health June 25, 2022

The long road to real mental health

While Covid-19 lockdowns shone fresh light on mental health, deficiencies in psychiatric and psychological care have been critical for many years.

fashion June 25, 2022

Mythos by Common Hours

Combining prose, art and music with plush fabrics and exquisite detail, Amber Symond lends a layer of storytelling to her latest Common Hours collection.

gardening June 18, 2022

A quiet winter of neglect

A reflection on the lilies of Galilee, the orchid of the building site and the karmic power of poo bags.

education June 18, 2022

Why Australia should ban private schools

The Morrison government’s overblown funding of private schools exacerbated inequality, undermined social cohesion and sabotaged cultural creativity.

energy June 11, 2022

How to speed up Australia’s EV revolution

Australia has lagged behind other developed nations in adopting electric vehicles, but a multipronged strategy using plentiful solar resources will help hasten the transition.

cities June 4, 2022

How did Australia get so bad at building cities?

As Parramatta is rezoned to make way for massive skyscrapers, the decision is a reminder that the world has forgotten how to build beautiful cities.

life June 4, 2022

By any other name

Ara Sarafian was raised to cherish his Armenian heritage – but he never saw names like his own in 1980s Australia. Here he traces the country’s steps beyond Acropolis Now, towards multiculturalism.

life May 28, 2022

Going home to Biloela

For the Nadesalingam family, trapped in community detention in Perth, the election result has provided hope that they can return to their rural Queensland home.

fashion May 21, 2022

Australian Fashion Week 2022

Australian Fashion Week showcased wearable clothes in fresh silhouettes alongside body- and gender-diverse clothing, as well as some derivative and unimaginative offerings.

life May 21, 2022

Songwriters living in fear of ‘stupid lawsuits’

A slew of bitter copyright infringement cases brought against songwriters is forcing artists to purchase errors and omissions insurance, or risk legal battles and expensive payouts.

life May 14, 2022

Uncovering cult horrors in Chile

A young journalist stumbled onto a Nazi cult 20 years ago, the true horrors of which are only now reaching a global audience.