4 Mar 2017
Charting the war on young people
Mike Seccombe
A suite of policy settings, from wage cuts to unaffordable education, shows the government turning its back on a generation.
4 Mar 2017
Senior Liberals caution Turnbull on style
Turnbull’s colleagues proffered the view that if he focused on an overarching narrative for the government, Abbott’s interventions would gain less traction.
Karen Middleton
As Turnbull’s supporters become anxious about an absence of narrative and clear advice, his problems are greater than a vengeful Tony Abbott.
4 Mar 2017
Loves labour’s lost
The culture- and knowledge-producing class has become steadily less interested in a real transformation of a privatised, neoliberal economy. After all, they have done quite well out of it.
Guy Rundle
With the gutting and offshoring of Western industrial capitalism, the class order has been reversed. Knowledge production is at the centre of our economy and culture, and the industrial working class are, by contrast, multiply diminished.
4 Mar 2017
Safety fears
I don’t want to die for doing right thing. I did testify for murder of my roommate and one of my best friends. Why should I be punished for doing right?
Martin McKenzie-Murray
As the Immigration Department faced senate estimates, a witness to the murder of Reza Barati fears retribution from the man he helped convict.
4 Mar 2017
Kicked to the kerb
Roj Amedi
Rough sleepers have been moved on from Melbourne’s city streets, but without a long-term assistance strategy, how can they rebuild their lives?
4 Mar 2017
Family tatters
Miriam Cosic
In 2009, her world was torn apart by the murder of her parents, brothers and aunt. Now, following her uncle’s long-awaited conviction, Brenda Lin faces the glare of the media again.
4 Mar 2017
Divide and stonker
Attempts to dismiss Abbott as a resentful backbencher underplay his status as a former PM. If he were a mere maverick his views could be more easily dispatched.
Paul Bongiorno
Abbott’s mantra that Turnbull is losing the base to One Nation is not addressed by aping her policies.
4 Mar 2017
Trump says opponents behind hate crimes
Hamish McDonald
Putin's presdiential rivals brave; Saudi's King Salman visits Indonesia; Geert Wilders' mixed ancestry