The food editors of The Saturday Paper are among the country's leading chefs. Since the paper's launch, they have worked with renowned photographer Earl Carter to produce its food pages. Unlike at other newspapers, all recipes are cooked and styled by the chefs who developed them. The shoots are done at chefs' homes or in their restaurants. The outcome is work that directly articulates each chef's vision and Carter's singular eye.

food   November 25, 2023

Roving chef David Moyle

In the first of a series drawn from the Australian Culinary Archive, food editor for The Saturday Paper David Moyle explains the simplicity that drives his cooking.

dessert   November 25, 2023

Mango sago pudding

With the weather properly heating up, we are hurtling towards more beach time, sunscreen and mangoes in a way that is thoroughly Australian. Go into any fruit and vegetable shop and you will likely find trays of mangoes for sale despite dire...

entree   November 18, 2023


Traditional tonnato hails from Piedmont, a region in north-western Italy that borders France and Switzerland at the foot of the Alps. But I dare say the tuna for this creamy and flavoursome condiment was originally harvested off the Ligurian coast...

baking   November 11, 2023

Apple tarte Tatin

I don’t know where the idea for upside-down things came from in the kitchen, but there is magic and theatre about it, inside out and upside down. I like the way you almost make something backwards and then it reveals itself at the end. You never...

food   November 4, 2023


To me, anything salty and fishy on bread signals a great prelude to a meal. Dips and cured little fish, olive oil, salt and lemon juice all get my mouth primed, even when just writing about them. The combination of salty and fishy things with the...

side dish   October 28, 2023

Calamari with garlic, chilli, lemon and tomato

As the weather rapidly warms, thoughts turn to outdoors, beaches, quick and easy dishes and Aperol spritzes. Instead of spending hours in the kitchen sweating over a hot stove, it’s wonderful to have something that’s easy and delicious that can be...

dinner   October 21, 2023

Sour cream Japanese egg salad

This Japanese-inspired egg salad is on rotation at home. Sometimes I just get stuck on particular flavours and cook them over and over again. It becomes like a craving. The sweetness and the mustard in this is something I wanted, but the more you...

dinner   October 14, 2023

Pipe rigate with tomato vodka sauce

The wildest thing about this dish is that it was made for dancing. Nobody quite agrees on whose recipe it is, or precisely when it started being served, but there is broad agreement that its popularity came from the Italian discotheques that thrived...

dinner   October 7, 2023

Tuna mornay

I must admit I have always liked tuna mornay. My mother made a particularly good one that had this crunch on top, but as a young man I could not work out, nor was I particularly concerned about, what it was made from. On learning she had picked up a...

dinner   September 30, 2023

Blue swimmer crab with tomato, garlic and anchovy butter sauce

Dealing with whole crabs can be a real crowd divider. While most people agree that crabmeat is sweet and unctuous, many people will only go with the luxury of eating it when someone else has done the hard work and picked it for them. Admittedly this...

dinner   September 23, 2023

Italian braised beef and pork ragu

This is a rewarding dish to make. At the end you get a real kick out of the flavour that has developed – the sophisticated, robust braise. There is real satisfaction in the way the pork and beef are balanced, the way the crust on the meat almost has...