Life August 6, 2022

A walk through history on the Larapinta Trail

Hiking the Larapinta Trail is like being transported into the foreground of an Albert Namatjira landscape.

Life August 6, 2022

The enormous environmental cost of crypto mining

Crypto’s mines-to-ledgers technology has roots as far back as early Micronesian society, though today’s energy-intensive process is a far greater threat to the planet, requiring urgent solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.

Life July 30, 2022

A mantra for mental health

The ancient practice of chanting can have a profound effect on mental and physical health, as researchers are just beginning to discover. Even the Grammys are taking note.

Life July 30, 2022

The dark side of the crypto market

The second part of our series on cryptocurrency examines how the market’s explosion opened new vistas for grifters and scammers, and sinkholes for investor cash and developer expertise.

Life July 23, 2022

Can the cotton industry ever be sustainable in Australia?

The fashion industry is on the cusp of a sustainable revolution, provided that more cotton farmers turn to regenerative and water-efficient strategies.

Life July 23, 2022

The genesis of bitcoin: how the crypto market started

Cryptocurrencies promised to change the world of finance, but then came a massive reality check. Whether it’s a vision of a bold new future or a disaster remains an open question.

Life July 16, 2022

Bernard Collaery’s divine intervener

The energy behind the campaign to support whistleblower Bernard Collaery was a remarkable 76-year-old nun, Susan Connelly.

Life July 9, 2022

Travels in Toulouse

A father–son trip planned as a way of improving the teenager’s French paid dividends when it came to ordering pastries. But, strangely, it also necessitated fluent German for future Netflix viewing.

Life July 9, 2022

Cities in the fast lane

A dream of innocence for unfettered, frictionless speed turned into a multi-laned nightmare when poets, painters and polemicists fanned the spark into a conflagration. Can art now offer any kind of remedy?

Life July 2, 2022

Roe v Wade in Australia: ‘When I was pregnant, I was not a person’

Those who believe the overturning of Roe v Wade in the US will not have implications in Australia are blind to the ways in which healthcare already prioritises unborn children over pregnant women.

Life July 2, 2022

The right to safety in aged care

More than 40 people a week are sexually assaulted in residential aged care. These dementia advocates are trying to change those numbers.

Life June 25, 2022

The long road to real mental health

While Covid-19 lockdowns shone fresh light on mental health, deficiencies in psychiatric and psychological care have been critical for many years.