life May 28, 2022

Going home to Biloela

For the Nadesalingam family, trapped in community detention in Perth, the election result has provided hope that they can return to their rural Queensland home.

fashion May 21, 2022

Australian Fashion Week 2022

Australian Fashion Week showcased wearable clothes in fresh silhouettes alongside body- and gender-diverse clothing, as well as some derivative and unimaginative offerings.

life May 21, 2022

Songwriters living in fear of ‘stupid lawsuits’

A slew of bitter copyright infringement cases brought against songwriters is forcing artists to purchase errors and omissions insurance, or risk legal battles and expensive payouts.

life May 14, 2022

Uncovering cult horrors in Chile

A young journalist stumbled onto a Nazi cult 20 years ago, the true horrors of which are only now reaching a global audience.

cities May 14, 2022

The housing crisis is Australia’s greatest weakness

Neither of the major political parties is offering real solutions to housing stress. Both are focused on getting buyers into the market, rather than affordability.

health May 7, 2022

The woman who would not give up

A years-long battle to have the psychological trauma caused by domestic violence correctly diagnosed and treated has finally resulted in Australia’s first specialised women-only mental health facility.

covid-19 May 7, 2022

Counting Australia’s Covid-19 deaths

In January, Covid-19 became Australia’s second leading cause of death after cancer. Although the disease is now less fatal, more people have died this year than in the past two years combined.

climate May 3, 2022

India’s devastating heatwave is a warning for us all

As temperature records are toppled daily, lives and livelihoods are collapsing with them. The world can’t afford to continue delaying action on the climate crisis.

climate April 30, 2022

Is it time for lawyers to dump their fossil fuel clients?

Many law firms are reducing their carbon footprint, but the legal representation they offer to fossil fuel companies is causing much more damage.

life April 30, 2022

The Afghan women’s soccer team finds new hope in Australia

When Afghanistan fell to the Taliban in August last year, members of the women’s national soccer team fled to Australia. Now they are rebuilding their lives, back on the pitch and searching for fresh victories.

science April 23, 2022

How Indigenous astronomy is changing science

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ detailed knowledge of Sky Country – an understanding that goes from the ancient to the modern cosmos – is finding international recognition.