Life April 4, 2020

Life on the inside in Valencia, Spain

For the author, life in Valencia was oranges and sunshine. Now confined to their apartment, he and his wife are developing new routines and looking for glimmers of hope amid the darkness.

Life March 28, 2020

Autumn in the garden

In a season of drastic upheaval, the author reflects on the connections and comfort of her garden and looks towards the coming spring.

Life March 21, 2020

The best wines of autumn 2020

The beverage director for Andrew McConnell’s restaurants selects her favourite wines of the season.

Life March 14, 2020

Surgeons and gender

A study examining gender imbalance among surgeons shows widespread cultural change is needed to stamp out bullying, harassment and lack of support for women entering the profession.

Life February 7, 2020

Wellness in Ubud, Bali

Ubud may be the holy grail for bourgeois-bohemians, but it serves up an incongruent tangle of traditional culture and wellness worship.

Life February 29, 2020

Support after a stillbirth

The government recently announced that parents dealing with a stillbirth or infant death will be entitled to 12 months of unpaid parental leave. But advocates say there is more we can do for bereaved families.

Life February 22, 2020

Vienna’s Museum of Art Fakes

A Viennese museum devoted to forgeries leads the author to question the very nature of art appreciation.

Life February 15, 2020

Cervical cancer testing

While Britain introduces cervical cancer tests that women can self-administer at home, Australian experts are looking at new ways of increasing screening rates and reducing the risk of contracting this largely preventable disease.

Life February 8, 2020

French lessons at the Calade

When an Australian woman moved to a village in southern France, she joined a class to help her learn the language. But her time spent with an eclectic group of fellow students held lessons of its own.

Life February 1, 2020

CAR T-cell cancer therapy

A new form of immunotherapy that harvests T cells from a patient’s blood, genetically modifies them and delivers them back into the bloodstream is bringing new hope to leukaemia sufferers.

Life January 25, 2020

Tourism in Damascus, Syria

It may seem like an unlikely holiday destination, but as peace returns to Syria, the struggling nation hopes tourists will too.

Life December 21, 2019

The best wines of summer 2020

The beverage director for Andrew McConnell’s restaurants selects her favourite wines, and non-alcoholic beer, for this summer.