health July 21, 2017

Mental health care for medical professionals

A new wellbeing initiative for trainee physicians aims to combat the medical profession’s high rates of mental health issues and suicide, and the stigma of healthcare workers admitting they need help.

health July 15, 2017

Robots in healthcare

Already widely used in task-based factory work, robots are now being developed with social and emotional intelligence for service in healthcare capacities as support for sick children and the elderly.

health July 1, 2017

Hormonal therapy for autism

Developments in autism research suggest hormonal treatments could make expensive and time-consuming early behavioural therapies more attainable and successful.

health July 8, 2017

Life Education and Healthy Harold

For more than three decades Healthy Harold has been taking messages of health and safety to children through the Life Education campaign. After a federal funding scare in May, he’s back and bright as ever.

health May 27, 2017

Cutting-edge research into corneal transplants

Ongoing research by an Australian team into the treatment of eye surface damage has the potential to restore vision and eliminate the need for third-party corneal donors.

health May 20, 2017

Post-traumatic growth and the Black Saturday bushfires

While post-traumatic stress disorder is widely acknowledged, much less attention is paid to its counterpart, post-traumatic growth –where people can find their lives transformed for the better after terrible events.

health May 6, 2017

Health and climate change

The World Health Organisation’s director-general describes climate change as ‘the fifth horseman’ of the apocalypse, as doctors are encouraged to speak out more about illness and death caused by extreme weather.

health April 29, 2017

Design for wellbeing in healthy houses

As the World Health Organisation works on a set of guidelines for ‘healthy housing’, a Melbourne architect is exploring creative ways to help people with health-related requirements.

health April 7, 2017

Supporting mental health carers

A new study reveals not just the fiscal value of unpaid support by carers of loved ones suffering from mental illness, but also the need to help the helpers.

health March 4, 2017

Ménière’s disease and hearing disorders

Hearing impairment is underestimated and costly, but a new inquiry is set to amplify attention on the problem.

health February 11, 2017

The clown doctors of Lady Cilento

In hospitals throughout Australia a dedicated troupe of clown doctors dispenses therapeutic comic relief.