ir January 22, 2022

The unfolding of disaster in Tonga

With a sonic boom heard in Alaska, Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai erupted near Tonga on Saturday, causing a tsunami and spreading ash across the Pacific Islands and cutting off communications.

ir January 22, 2022

The unfettered power of Australia’s new ‘Magnitsky Act’

A new law, modelled on a controversial American act, gives the Foreign Affairs minister extraordinary powers to impose travel bans and financial sanctions on foreigners.

resources December 18, 2021

Strange forces holding back the economy

A cascade of curious shortages – from pallets to shipping containers to urea used in fuel – is complicating the government’s positive economic outlook.

ir December 18, 2021

Saving Julian Assange

Last week, the British High Court ruled that Julian Assange can be extradited to face charges in the United States. His fiancée, Stella Moris, vows to continue the fight alongside his network of supporters.

ir December 11, 2021

Coalition targets Jewish voters in Goldstein, Wentworth

Spending on ads attacking Labor over Israel outstrips almost all other Liberal spots so far.

immigration December 11, 2021

Who are the people failing Australia’s visa ‘character test’?

Under the amended section 501 of the Migration Act, the federal government has the power to cancel or refuse visas and deport people who fail a ‘character test’ – even those who assumed they were Australian citizens.

immigration November 27, 2021

‘This is a torture hotel’: Inside the Park Hotel outbreak

Detained in the same hotel from where Victoria’s second wave escaped, Covid-positive refugees describe conditions that breach the recommendations of the quarantine inquiry and feel like ‘torture’.

ir November 20, 2021

Australia screened US investment proposal over links to Epstein

The Australian government scrutinised an investment proposal over links to deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, DFAT documents show.

resources November 20, 2021

Australia’s climate change interference

Beyond its efforts to frustrate action at the Glasgow climate summit, Australia has been using international forums to ensure there will still be foreign funding for fossil fuel projects.

immigration November 13, 2021

Australia to allow visas for trapped Afghans to expire

Australia will let emergency visas expire for those still in Afghanistan, as it emerges the US was consulted on evacuation a month before Kabul’s ‘unexpected’ fall.

resources November 13, 2021

The man behind Scott Morrison’s climate panic

Emails show the man hired to review Scott Morrison’s climate model helped Angus Taylor with last election’s climate scare.