fashion July 23, 2022

Can the cotton industry ever be sustainable in Australia?

The fashion industry is on the cusp of a sustainable revolution, provided that more cotton farmers turn to regenerative and water-efficient strategies.

fashion June 25, 2022

Mythos by Common Hours

Combining prose, art and music with plush fabrics and exquisite detail, Amber Symond lends a layer of storytelling to her latest Common Hours collection.

fashion May 21, 2022

Australian Fashion Week 2022

Australian Fashion Week showcased wearable clothes in fresh silhouettes alongside body- and gender-diverse clothing, as well as some derivative and unimaginative offerings.

fashion April 23, 2022

Have We Emerged Yet?

Edward Cuming’s Autumn/Winter collection is a reimagining of garments he bought as a teenager in second-hand shops, realised in luxury materials and exaggerated proportions.

fashion March 26, 2022

Gabriella Pereira’s Beare Park

Gabriella Pereira’s Beare Park, launched just last year, seeks to balance fashion with style, creating locally produced, high-end clothing made from natural fibres.

fashion March 5, 2022

The future of Indigenous fashion

Entrepreneur and mentor Rhys Ripper is curating the First Nations runway show at Melbourne Fashion Festival and is determined to make Indigenous fashion mainstream.

fashion February 19, 2022

Rebirthing fashion for a good cause

A Melbourne streetwear brand is taking excess and damaged stock from other labels and remaking it. Each Reborn piece – from the social enterprise HoMie – is unique and the profits fund initiatives for homeless youth.

fashion January 29, 2022

Jordan Dalah takes a bow

Jordan Dalah’s new line features giant sleeves and puffy bows, face-covering designs and foam rings. It’s spectacular, technically skilled and surprisingly wearable.

fashion December 18, 2021

Christopher Esber’s escape from reality

Christopher Esber used the enforced isolation of lockdown to embrace the idea of a Mediterranean escape inspired by Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ and Neoclassical art.

fashion November 13, 2021

Fashion label Worn

With the launch of Worn’s latest collection, the duo behind the label intend to make their mark on the fashion world – while leaving a minimal trace on the environment.

fashion October 16, 2021

Sydney fashion label Commas

The designer behind resortwear label Commas has attracted local awards and international interest for his relaxed beach aesthetic paired with high-end materials.