel Bruce, Lucy Liu, Jude Law and Martin Freeman have all played which fictional character?
33. In the workplace, what does the abbreviation OH&S stand for?
34. What is the largest rodent in North America?
35. Three country names beginning with ‘B’ contain the letter ‘z’. Name them.
36. In her work, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama famously uses: (a) flowers; (b) cats; or (c) dots?
37. Saint Wenceslas is the patron saint of which nation?
38. In the Christmas carol “Good King Wenceslas”, what did the king look out on?
39. What beginning with ‘V’ is the name of a diagram that represents sets of elements as circles whose overlap indicates the overlap of the sets?
40. Who was Spotify’s most-streamed artist globally for 2023?

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“He thinks it’s an early Christmas present.”

Natasha FylesThe Northern Territory chief minister says her son is glad for her sudden resignation. Some kids get coal in their stocking – he gets a large, undisclosed gas shareholding.


“She just had a little bit of water in her eyes.”

Fiona BrownThe former chief of staff to Linda Reynolds tells a court that Brittany Higgins was not crying during a meeting. She did offer her a tissue – which, when you think about it, is really just some soft paper.


“All of you at home have become like my Sunday night family, whom I also get to meet out and about during the rest of the week.”

Cory BernardiThe conservative broadcaster addresses viewers during his final show on Sky News. Even describing it as a family overstates the size of his audience. 



Donald TrumpThe former United States president responds after a Supreme Court decision removed his name from ballot papers in Colorado. His loss is our gain.


“Both sides are wedded to prosperity-destroying net zero policies in a vain attempt to change the climate.”

Lyle SheltonThe national director of Family First announces plans to run candidates in every seat at the Queensland state election. Speaking of wedded, remember how badly he lost on marriage equality?


“It is very competitive if you look at the numbers compared to the other variants, its growth advantage is very, very high.”   

Stuart TurvilleThe Kirby Institute virologist describes a new strain of Covid-19 contributing to another surge in the virus. It’s almost as if the pandemic isn’t over.


“I believe I was terminated unlawfully. This is not a win for journalism or critical, fair thinking.”

Antoinette LattoufThe journalist says she is considering legal action after being dropped from a contract by the ABC. The national broadcaster has not confirmed whether she was sacked because of posts about the Israel–Hamas war.


“You will never see me participate in a manhunt. I hate that kind of thing.”

Emmanuel MacronThe French president defends Gérard Depardieu after the actor was again accused of rape. France has dealt with the accusations in the strongest terms it knows: removing his wax figure from the Musée Grévin.