health May 7, 2022

The woman who would not give up

A years-long battle to have the psychological trauma caused by domestic violence correctly diagnosed and treated has finally resulted in Australia’s first specialised women-only mental health facility.

health November 27, 2021

Kindness can be contagious too

In the midst of a lonely pandemic, there is evidence that kindness is contagious – only it can’t be neatly plotted on graphs or reduced to its reproduction number.

health November 6, 2021

How to talk to the vaccine hesitant

As the pandemic enters a new phase, a friend shows how patience and compassion can unpick vaccine hesitancy.

health October 23, 2021

How accurate are rapid antigen tests for Covid-19?

As millions of Australians exit lockdown, they will soon be able to test themselves for Covid-19 at home with rapid antigen tests. There are benefits to the tests, but concerns remain over accuracy.

health October 16, 2021

Why tinnitus is on the rise

The pandemic has seen an increase in people reporting tinnitus. Although the cause is not known, it could be related to the stress and anxiety of Covid-19.

health October 2, 2021

Has Covid-19 finally taught us to stop coming to work sick?

As we move towards a ‘Covid normal’ return to workplaces, the importance of sick leave has never been greater.

health September 18, 2021

Psychologists worried over long-term mental health issues

Psychologists are concerned about anxiety and depression becoming long-term problems due to the pandemic, with the worst effects felt by the young and the vulnerable.

health September 4, 2021

A pandemic of the homesick

Homesickness is no longer classified as a disease, yet it causes both anxiety and depression. The pandemic has magnified the grief and loss of distance and separation.

health August 28, 2021

Interpreting the pandemic

In the course of the pandemic, sign language has adapted and changed to deal with the demands of televised press conferences. Importantly, the interpreters are increasingly Deaf themselves.

health August 21, 2021

Kids and long Covid

Covid-19 has affected older people more severely than children, but scientists are increasingly concerned about long Covid in young people.

health August 14, 2021

Kakadu mining and radiation

New analysis of the Ranger uranium mine in Kakadu National Park casts doubt on government claims it is not linked to high rates of cancer and stillbirth in nearby Indigenous communities.