Migrants targeted as refugee panic founders

Mike Seccombe
The government’s ‘Australians first’ rhetoric is a response to hardening community attitudes over immigration and job security.

Scott Morrison budgets on turn-in from the world

Karen Middleton
As the treasurer squares up for a fight with the banks over a new levy, his budget finds its unifying theme in making an example of foreign money.

Australia's new citizenship test

Lauren Williams
The new citizenship test questions purported to gauge adherence to Australian values are flawed and ethically ambiguous.

What happened on Manus Island

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Peter Dutton’s reckless characterisation of the cause of gunfire on the Manus Island camp only serves to inflame tensions.

Government dismisses shootings on Manus Island

Martin McKenzie-Murray
With numerous shots fired at the Manus Island detention centre, the danger to detainees and Australian staff has become undeniable to all but the Australian government.

Filming ‘Chauka’ at Manus Island's detention facilities

Martin McKenzie-Murray
A collaboration between a journalist held on Manus Island and a filmmaker in Holland shows life in detention in all its stark monotony.

Weighing the priorities of homeland security

Karen Middleton
As the PM and foreign minister attempt to smooth relations with Indonesia, calls increase for a consolidated approach to national security.

Safety fears for Manus Island murder witness

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As the Immigration Department faced senate estimates, a witness to the murder of Reza Barati fears retribution from the man he helped convict.

Hazara refugee Nabi Zaher’s citizenship fight

Abdul Karim Hekmat
The case of a Hazara refugee whose Australian citizenship was arbitrarily delayed and vexatiously questioned serves to highlight the Department of Immigration’s continued administrative bungling.

Race, stereotyping and Melbourne’s Apex gang

Santilla Chingaipe
The media’s reporting of gang crime across Melbourne has racial overtones, singling out Sudanese Australians and engendering fear and stereotyping in the community.

Inside the sick, sad world of the Q Society and the Australian Liberty Alliance

Mike Seccombe
In the wake of their controversial fundraising dinners, the Q Society explain their roots and their paranoid vision of Australia’s future.

Changes to citizenship to also reopen debate on Australian identity

Karen Middleton
With the government preparing security-driven changes to citizenship, it is also readying to kickstart a new debate on Australian values.

Manus refugees await US resettlement deal

Martin McKenzie-Murray
With the US–Australia refugee deal in chaos, the real victims on Manus and Nauru live in anguished hope.

Fear deliberately spread on Manus Island

Janet Galbraith
Crude stories about criminal asylum seekers and cannibal locals were used to foster division and suspicions on Manus Island, aiding Australia’s agenda of obfuscation.

Pauline Hanson’s plans to expand One Nation

Karen Middleton
She may be as much pilloried celebrity as politician, but when One Nation leader Pauline Hanson speaks, the disillusioned listen.

Melbourne suburb Eltham welcomes refugees

Denham Sadler
Plans to use part of an aged-care facility in an outer Melbourne suburb as temporary housing for refugees have been welcomed by the local community. But that hasn’t stopped anti-immigration protesters descending.

‘Our hope is destroyed after every good news’

Martin McKenzie-Murray
With details unresolved, refugees on Manus and Nauru are bringing cautious optimism to talk of US resettlement.

Contradictions in Dutton’s refugee life ban

Karen Middleton
As the government announces a lifetime ban on boat arrivals ever visiting Australia, criminals deported to New Zealand can find their way back.

The Coalition attacks on statutory authorities

Mike Seccombe
Senate committee attacks on statutory officers reveal a government prepared to undermine independent institutions and hound advisers out of office when their counsel is politically unwelcome.

Culture war in offshore detention

Martin McKenzie-Murray
The response to Four Corners’ Nauru report underscores a shift in the immigration debate from human lives to media bias.

Leaked UNHCR report: Manus Island world’s worst

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As the government prepares to meet with the UNHCR, urgent action is being demanded on mental decay.

Department of Immigration and Border Protection's lack of preparedness on organised crime

Karen Middleton
The focus on asylum seekers has left the immigration department lacking intelligence capabilities and measures to combat crime.

Transfield’s $1.1b offshore processing contract farce

Karen Middleton
A blistering audit of the offshore detention program reveals a system defined by untendered contracts and preferential deals raises billions of dollars’ worth of questions.

Madeline Gleeson on an end to offshore processing

Karen Middleton
Lawyer and author Madeline Gleeson says there are positive elements in Australia’s asylum-seeker policy, but a lack of political will to abide by the Refugee Convention.

The dysfunction of offshore detention on Nauru

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As the Coalition defends offshore detention in the wake of leaked files, former Nauru social workers and government officials paint a picture of utter dysfunction.