covid-19   May 7, 2022

Counting Australia’s Covid-19 deaths

In January, Covid-19 became Australia’s second leading cause of death after cancer. Although the disease is now less fatal, more people have died this year than in the past two years combined.

covid-19   April 2, 2022

Why Australia’s daily Covid cases are on the rise again

For most of this year, I have decided to not comment further on Covid-19 . Given the lack of appetite for truth about the pandemic, I have declined all media requests. There seems to be a dogged determination to pretend everything is okay. Anyone...

covid-19   February 19, 2022

Prisoners suffering under punitive Covid-19 measures

Under the pretence of Covid-19 precautions, prisoners are being locked in cells without access to communication, fresh clothes, soap or sanitary products.

covid-19   February 5, 2022

Exclusive: Robo-debt call centres take over Covid hotline

The hotline at the centre of the government’s new Covid-19 strategy is staffed by casual workers with almost no training, employed by the company behind robo-debt.

covid-19   January 29, 2022

Hospital plan: ‘Try very hard to avoid getting Covid until March’

In October, the government made a new plan for hospitals – but it was never updated and one of the key drugs it was based on still hasn’t arrived.

covid-19   January 15, 2022

Why Covid-19 will never become endemic

For most of the pandemic Australia has worked to contain the virus through evidence-based public health measures such as border closures, case finding, contact tracing, quarantine, social distancing, vaccines and, at times, lockdown. Sadly, the...

covid-19   December 4, 2021

Territory Covid-19 outbreaks highlight housing failures

Recent Covid-19 outbreaks have prompted Territorians to get vaccinated, but the cases tearing through Indigenous communities highlight broader inequalities – and the damage done by deliberate misinformation.

covid-19   October 30, 2021

What we’ve learnt about Covid-19 and ‘booster’ vaccines

Way back in March last year, I wrote a column for this newspaper called “The pandemic we had to have” . For the 18 months since, I’ve been very active as a Covid-19 communicator on traditional broadcast and social media, while also giving lectures,...

health   October 23, 2021

How accurate are rapid antigen tests for Covid-19?

As millions of Australians exit lockdown, they will soon be able to test themselves for Covid-19 at home with rapid antigen tests. There are benefits to the tests, but concerns remain over accuracy.

covid-19   October 23, 2021

Opening up: Covid-19 cases could still reach 750,000

As the eastern states emerge from lockdowns, the pandemic isn’t over, it’s just changing shape.

science   October 9, 2021

Covid-proofing classrooms

As Victoria and NSW plan school reopenings, experts are highlighting the risk of Covid-19 transmission to unvaccinated children posed by poor ventilation systems.