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Jumping at shadows

It doesn’t matter if it’s not true. Even the ABC is pretending like it is. “Having proven willing to take the political risk of breaking that promise,” the national broadcaster noted this week, “the government has now faced questions on whether it will move against other policies deeply loathed within some corners of Labor, but which the party committed to keeping at the federal election.”


Dangerous incursions


Bob Brown highlighted several aspects of the environmental degradation caused by the rapid expansion of inshore industrial salmon farming in Tasmania (“Gone fishing”, January 27–February …

All loss and no gain

Bob Brown’s critique of Anthony Albanese’s embrace of the Tasmanian salmon industry won’t rattle Tasmanians, who have long watched the state’s natural resources vanish down the throats …

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Amy Brown
My Brilliant Sister

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Anna Smaill
Bird Life

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Yumna Kassab


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Sake-fried spatchcock with ginger sesame rice

Portrait image of a woman in a brown shirt and wide-brim hat standing in a forest.


Quitting the energy sector to fight climate change

The climate crisis is forcing a rethink among workers who feel their employers are part of the problem, and many are switching careers, at some personal cost, to fight for solutions.

A fashion parade.


Akira Isogawa’s game-changing fashion archive

After 30 years, Akira Isogawa is sorting through a body of work that changed Australian fashion, placing hundreds of pieces with major museums.


Can Shamar Joseph help Caribbean cricket rise again?

In the ’80s and early ’90s, the West Indies produced some of the most fearsome cricket teams the world has seen. Can the brilliant fast bowler Shamar Joseph help the Caribbean rise again?

Cricketers jumping in celebration by the boundary line.




“My personal view is that people have three quadrants of their brain. They have academic intelligence, social intelligence and sporting intelligence.”

Barnaby JoyceThe former deputy prime minister explains his understanding of the brain. If only there were some kind of a fourth quadrant, for what words mean.


“I am genuinely shocked to see Murpharoo take up a spot to now be officially running lines for Labor. The real outrage is David Crowe missed out.”

Peter DuttonThe opposition leader makes light of Guardian Australia’s political editor, Katharine Murphy, joining the prime minister’s office. Not a bad punchline, but then nor is he.


“This is in the context of Ms Albrechtsen having, over a number of months, exhibited an attitude adverse to Mr Drumgold.”

Dan O’GormanThe lawyer for Shane Drumgold explains that Walter Sofronoff spent more than seven hours on the phone to The Australian while holding an inquiry into his client. It’s not clear if he got through to the subscriptions department or not.


“Those kinds of views shouldn’t be welcomed into the Tasmanian parliament.”

Ella HaddadTasmania’s shadow attorney-general responds to news Eric Abetz has been endorsed as a candidate for the state election. Say what you will about the Tasmanian hospital system, there must be one hell of an iron lung there somewhere.


“We need the council to be a willing partner in restoring and repairing damaged monuments…”

Jacinta AllanThe Victorian premier offers to assist Yarra City Council with repairs to a James Cook monument. Her party is more than happy to topple leaders, but only if they’re alive.


“We want our 160-year-old school back.”

Dallas MorganThe Newington old boy protests against a decision to make the school co-educational. A number of men on the picket cried when they thought about what was happening – and in fairness, you don’t want girls to see that.


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