ir June 22, 2019

The cost of Coalition tax cuts

The tax cuts impasse between the government and the opposition has opened the way for a familiar play from the senate crossbench. As Scott Morrison was basking in the warmth of a holiday in Fiji, it was the Centre Alliance senator Rex Patrick who...

ir November 3, 2018

Unions key to workers’ wage growth

For much of human history, economic growth puttered along slowly – so slowly, in fact, that shops would sometimes carve prices into their stone walls. Then, in the late 1700s, one of the most dramatic transformations in world economic history took...

ir October 10, 2015

Malcolm Turnbull, trade deals and penalty rates

Malcolm Turnbull generated much excitement when he used a Mafia-inspired metaphor to describe his relationship with the man he eliminated, Tony Abbott. “There’s nothing personal,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell. “Nothing personal...

ir May 26, 2018

Labour failures in the arts industry

It’s gauche to complain about money as an arts worker. After all, we’re so lucky to be here in the first place. We may work too much, but we do it because we want the work to be the best it can be. We may be unpaid, or underpaid, but we love this...

ir July 18, 2015

Why a federal ICAC wouldn’t work

As anyone who remembers the Jeff Kennett-era bumper stickers “Vote 1 Auditor-General” knows, institutions designed to make the government accountable and honest enjoy strong support from the public. The same is true of state...