immigration November 4, 2017

The men on Manus we’ve left behind

Six hundred men are left behind on Manus Island. There is no electricity, water or sanitation. There is also no plan for what happens next.

rural October 28, 2017

Exploitation of backpacker labour

Stories of upfront bonds, failure to pay wages, harassment and deplorable conditions are being heard by the parliamentary inquiry into whether a modern slavery act is needed to protect working backpackers from exploitation.

religion September 23, 2017

Syrian marching band helps refugees

A marching band in Melbourne comprising young refugees from Syria is helping its members adjust to their new home, while providing a connection with their community.

immigration October 28, 2017

Closing Manus Island

As the October 31 closure deadline looms on Manus Island, the asylum seekers held there fear for their uncertain future.

immigration September 2, 2017

Exclusive: Dead refugee asked to go home

Before refugee Hamed Shamshiripour took his own life on Manus Island, he had made repeated requests to be sent home to Iran.

immigration August 26, 2017

Keeping asylum seeker healthcare offshore

The government’s determination to avoid onshore legal challenges to asylum-seeker detention has endangered detainees requiring serious medical attention.

immigration August 26, 2017

The resurgence of neo-Nazism

Donald Trump’s response to the events in Charlottesville has emboldened white supremacists everywhere.

immigration August 19, 2017

Pacific Islanders forced to leave

The world’s first relocations due to climate change are under way in the inundated Carteret Islands, amid calls for Australia to increase migration from threatened Pacific islands.

indigenous affairs August 12, 2017

Australia’s human rights disgraces

After leaving her post as president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, Gillian Triggs is as forthright as ever in describing the country’s slide backwards in its social policies and treatment of the vulnerable.

immigration August 12, 2017

Driven to death on Manus Island

As the eighth asylum seeker dies in offshore processing, conditions decline further and the situation worsens for refugees.

europe August 5, 2017

Exporting Australia’s offshore detention policy

The Manus Island detention centre may be closing, but its legacy lives on in Europe, where leaders have looked to Australia for lessons on how to stop the boats – no matter the human cost.