ir   June 10, 2023

Landmark win in age discrimination case

Australia’s first successful age discrimination claim could be a lightning rod case for other workers to vindicate their rights.

resources   January 7, 2023

Subpoenas reveal scale of Chevron’s Australian ambitions

Documents tabled in the US congress show Chevron plans to run its Gorgon gas plant in Western Australia until at least 2056, exploiting other companies’ transitions to cleaner energy.

ir   December 17, 2022

Behind the scenes at the Australia India Institute

Australia’s leading India think tank, based at the University of Melbourne, is facing criticism over academic interference and pressure from the Indian government.

ir   November 26, 2022

Ukraine’s next pitch to the world

Ukrainian leaders and activists say the US and allies must share blame for Russia’s aggression, and negotiation with Vladimir Putin would put the world further in jeopardy.

ir   November 12, 2022

What is being decided at COP27?

As the number of climate-related disasters almost doubles, and refugee numbers surge, the UN climate summit is finally asking a key question: How do you make the countries that caused the crisis pay?

ir   October 15, 2022

Kevin Rudd on shortlist to become next ambassador to the United States

The former prime minister is the lead name in speculation on who will become the next US ambassador, with support  from key American foreign policy figures.

ir   October 15, 2022

The true meaning of protest in Iran

Mahsa Amini’s death in the custody of Iran’s ‘morality police’ has unleashed a long-simmering fury that has now galvanised the nation’s youth.

immigration   September 10, 2022

‘I am hopeless now’: Australia’s $9.65 billion torture camps

As the Albanese government prepares to finalise a Nauru contract with an American prisons operator, the cost of the brutal enterprise has stretched into billions of dollars.

ir   September 10, 2022

The Sydney councillor on a mission in Ukraine

A communications entrepreneur and North Sydney councillor, James Spenceley is now working on the front line in Ukraine to deliver crowdfunded ambulances and evacuation buses.

ir   September 10, 2022

One’s duty to history: Queen Elizabeth II

The 70-year reign of Queen Elizabeth II has ended with her death at Balmoral Castle.

ir   August 27, 2022

China’s insolvency crisis

The meltdown in China’s property market is dragging the world’s second-largest economy towards stagnation, and should force a reckoning with our dependence on exports.