Life July 18, 2017

Four years on Manus Island

This week marks four years since Imran Mohammad was sent to Manus Island. He despairs for his and his fellow asylum seekers’ uncertain future and yet is thankful for the humanity of people he will never meet.

Life July 15, 2017

WG Alma Conjuring Collection

A tour of the State Library of Victoria’s little known magic collection uncovers an archive of conjuring memorabilia.

Life July 15, 2017

Robots in healthcare

Already widely used in task-based factory work, robots are now being developed with social and emotional intelligence for service in healthcare capacities as support for sick children and the elderly.

Life July 8, 2017

Life Education and Healthy Harold

For more than three decades Healthy Harold has been taking messages of health and safety to children through the Life Education campaign. After a federal funding scare in May, he’s back and bright as ever.

Life July 1, 2017

Hormonal therapy for autism

Developments in autism research suggest hormonal treatments could make expensive and time-consuming early behavioural therapies more attainable and successful.

Life July 1, 2017

Fighting online tracking with obfuscation

To combat Google tracking the success of their advertisers by matching credit card purchases with personal online activity, dissenters are employing ‘obfuscation’ apps to confuse the data.

Life June 24, 2017

Craft beer the toast of Paris

Craft beer is taking over Paris and persuading at least one committed wine drinker to change her order.

Life June 24, 2017

Emma Mulholland’s label Holiday

Emma Mulholland’s new label Holiday returns to the retro beachside style that launched her career.

Life June 17, 2017

Roxane Gay and Mamamia

Roxane Gay and nonfiction authors like her will continue to open up their own lives, in the hope of changing those of others. May we not remain silent in the face of ignorance, stupidity or distress.

Life June 16, 2017

The Museum of Ice Cream

Los Angeles’ pop-up Museum of Ice Cream has visitors shuffling from one branded photo op to another, stretching the idea of a museum until it has no meaning.

Life June 10, 2017

Rao’s restaurant in a New York winter

To get a table at quintessential New York Italian restaurant Rao’s you need to have got your name in the book in 1977 – or know someone who did. Yet the warm welcome you’ll get once inside, will stave off the winter cold.

Life June 10, 2017

Blockchain tech more than cryptocurrencies

While digital currency bitcoin has waned in popularity and value, the blockchain technology that enables it may yet revolutionise global trade, as corporate giants join forces with new sector leader Ethereum.