fashion August 12, 2017

Kit Willow Podgornik’s Kitx

With a focus on sustainable materials, Kit Willow Podgornik’s label, Kitx, is producing flowing garments so popular they push their handmade manufacturing to the limit.

health August 11, 2017

Noise and aviation safety

Studies into the serious effects of noise on health are now being applied to aviation safety, with concerning results.

travel August 5, 2017

Panboola wetlands, NSW

As a child, the author spent time at Alexandra Seddon’s farm in southern NSW, unaware of her connections to Russian royalty. Now he visits the the Panboola Wetlands she established with her inheritance.

health August 5, 2017

Colonics at a Philippines health retreat

How a trip to a health farm in the Philippines became a test of intestinal fortitude.

travel July 29, 2017

Through the Balkans

Travelling the Balkan borderlands from Serbia to Greece is a navigation of the bristling enmities of the former Yugoslavia.

health July 29, 2017

Death literacy and dying at home

When the end comes, most of us would rather die at home among family than in a hospital, but our reluctance to discuss the inevitable can leave it too late. That also denies us the great solace some find in grieving with the deceased.

travel July 21, 2017

Japan’s Kumano Kodō pilgrimage

‘Forest-air bathing’ is a traditional Japanese pursuit, but hiking the ancient Kumano Kodō pilgrimage paths through the Kii Peninsula mountains, the author finds herself most absorbed by the rocks beneath her feet.

health July 21, 2017

Mental health care for medical professionals

A new wellbeing initiative for trainee physicians aims to combat the medical profession’s high rates of mental health issues and suicide, and the stigma of healthcare workers admitting they need help.

life July 18, 2017

Four years on Manus Island

This week marks four years since Imran Mohammad was sent to Manus Island. He despairs for his and his fellow asylum seekers’ uncertain future and yet is thankful for the humanity of people he will never meet.

health July 15, 2017

Robots in healthcare

Already widely used in task-based factory work, robots are now being developed with social and emotional intelligence for service in healthcare capacities as support for sick children and the elderly.

life July 15, 2017

WG Alma Conjuring Collection

A tour of the State Library of Victoria’s little known magic collection uncovers an archive of conjuring memorabilia.