fashion   November 18, 2023

Allbirds eyes sustainable profits

Allbirds claims to be producing the world’s first zero-carbon shoe. But to really get a toehold in the market, the challenge lies in turning sustainability into profitability.

fashion   September 23, 2023

Simone Rocha’s London Fashion Week show

Simone Rocha is often cited as a successor to Rei Kawakubo. Her London Fashion Week show confirms she is one of the most creative designers of her generation.

fashion   August 5, 2023

The journey of tailor Max Thomas Sanderson

The meticulous artisanal designs of pattern-maker and tailor Max Thomas Sanderson have taken him from the rural outskirts of Hobart to an atelier in Paris.

fashion   July 1, 2023

Adeju Thompson at Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week has just had its first glimpse of Nigerian designer Adeju Thompson, whose gender-fluid designs blend traditional adire, Eurocentric styles and the anti-fashion avant-garde.

fashion   May 20, 2023

Alix Higgins’s Australian Fashion Week collection

Alix Higgins has harnessed a strong sense of community and a love of words in his new collection for Australian Fashion Week, which flaunts his skill in textile design.

fashion   April 15, 2023

R. M. Williams’ carbon boot print

R. M. Williams’ iconic boot has become the marketing centrepiece of a multi-strategy campaign to boost the retailer’s environmental credibility.

fashion   March 4, 2023

The battle to lessen clothing wastage

The Australian fashion industry is finally trying to curb overproduction, which is a big contributor to the 227,000 tonnes of clothing – much of it never worn – that winds up in landfill each year.

fashion   January 28, 2023

An Australian design duo’s dystopian vision

Two friends from primary school went on to create an internationally successful fashion label that draws on rebellion as well as discipline.

fashion   December 17, 2022

The beautiful contradictions of Lee Mathews

Change is the only constant in the fashion industry, as Lee Mathews knows from decades of experience in adapting her materials, manufacturing and mindset.

fashion   November 19, 2022

Inside the NGV’s Alexander McQueen retrospective

Curator Katie Somerville sees the personal touches of Alexander McQueen’s genius among the pieces that are part of the NGV’s next blockbuster exhibition.

fashion   October 22, 2022

E Nolan’s strong suit

Making shirts, pants and jackets tailored to real bodies is Emily Nolan’s calling.