Life June 12, 2021

Career pivots

The pandemic is causing people at every stage of their career to evaluate past choices. For some this means a radical and difficult change, for others it’s a new adventure.

Life June 5, 2021

Ben Boyd National Park

In an area only recently devastated by the Black Summer bushfires, forests are regenerating and welcoming visitors back to explore a region rich in Indigenous history.

Life May 29, 2021

Medical uncertainty

The act of being made aware and acknowledging that medicine is not an exact science is as important for trainee physicians as it is for worried patients.

Life May 22, 2021

Tasmania’s steam trains

Although Tasmania’s last passenger train service ceased operations more than four decades ago, rail enthusiasts still have ample opportunities to enjoy living history.

Life May 15, 2021

The burden of health anxiety

Health anxiety – or hypochondria, as it was once known – has become even more prevalent because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Life May 8, 2021

Spain begins to open up

With Spain about to end its official ‘state of alarm’ over Covid-19, an Australian resident of Valencia reflects on a year of the pandemic.

Life May 1, 2021

Supporting international students

When we think of international students in monetary terms, we are ignoring their very human needs and challenges. Australia’s Covid-19 recovery will require these foreign visitors, but we need to rebuild trust and care.

Life April 24, 2021

The cultural ties that blind

For the author’s Greek grandparents, happiness revolves around food, family and togetherness in Australia. So why is connecting to her heritage so challenging?

Life April 17, 2021

Wearing out our caring

While Sandra Symons tends to her ailing mother, she must walk the line familiar to all carers – between selflessness and self-preservation, dedication and martyrdom.

Life April 10, 2021

Gourd almighty

After a disappointing summer growing season, some pumpkins that randomly self-seeded from the compost in the front yard become the only harvest success.

Life April 3, 2021

Sober so good

The beverage director for Andrew McConnell’s restaurants celebrates her favourite alcohol-free drinks.

Life March 27, 2021

Educate then vaccinate

A massive global investment produced a Covid-19 vaccine in record time. Now, a similar effort is required to provide evidence-based information to assist vaccine uptake.