international relations   November 4, 2023

No clear end to Israel–Gaza ground invasion

A week into Israel’s invasion of Gaza, few hostages have been recovered, while the death toll rises and the UN warns of a humanitarian crisis.

immigration   October 14, 2023

Trauma of the Howard-era refugees

Refugees who claimed asylum during the Howard era are dying as they wait for compensation over their treatment by the Australian government.

immigration   October 7, 2023

Immigration beset by ‘grotesque abuses’

As the government embarks on a major overhaul of Home Affairs, it is taking steps to fix flaws in the immigration system that have been exploited by organised crime groups.

immigration   October 7, 2023

The Australian refugee laws splitting families

An arbitrary law against the settlement of boat arrivals means a mother and daughter face deportation, a decade after arriving, while her husband and son are made citizens.

immigration   August 26, 2023

What’s different about this intergenerational report

Migration is among the measures laid out in the latest intergenerational report, to help address the problems of an ageing population in an increasingly indebted country.

immigration   July 29, 2023

Australia aided ‘corrupt gangster operation’ on Nauru

As details emerge of Australian involvement in bribery on Nauru, a senior immigration official describes how ‘corruption was aided and abetted’ by our government.

immigration   June 24, 2023

Hotel detention breaches human rights

A new report from the Human Rights Commission has damned Australia’s use of hotel detention as a breach of basic standards – but it is a practice the government has no plans to abandon.

immigration   January 28, 2023

The Dreyfus interview: Action coming on refugee ‘inhumanity’

In a major interview, Mark Dreyfus details his ambitions as attorney-general and the history that drives him to make an impact in the portfolio.

immigration   November 12, 2022

The people left behind on Nauru

Australia is now paying $750,000 a day to a notorious US private prisons operator to keep the remaining 100 or so asylum seekers in conditions that are slowing destroying their mental and physical health.

immigration   September 24, 2022

Refugees cut off from support

Refugees who are ineligible for other welfare support and in financial hardship have had their Special Benefit payments cut off, due to a technical glitch that stems from a disconnect between government departments.

immigration   September 10, 2022

‘I am hopeless now’: Australia’s $9.65 billion torture camps

As the Albanese government prepares to finalise a Nauru contract with an American prisons operator, the cost of the brutal enterprise has stretched into billions of dollars.