food October 24, 2020

Almond raspberry slice

I came across a very unnerving statistic the other day. Apparently 24,000 cookbooks are being published annually. This doesn’t include the bloggers and other contributors to recipes on the internet, or, of course, weekly columns such as this one in...

food October 17, 2020


The ubiquitous tiramisu turns up on so many menus. You’ll find it everywhere from dinner parties to street-side Italian(ish) cafes. I’ve seen it with strawberries, or set with gelatine into fancy freestanding shapes, then topped with flourishes to...

food October 10, 2020


I’m not sure if it’s a professional hazard, or if I’m just a bit odd about numbers, but I love restaurant maths. I was never a good mathematical scholar when I was at school, but my basic arithmetic has always been solid and I’m not too shabby at...

food October 3, 2020

Red mullet escabeche

Escabeche is a versatile method/dish that can apply to fish, meat, vegetables and even leafy greens. The origins of escabeche cross many borders, with it found in Latin American cuisine and also in African dishes. This version is less an escabeche...

food September 26, 2020

Chicken chorba

The colour yellow. Not a colour I wear very often, except for the odd raincoat, but a colour that is all around me at the moment in the form of daffodils and wattle. It is a cheering colour, especially when it acts as the harbinger of warmer weather...

food August 15, 2015

Winter salads

Two twists on the classics: cauliflower and curd, and reimagining the Waldorf.

food August 8, 2015

Into the woods

The earthy pleasure of truffles in a winter's tart.

food August 1, 2015

Tiramisu an Italian masterpiece

Need a little pick me up? You can't go past tiramisu.

food July 25, 2015

Pork belly du jour

Making pork belly an excuse for a salad.

food July 18, 2015

Pasta perfect

A journey through the pasta.

food July 11, 2015

Black beauty

Dip into squid ink for flavour, not just shade.