Life February 24, 2024

Victoria’s mental health system is dangerous

Victoria’s mental health royal commission has done little to fix a deeply flawed system. As someone who has been traumatised by the available care, the author says the first step towards repair is to value the insights of those with firsthand experience.

Life February 17, 2024

The Art of Banksy: Without Limits

The moral implications of turning a collection of Banksy art into an unauthorised blockbuster exhibition may be as elusive as the artist himself.

Life February 17, 2024

Music studies could unlock our evolutionary history

A new study of audience members’ physical response to a concert supports the theory that music has played a pivotal role in human evolution.

Life February 10, 2024

Predicting climate change with octopus DNA

The DNA of an octopus has helped scientists better understand the threat to a vast ice sheet in the Antarctic, and the potential for a catastrophic rise in sea levels.

Life February 10, 2024

Living memory

Memories sharpened by grief offer glimpses of a home and a garden that were the fruits of love and labour.

Life February 3, 2024

Akira Isogawa’s game-changing fashion archive

After 30 years, Akira Isogawa is sorting through a body of work that changed Australian fashion, placing hundreds of pieces with major museums.

Life February 3, 2024

Not all GDP growth is good

Revising the ways in which we measure and assess growth could be the secret to a better and more just society, where a distinction is made between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ productivity.

Life January 27, 2024

Finland offers a case for banning Australian private schools

The Finnish education system offers a model by which to fix Australia’s broken school system, but first we need to ban private schools.

Life January 27, 2024

The companies monitoring staff using bossware

Legal ambiguity over employee data has allowed hundreds of companies to install technology that monitors the online productivity of their staff.

Life December 23, 2023

Liandra Swim’s River Run collection

Liandra Swim’s latest collection of swimwear and resort wear, River Run, is a tribute to the vistas of designer Liandra Gaykamangu’s home in East Arnhem Land.

Life December 23, 2023

The sandwich of mortality

Time away from the garden allows weeds, like dust, to gather – a reminder of the limits of control and how everything ultimately yields to the life cycle.

Life December 23, 2023

Saving endangered wildlife on Kangaroo Island

Hunched over home computers or hiking with apps in hand, citizen scientists are doing their bit for the imperilled wildlife of Kangaroo Island. Their quest to help save endangered species may well also prove to be the key to our own survival.