January 13 – 19, 2024


National Disability Insurance Scheme Minister Bill Shorten.


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Diplomacy failing in expanding Israel–Hamas war

As America and allies, with Australian support, launch strikes against targets in Yemen, it is clear the Israel–Hamas war is spilling over despite a series of diplomatic efforts to avert an expanded and protracted conflict.

Two EV charging stations beside parking spaces.


Charging stations are the next hurdle in EV progress

Just as Australia begins to catch up with the rest of the world in its uptake of electric cars – a step crucial to reducing the transport sector’s significant greenhouse gas emissions – a lack of reliable charging stations is getting in the way of further progress.

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The pathetic and the fallacious

Under the Paris Agreement, Australia is required by February 2025 to set a target for emissions reduction over the following decade. This government is wrestling its way towards a number that won’t alarm anyone and it clearly won’t be pressured into anything radical by the opposition – the “climate inactivists and cookers”


Public money misspent

“We’re talking about public money propping up Catholic health assets so NSW Health can buy services from them” (Rick Morton, “St Vincent’s Hospital to be insolvent by April”, …

Dutton’s negative charge

It was disheartening to read both the editorial (“The poverty of fear”, December 23–January 12) and the article by Paul Bongiorno (“In search of lost mojo”) on the …

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Image for article: Barbecue tiger prawns with peach and chilli dressing


Barbecue tiger prawns with peach and chilli dressing

Naomi Osaka smiling on court with a racquet in her hand.


How Naomi got her groove back

Her drive to become a tennis champion related to family – first she wanted to beat her sister, then to help her parents. Now, after a crisis of motivation, Naomi Osaka is determined to win for her daughter.




“Labor has always demonised gas.”

Sussan LeyThe deputy opposition leader responds to a question about whether her party’s lack of an emissions reduction policy will make it less popular in teal electorates. It’s frustrating for the Coalition, when gas is so critical for lighting.


“… we’re doing more every day to help customers spend less with us.”

WoolworthsA spokesperson for the supermarket giant explains its discount offers ahead of an inquiry into its record profits. It’s a fine piece of marketing, but arguably the price gouging was already doing that.


“We need to hear more parents tell their children that the schools they attend, and the cities they live in, are only possible because of the mining sector.”

Peter DuttonIn a speech at a party he was flown in to attend at Gina Rinehart’s Pilbara mine, the opposition leader offers advice to Australia’s parents. And if the little upstarts still won’t get back to the coalface, you lock them up.


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