education   January 27, 2024

Finland offers a case for banning Australian private schools

The Finnish education system offers a model by which to fix Australia’s broken school system, but first we need to ban private schools.

education   June 10, 2023

Underfunded public schools suffer

Rising inequality in the Australian school system is leading to a drop in the standard of education as the public sector grapples with teacher burnout and a shortage of funding.

education   May 27, 2023

John Marsden’s school of life

Award-winning children’s author John Marsden says overprotective parenting is ‘passive abuse’, and his schools in rural Victoria seek to educate kids through a sense of empowerment.

education   February 4, 2023

The fight for academic freedoms

Australian universities risk their reputations if they fail to respond to increasing efforts by foreign actors to spread propaganda and stifle research, says a former honorary fellow of the Australia India Institute.

education   June 18, 2022

Why Australia should ban private schools

The Morrison government’s overblown funding of private schools exacerbated inequality, undermined social cohesion and sabotaged cultural creativity.

education   December 11, 2021

‘I’m not going to sugar-coat it’: meet 2021’s most resilient school leavers

For some young people, finishing school in a global pandemic was made more difficult by the compounding effects of disadvantage.

education   November 27, 2021

Academy of silences

While the Howard government is remembered for dismantling student unionism, the changes it made to university councils had an even more chilling effect on academics wishing to critique the universities where they work.

education   November 6, 2021

First Nations students and finding the right pathway

As an honours student studying philosophy at Melbourne University, having just missed out on a Rhodes Scholarship, Warumungu man Ethan Taylor is interested in the production of knowledge and justice.

education   August 10, 2019

The bullying of school leadership by parents

Where once school principals were treated with deference and respect, today they are often met with aggression and conflict.

education   July 27, 2019

Casualisation of academic teaching

This year, seven Australian universities made it into the top 100 in the QS World University Rankings. Their vice-chancellors cheered. International students use this, as well as the Times Higher Education league table, to guide their choices, and...

education   June 1, 2019

Switching off the smartphone

With studies showing too much time on smartphones adversely affects children’s mental and social development, is it time for teens to be forced to disconnect – at least occasionally – from their online lives?