January 27 – February 2, 2024


Presenter and journalist Antoinette Lattouf.


Minister for Government Services Bill Shorten.
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A person prepares a syringe at North Richmond’s medically supervised injecting room.
A Indigenous Australian wearing traditional dress inside parliament.
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Defeating the wizard

Finally, it happened. After months of equivocation, the government did what was obviously necessary but what it had for so long lacked the courage to do: it stood up to the News Corp papers and the opposition and redrafted the stage three tax cuts.


Citizenship confusion

Part of my voluntary work in retirement is training migrants and refugees to pass the Australian citizenship test (Kim Rubenstein, “The citizenship test”, January 20-26). Most Australians would fail …

Blinken and miss

The most important statement in Mike Seccombe’s report (“Julian would rather commit suicide than go to the US...”, January 20-26) is, “Why the fuck are we continuing with this?” Even …

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Leo Vardiashvili
Hard by a Great Forest

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Helen Hayward
Home Work

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Peter Christoff (ed.)
The Fires Next Time


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Coconut cake with chocolate ganache

A vast warehouse filled with boxes.


The companies monitoring staff using bossware

Legal ambiguity over employee data has allowed hundreds of companies to install technology that monitors the online productivity of their staff.

Image for article: Finland offers a case for banning Australian private schools


Finland offers a case for banning Australian private schools

The Finnish education system offers a model by which to fix Australia’s broken school system, but first we need to ban private schools.


AO silence isn’t golden

Tennis rules requiring hushed silence during play still defer to days of long pants and crinolines, nobility and amateurism. In an era of fiery and petulant stars, surely it’s time to move on.

An Andrey Rublev “explosion”




“This sort of vandalism has no place in our society.”

Jacinta AllanThe Victorian premier expresses concern at the toppling of a statue of Captain James Cook. Honestly, nothing says Australia Day quite like ending up face down and legless in St Kilda.


“Consider this shit shut right down right now.”

Johnny MarrThe guitarist from The Smiths discovers Donald Trump has been using his music at rallies. For Morrissey, it was refreshing to have an even greater blowhard associated with the band.


“While it can sting to win the box office but not take home the gold, your millions of fans love you.”

Hillary ClintonThe former United States secretary of state posts in solidarity with Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie, who were not nominated for Oscars. You can only hope she’s using an unsecure server again and this was a hack.


“I believe the timing is now right to move on to a new season with my family and take on fresh challenges.”

Scott MorrisonThe former prime minister announces he is finally, mercifully, leaving politics. He intends to spend more time with the military-industrial complex.


“Such a perfect fit for the role, it’s almost as if he was made for it.”

Anthony AlbaneseThe prime minister announces Kim Williams will lead the ABC as its new chair. Unfortunately, the tailoring he described did not extend to the capacious jacket Williams wore to the press conference.


“You cannot take away somebody’s legacy.”

Monish GujralThe owner of Moti Mahal, a restaurant in Delhi, explains why he is suing a rival who claims to have invented butter chicken. Gujral is seeking $240,000 in damages and the repair of his late grandfather’s reputation.