January 20 – 26, 2024


Julian Assange gazing through a car window. The window catches the reflection of London apartments.


The dairy aisle of a supermarket.


Exclusive: Coles and Woolworths to face full ACCC inquiry

As the government launches another review of supermarkets’ conduct, the corporate watchdog is expected to announce its first full-scale supermarkets inquiry in 16 years.

Image for article: Penny Wong urges two-state solution during Middle East visit


Penny Wong urges two-state solution during Middle East visit

As Penny Wong visits Israel and the West Bank, Anthony Albanese says Australia will not take a position on South Africa’s genocide case in the International Court of Justice.

Politicians in bomber jackets wave to supporters as confetti falls around them


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Sleep paralysis demon

Looking at the Albanese government, it is not difficult to picture the figure at the end of the bed. It is the lumpen, wheezing outline of the stage three tax cuts. The prime minister lies in terrified inaction. The movements are obvious but remain somehow impossible.


Selfish approach

Anne Twomey is spot on with her observations of inappropriate spending by the Commonwealth government (“Stop unlawful spending”, January 13-19). However, hoping for any action seems naive in the extreme. …

Too complicated

Anne Twomey is a voice in the wilderness. There is an urgent need for the people, journalists and even politicians to get a broad working knowledge of our Constitution so participation in public discourse is more …

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Image for article: Clamato bloody Mary (bloody Caesar)


Clamato bloody Mary (bloody Caesar)

Image for article: Why the world will be watching Jai Opetaia


Why the world will be watching Jai Opetaia

Samoan–Australian cruiserweight boxer Jai Opetaia has been battered and broken but as yet has not lost a professional fight. Next month, the prodigious talent will step into the ring on the undercard of the most anticipated heavyweight bout in years.




“I think his leadership’s over if he abandons the stage three tax cuts, because Australians have seen this movie before...”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader warns Anthony Albanese against breaking election promises. Constant lying famously limited John Howard to only 11 years as prime minister.


“... to start changing the rules about what you can do with your property … it is removing the rights of that individual.”

Barry JohnstonThe Real Estate Institute of New South Wales president invokes the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in his submission to keep no-grounds evictions. Meanwhile, the Geneva Convention is silent about mould in Sydney rentals.


“You just can’t control yourself in this circumstance, apparently.”

Lewis KaplanThe judge threatens to expel Donald Trump from court for interrupting during a damages hearing over his defamation of journalist and author E. Jean Carroll. Sharp as ever, Trump responded: “You can’t, either.”


“There is no mystery. There are two paintings.”

Vittorio SgarbiThe Italian undersecretary for cultural heritage denies owning a stolen painting by Rutilio Manetti. He also boasts that he’s slept with hundreds of women, but there might be some forgeries in that, too.


“It was a comedy of errors.”

Andrew “Vern” StokesThe garrison sergeant major says a man was almost crushed during a rehearsal for Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral. Of course, the queen was able to make it look like an accident.


“You’re kidding me. Really? Oh my god. This is the wokest tournament ever.”

Jordan ThompsonThe Australian tennis player complains about a new rule at the Australian Open allowing punters to enter the arena between games. There is nothing progressives like more than going to the bathroom during play.


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