Life February 15, 2020

Cervical cancer testing

While Britain introduces cervical cancer tests that women can self-administer at home, Australian experts are looking at new ways of increasing screening rates and reducing the risk of contracting this largely preventable disease.

Life February 8, 2020

French lessons at the Calade

When an Australian woman moved to a village in southern France, she joined a class to help her learn the language. But her time spent with an eclectic group of fellow students held lessons of its own.

Life February 1, 2020

CAR T-cell cancer therapy

A new form of immunotherapy that harvests T cells from a patient’s blood, genetically modifies them and delivers them back into the bloodstream is bringing new hope to leukaemia sufferers.

Life January 25, 2020

Tourism in Damascus, Syria

It may seem like an unlikely holiday destination, but as peace returns to Syria, the struggling nation hopes tourists will too.

Life December 21, 2019

The best wines of summer 2020

The beverage director for Andrew McConnell’s restaurants selects her favourite wines, and non-alcoholic beer, for this summer.

Life December 21, 2019

The burial belt

If death is a certainty, so is the fact that the Earth is running out of space for cemeteries. Two Australians are trying to design a solution.

Life December 21, 2019

The Horne Prize: Diary of a wildlife carer

The winner of the 2019 Horne Prize is a quietly devastating account from the front line of the extinction crisis.

Life December 14, 2019

Thalidomide survivors

A senate inquiry into thalidomide in March called for survivors to be better supported and compensated. Months later the government still has done nothing.

Life December 7, 2019

Summer gardening

While reviving her garden after its recent woes, the author is reminded of a handy way to deal with summer weeds – using a trick she learnt from her mother.

Life November 30, 2019

Prison visiting

When it comes to lining up family holidays, the author is committed to planning the perfect escape.

Life November 23, 2019

Coved-shaped waves (part two)

With the discovery that she and her family are predisposed to a rare and deadly heart condition, the author knows what to do – get on to Google and terrify herself.

Life November 16, 2019

Coved-shaped waves (Part one)

An early-morning visit from the author’s mother delivers news that could affect her life and the lives of her children.