life October 13, 2018

David Goldblatt’s South Africa

Before photographer David Goldblatt passed away in June this year he took a final road trip across his homeland, South Africa.

health October 6, 2018

DIY diabetic systems

For many type 1 diabetes sufferers, the lengthy approval process for artificial pancreas technology has led them to make their own devices. But it’s a move that could have complicated legal ramifications for their treating physicians.

health September 22, 2018

Young people in aged-care homes

As the spotlight turns to conditions in aged-care facilities, attention is also being drawn to the problem of young people with disabilities being forced to live in residences with an end-of-life focus.

life September 29, 2018

South Korea reacts to ‘Aim High in Creation!’

When an Australian filmmaker visited South Korea for the release of her controversial documentary film Aim High in Creation! – which she made in North Korea – she heard starkly different views on the future relationship of the two countries.

wine September 22, 2018

The best wines of spring 2018

The beverage director for Andrew McConnell’s restaurants recommends the season’s top wines, and a bonus gin.

travel September 15, 2018

Ponte City, Johannesburg

The Ponte City apartment tower in Johannesburg was built for high-flyers before becoming a violent slum ruled by gangsters. Its rebirth as respectable, affordable housing is a model of community renewal.

life September 8, 2018

My inbox after #MeToo

After writing about her experience of sexual assault, one woman found herself inundated with messages and confessions, both brave and gut-wrenching, from other survivors.

life September 1, 2018

Father’s Day grief

Ten years ago, Palestinian immigrant Faris George Jahshan died of kidney failure. His son reflects on the grief he still feels every Father’s Day.

life August 25, 2018

The Lambing Flat Riots

Based on research trips to Young, an artist explores the events surrounding the Lambing Flat Riots.

travel August 25, 2018

Anacapri, Italy

High above Capri’s busy Marina Grande, ornithologists use the spectacular vantage of the ruins of Castello Barbarossa to catch and observe migratory birds

life August 18, 2018

Parlour gigs

Where once live music thrived in sticky-floored, inner-city pubs, musicians are now being booked for gigs in suburban homes.