Life September 23, 2017

Bigsound Music Festival

A ‘sense of duty’ took the author to the Bigsound music festival, but it was the talent of up-and-coming artists that truly ignited his passion.

Life September 23, 2017

Beating peanut allergy

Australian researchers have made a significant breakthrough in the long-lasting treatment of peanut allergy.

Life September 16, 2017

Cultivating native orchids

Intent on growing native orchids, the author finds the only club that she wants to have her as a member.

Life September 16, 2017

Comedy for mental health

Can comedy be a tool in mental health care? People providing a platform for expressing personal experiences and a less clinical environment for talking about illness think it can.

Life September 8, 2017

Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya

Visiting the UNESCO-listed Sigiriya rock fortress in Sri Lanka becomes as much an exercise in people watching as it is a lesson in ancient history.

Life September 9, 2017

Quantum entanglement

Long theorised and disputed, ‘quantum entanglement’ could transform technology as much as the digital revolution did – and its implications may even reshape our understanding of reality.

Life September 2, 2017

The psychology of anti-vaccination

While anti-vaxxing myths have been universally debunked by experts, altering the psychology that fuels them is proving more challenging.

Life September 1, 2017

Héritier Lumumba’s ‘Fair Game’

A new documentary on footballer Héritier Lumumba calls out systemic racism in the AFL but also holds a mirror up to endemic problems in Australian society.

Life August 26, 2017

Milk wars in Barrytown, New Zealand

The musician finds himself drawn into trans-Tasman rivalry in the tiny village of Barrytown, as his New Zealand tour mates dismiss Australian milk.

Life August 26, 2017

Lost for words

When the late writer underwent surgery for a tumour in the language centre of her brain, she faced the fear her command of English would be irrevocably damaged.

Life August 19, 2017

Mesh implant dangers

The frequency of horrific complications arising from transvaginal mesh implants, typically used to treat pelvic organ prolapse, has led to a class action.

Life August 19, 2017

Onstage reveries

Locked away reading classics of queer literature, and writing the lyric for a new album, the author finds you are most free when you remove what keeps you hidden.