indigenous affairs

indigenous affairs May 14, 2022

The death of Ricky Lee Cound

The suicide of Ricky Lee Cound in a prison south-east of Perth has sparked a fresh campaign for the recognition of sovereign rights and government accountability for Indigenous deaths in custody.

indigenous affairs April 23, 2022

Children isolated and ‘fed through a hatch’ at Don Dale

Despite a 2016 royal commission, conditions in youth detention in the Northern Territory remain cruelly punitive, exacerbated by even harsher restrictions due to Covid-19. 

indigenous affairs March 19, 2022

The reporting of the Zachary Rolfe trial

Following the acquittal of Zachary Rolfe in the shooting death of Kumanjayi Walker, a careful media offensive has begun in the police officer’s defence.

indigenous affairs February 26, 2022

NSW fails to parole low-risk prisoners despite Covid-19 provision

As the prison system faced the extraordinary risks associated with Covid-19, one state gave its commissioner the power to release low-risk prisoners. He hasn’t used it once.

indigenous affairs January 29, 2022

Inside Roebourne, Australia’s hottest prison

In a boiling prison in WA, there is airconditioning in the guards’ toilets but not in the cells. After a 50.5 degree day this month, former prisoners warn someone will die from the heat.

indigenous affairs January 8, 2022

Who burnt the doors of Old Parliament House?

One man has been charged over the burning of Old Parliament House’s doors – but it is still not clear whether the protest was for Indigenous sovereignty or directed by right-wing groups.

covid-19 December 4, 2021

Territory Covid-19 outbreaks highlight housing failures

Recent Covid-19 outbreaks have prompted Territorians to get vaccinated, but the cases tearing through Indigenous communities highlight broader inequalities – and the damage done by deliberate misinformation.

indigenous affairs December 4, 2021

Pun times: A dispatch from the protests

The protests against Victoria’s pandemic legislation are larger – and stranger – than people realise.

indigenous affairs October 30, 2021

‘A cop can shoot a person in cold blood and get away with it…’

The first trial in a century of a WA police officer for killing an Aboriginal person ended in an acquittal, from a jury without a single Black juror.

indigenous affairs October 23, 2021

How the fight to save WA’s native forests was finally won

The battle to save WA’s remaining old-growth forests required activists to mobilise public opinion and pressure the government to see the financial, climate and biodiversity benefits of leaving those forests intact.

rural October 16, 2021

Exclusive: Government documents reveal Indigenous infection rates

Leaked documents show Covid-19 infections among Indigenous people are almost double the national average.