February 10 – 16, 2024


A portrait photograph of Peter Dutton


Michele Bullock at a press conference.
Image for article: ‘He died in full view of custodial and health staff’
Anthony Albanese and Chris Bowen standing beside a silver car.
A man in a suit sitting in a chair beside a Monique Ryan poster.
A man in stands through the sunroof of a car, overlooking a crowd that's reaching out to him.


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Detention disgrace

For as long as the camps were running, nothing else mattered. Regimes were propped up. Corrupt businessmen were paid. The rule of law was debased. Countries were left to teeter into bankruptcy.


Asylum devastation

John Hewson says he is “embarrassed” by Australia’s offshore detention policy (“Exporting asylum policy”, February 3-9). I am surprised he didn’t say “outraged”, “appalled” …

Refugee vigil

Sister Jane Keogh, age 78, will be sitting in the street outside Parliament House every night before parliament sits in February and March. She will arrive at midnight and remain to greet the parliamentarians with …

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Naomi Saalfield, aka Nai Palm (front), and Hiatus Kaiyote.


Musician Naomi Saalfield

In a life haunted by the shadow of death, Naomi Saalfield – best known as Nai Palm, lead singer of Grammy-nominated Melbourne band Hiatus Kaiyote – has learnt what she values most.

Image for article: Opera Australia’s <em>The Magic Flute</em>


Opera Australia’s The Magic Flute

Opera Australia’s The Magic Flute embraces a nostalgic vision of white Australia that undermines Mozart’s cutting social commentary.

Image for article: Taylor and Hinds on discovering the truth of Country


Taylor and Hinds on discovering the truth of Country

For Tasmanian practice Taylor and Hinds, developing deep and long-term relationships with specific Aboriginal communities is a process of discovering the truth of Country.


Image for article: Stories That Want To Be Told: The Long Lede Anthology

Judith Neilson Institute
Stories That Want To Be Told: The Long Lede Anthology

Image for article: The Shortest History of Economics

Andrew Leigh
The Shortest History of Economics

Image for article: The Next Big Thing

James Colley
The Next Big Thing


Image for article: Seafood broth  with green chilli, coconut and lime


Seafood broth with green chilli, coconut and lime

A pale octopus.


Predicting climate change with octopus DNA

The DNA of an octopus has helped scientists better understand the threat to a vast ice sheet in the Antarctic, and the potential for a catastrophic rise in sea levels.

The delicate cream flowers of a native jarrah tree.


Living memory

Memories sharpened by grief offer glimpses of a home and a garden that were the fruits of love and labour.


Across Antarctica by bicycle

Adverse weather conditions may have prematurely halted Omar Di Felice’s attempt to cycle solo across Antarctica to the South Pole but they did nothing to dampen his drive to raise awareness about climate change.

A man in snow gear pushing a bike through Antarctica.




“I would say that everyone starts off as a leftie, then wakes up at some point...”

Holly Candy, aka Holly ValanceThe former Neighbours star offers her view on politics. She says this conversion often happens after starting a business or trying to buy a home or, in her case, marrying a property billionaire.


“And then Jacob kind of just flips and he kind of pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat.”

Joshua FoxThe radio producer describes Saltburn actor Jacob Elordi’s reaction after he asked for some of his bathwater. For context, Fox works for Kyle Sandilands.


“I care too much about Australia to be bitter and twisted … no matter how much justification I may have …”

Joe HockeyThe former treasurer explains why he declined to be interviewed for the ABC series Nemesis. Frankly, after the cuts he pushed through, he wasn’t sure the production would be any good.


“It means a great deal to us all.”

Prince WilliamThe Prince of Wales thanks subjects for their messages of support after his father’s cancer diagnosis. It’s the one thing he’s hoping is not hereditary.


“A beautiful young family bought it, and they’re very excited.”

Glenda DouglasThe real estate agent announces the sale of Barnaby Joyce’s home for $1.1 million. The sprawling property looks almost big enough for two families.


“Today the ABC will be publishing my obituary. Can’t wait to read it.”

Phillip AdamsThe broadcaster confirms he is ending his time as host of ABC Radio’s Late Night Live. He was 84.