Pardon call over ‘flawed’ Kevin Henry murder case

Amy McQuire
An Aboriginal man has spent the past 25 years in jail for a murder he says he did not commit, his only link to the crime a dubious 1991 confession.

Government withholds funding for Indigenous genetic disease foundation

Mike Seccombe
Despite a Federal Court win over Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion, a foundation supporting sufferers of a crippling genetic disease across remote Aboriginal communities is still waiting on funding promised under the previous Labor government.

Wayne Morrison's family questions secrecy over his death

John Power
More than four months since the death in custody of an Indigenous man, his family awaits details from correctional services of how it happened.

Ms Dhu's family's fight for prosecutions

Denham Sadler
Ms Dhu’s family is determined not to let the coronial report into her death disappear from the spotlight without prosecutions.

Marcia Langton on Recognition and income management

Karen Middleton
Marcia Langton talks about a promising welfare management trial and how constitutional recognition would complete the Commonwealth.

NT royal commission and the youth justice system

Kieran Finnane
As a royal commission probes child protection and detention in the Northern Territory, ongoing issues of alcohol abuse, violence and neglect in Aboriginal families keep delivering new offenders into the system.

Inquest examines infractions of NT domestic violence orders

Kieran Finnane
Prompted by the deaths of two Aboriginal women in the Northern Territory, an inquest has been held to examine ‘extreme domestic violence’ and the seeming inability of the justice system to protect those at risk.

WA still waits for Indigenous Custody Notification

Denham Sadler
The first Aboriginal death in custody for 16 years in NSW has highlighted the effectiveness of a Custody Notification Service, which WA has yet to implement.

How the Northern Territory failed

Mike Seccombe
At the heart of the NT government’s perpetual shambles is a crisis of fiscal racism that for decades has squandered federal money.

How Pauline Hanson changes politics through fear

Mike Seccombe
Pauline Hanson is back exhorting the same old message: fear and racial intolerance. And once again she’s set to change the political landscape.

Steady rise in number of women in NT jails

Kieran Finnane
A sharp rise in female imprisonment in the Northern Territory has highlighted the broader consequences of men’s violence against women and children in Indigenous communities.

Seeking justice in the Bowraville slain children case

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Police racism and legal flaws stymied the investigation into the murders of three Indigenous children in Bowraville. Finally, 25 years later, a conviction is possible.

Cutting the climbing chains at Uluru

Jo Stewart
Despite the cutting of safety chains and the ongoing protests of traditional landowners, tourists continue to climb Uluru. Now the call has gone out to Malcolm Turnbull to enforce respect of the rock.

Australia’s Indigenous youth suicide crisis

Karen Middleton
The death last month of a 10-year-old Indigenous girl in a remote WA community intensifies the need for a clearer approach to suicide prevention.

Seeing poverty in people’s teeth

Samantha Trenoweth
Decreasing rates of full-time employment have led to a new class of working poor, whose struggles are borne out by the state of their dental health.

Closing the Gap a ritual of empty words

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Malcolm Turnbull’s first Closing the Gap address acknowledges shortcomings and delivers platitudes but fails to make progress.

James Hardie’s Baryulgil asbestos mining ‘genocide’

Susan Chenery
As the next generation of a northern NSW Aboriginal community waits for signs of fatal disease caused by asbestos, compensation remains non-existent.

Arnhem Land’s Indigenous community alcohol bans

Clare Martin
For Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land, alcohol bans are forcing drinkers to gather in antisocial and dangerous roadside camps.

Adam Goodes’ bipartisan career ends but legacy will live on

Martin McKenzie-Murray
His stellar career has lately been dogged by controversy, but Adam Goodes retires as a proud Indigenous man calling out his code’s racist underbelly.

Indigenous fishing rights caught in the net

Bronwyn Adcock
Coastal Aborigines claim they are being harassed by police and fisheries officers for harvesting seafood that is their cultural entitlement, with prosecutions then dropped to avoid a native title precedent.

Teaching Indigenous culture in schools

Alana Rosenbaum
An Indigenous school in Shepparton, Victoria, is leading the way in incorporating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander studies into the curriculum.

Fresh calls for inquiry into Ayers Rock Resort purchase

Mike Seccombe
Calls for a thorough inquiry into the ill-fated purchase of the Ayers Rock Resort by the Indigenous Land Corporation are being blocked at every turn by the government.

Cutting the Aboriginal custody helpline

Denham Sadler
Instead of expanding a successful legal service with proven success reducing Aboriginal deaths in custody, the federal government is cutting its funding.

Indigenous slur sees NAAJA, Daniel Briggs in war of words

Kevin Childs
After a Northern Territory magistrate publicly used insensitive language, Indigenous lawyer Daniel Briggs set out to right the wrong. His quest ended up costing him his job.

Aboriginal future locked up by spiralling incarceration figures

Debra Jopson
A generation of Indigenous youth in remote and regional communities is growing up without parents and leaders because of ever-rising incarceration levels. The next generation isn’t even being born.