climate   October 1, 2022

Botanic gardens plan for a drier future

The famed white oak in Melbourne’s botanic gardens is gone, but in its place is diverse new life and a fresh approach to planning for a hotter, drier future.

climate   August 27, 2022

Rethinking fire ratings

A new fire danger rating system will bring much-needed clarity to the threat of bushfires, replacing a classification that is out-of-date and often misunderstood.

climate   May 3, 2022

India’s devastating heatwave is a warning for us all

As temperature records are toppled daily, lives and livelihoods are collapsing with them. The world can’t afford to continue delaying action on the climate crisis.

climate   April 30, 2022

Is it time for lawyers to dump their fossil fuel clients?

Many law firms are reducing their carbon footprint, but the legal representation they offer to fossil fuel companies is causing much more damage.