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indigenous affairs   October 28, 2023

The ‘Yes’ case responds: ‘It’s a white flag from Labor’

After a week of silence, leading ‘Yes’ campaigners have begun to detail three ways forward for the movement – including fighting to keep Peter Dutton out of office.

indigenous affairs   October 21, 2023

The key failures of the ‘Yes’ campaign

With the Voice referendum ending in a ‘No’ vote, does its failure lie in a divided country or with the overestimation of a prime minister who loves to note he has been underestimated?

indigenous affairs   October 21, 2023

Analysis: The movement that follows the Voice

Although the Voice referendum was lost, and despite the racist vitriol it unleashed, the movement for Indigenous rights and recognition has grown.

indigenous affairs   October 14, 2023

Nothing has won

A decade of work for supporters of the Indigenous Voice to Parliament was struck down barely an hour after polls closed in the east of the country.

indigenous affairs   October 14, 2023

Marcia Langton: ‘Whatever the outcome, reconciliation is dead’

The referendum campaign has cemented racism into the body politic, and the ‘baseless’ rejection of ‘Yes’ will create a bleak future for Australia and those who stood with First Nations people.

indigenous affairs   October 7, 2023

Into the final week: ‘Yes’ case ‘more hopeful than optimistic’

‘Yes’ campaigners are focusing on direct personal appeals to undecided voters, in the hope of clawing back support as they battle online falsehoods and an increasingly vitriolic debate.

indigenous affairs   October 7, 2023

The libertarian think tank that helped build the ‘No’ case

A think tank led by some of the country’s most influential business figures has been instrumental in building the ‘No’ campaign – despite claiming it doesn’t have a position on the Voice.

indigenous affairs   September 30, 2023

Anatomy of a ‘No’: The people voting against the Voice

At the start of this campaign, the average ‘No’ voter was a man over 50. Since then, the ‘No’ vote has grown in almost every demographic – driven by distrust of the Voice and the belief that First Nations people don’t want it.

indigenous affairs   September 23, 2023

Fact check: Nine key lies told about the Voice to Parliament

As the campaign for the Voice to Parliament enters its final weeks, the ‘No’ case has begun making absurd claims such as ‘white people … will be paying to live here’.

indigenous affairs   September 16, 2023

What the ‘Yes’ polls really mean

Variations in the way polls account for undecided voters leave some hope for the ‘Yes’ campaign as it battles sliding support a month out from the Voice referendum.

indigenous affairs   September 9, 2023

Liberal ‘Yes’ supporters threatened with losing preselection

The leader of the Liberals for Yes organisation says party members have told her they are being threatened with losing preselection if they campaign in favour of voting ‘Yes’ at the referendum.