science April 23, 2022

How Indigenous astronomy is changing science

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ detailed knowledge of Sky Country – an understanding that goes from the ancient to the modern cosmos – is finding international recognition.

science April 9, 2022

How scientists hope to preserve endangered marine life

Scientists are studying underwater topography, tides and cool currents to find places where threatened marine species might find refuge from climate change.

science April 2, 2022

Creating software for the many, not the few

A world-first research project aims to build software tools that respond to myriad human traits and demographic factors, rather than just those that dominate.

science March 19, 2022

How prepared is Australia for its next big earthquake?

As well as providing vital insights into the risks from future earthquakes, Australia’s most sophisticated seismic network, run by Melbourne University, may also have a role to play in climate change mitigation.

science February 26, 2022

Why are state governments curtailing rooftop solar?

The uptake of rooftop solar shows no signs of slowdown – but two states have now legislated to ‘curtail’ this power in order to stabilise the grid, a short-term solution that risks damaging investor and consumer confidence.

science February 5, 2022

What neutrinos mean for our knowledge of the universe

To learn more about the Milky Way, scientists are using underwater telescopes to search for very rare, high-energy neutrinos that travel across the universe.

science January 29, 2022

How Australia is joining the race to mine the moon

In the international scramble for the moon’s resources, existing agreements may not be strong enough to meet the legal and ethical challenges.

science October 9, 2021

Covid-proofing classrooms

As Victoria and NSW plan school reopenings, experts are highlighting the risk of Covid-19 transmission to unvaccinated children posed by poor ventilation systems.

science October 2, 2021

A new alternative medicine: ‘honest’ placebos

Australian healthcare workers are increasingly interested in prescribing placebos to patients, but the science to support their use is still being investigated.

science September 11, 2021

Why are frogs dying?

Green tree frogs and other frog species are dying off along the east coast of Australia and scientists are asking the public for help to discover the cause, or causes.

science August 7, 2021

Future archaeology

Changes in the focus of archaeology are seeing it shift from a study of past civilisations to one that informs the future.