breakfast February 5, 2022

Crumpets with hot-smoked trout

I have come to crumpets very late in life. While the store-bought variety has been in pantries my whole life, I have never been drawn to them, until I had to make some for a comparative yeast batter exercise. Now I have a fascination for them. For...

breakfast May 1, 2021

Dancing grass crumpets

I’m making a huge assumption but, due to last year’s Covid-19 lockdowns, I figure most people now have access to a sourdough starter/mother. If you don’t have your own, I recommend sweet-talking a friend into lending you some of theirs and building...

breakfast August 8, 2020

Oyster omelette

Where exactly does an omelette sit in meal classification? It is just as appropriate to serve one for breakfast as it is for dinner. It also makes a great brunch, lunch or late supper. Perhaps, then, that makes an omelette the perfect go-to meal –...

breakfast June 13, 2020

Banana pancakes

Sadly, most bananas at this time of year are destined for a morning smoothie. Or if they’ve been forgotten for a few days or frozen for a few months, they might turn up as the hero ingredient in one of the most-represented dishes of the Covid-19...

breakfast May 9, 2020


If you’re to believe what you read on social media these days, everyone is becoming a baker during isolation. Of course, I have done a lot of baking in my life, so my interest was piqued when I happened across a link to an English baker, Adam Pagor...

breakfast May 11, 2019

Pain perdu

There are some seemingly basic dishes that if cooked in a run-of-the-mill way become just that. Run of the mill. Ordinary. French toast is a perfect example. The American version that populates many cafe breakfast menus is a slice of sandwich bread...

breakfast November 10, 2018

Spring omelette

Eggs. They are fundamental to my style of cooking and have been a much-loved human food source since the dawn of humankind. Today, the most common egg we eat is the chicken egg. So, what actually makes up an egg? The shell, the white and the yolk,...

breakfast September 15, 2018

Spring milk ricotta with honey and kunzea pikelets

Even milk has seasonality. Developments in agriculture that have seen variation diminish can be seen in both a positive and negative light. However, the difference in a milk from a spring pasture should be celebrated. I have the good fortune of...

breakfast April 7, 2018

Ham crepes

Poor crepes. In some circles they still have a bad name. Maybe it’s Pancake Parlour’s fault or maybe it was the ’70s when every home cook tried to make crepes and vol-au-vents filled with a thickened chicken stodge that was, frankly, not quite right...

breakfast October 7, 2017

Poached eggs with asparagus and morels on toast

They are the harbingers of spring: asparagus and morels. Vastly different ingredients, but they foretell the joyous seasons of plenty ahead. Winter often seems eternal by mid-August: the cold is biting, the wet depressing and it is hard to feel...

breakfast February 18, 2017

French toast with caramelised figs, burnt honey and mascarpone

From breakfast to dessert to hangover cure, French toast ticks all the boxes.