science April 23, 2022

How Indigenous astronomy is changing science

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ detailed knowledge of Sky Country – an understanding that goes from the ancient to the modern cosmos – is finding international recognition.

science April 9, 2022

How scientists hope to preserve endangered marine life

Scientists are studying underwater topography, tides and cool currents to find places where threatened marine species might find refuge from climate change.

science April 2, 2022

Creating software for the many, not the few

A world-first research project aims to build software tools that respond to myriad human traits and demographic factors, rather than just those that dominate.

science March 19, 2022

How prepared is Australia for its next big earthquake?

As well as providing vital insights into the risks from future earthquakes, Australia’s most sophisticated seismic network, run by Melbourne University, may also have a role to play in climate change mitigation.

science February 26, 2022

Why are state governments curtailing rooftop solar?

The uptake of rooftop solar shows no signs of slowdown – but two states have now legislated to ‘curtail’ this power in order to stabilise the grid, a short-term solution that risks damaging investor and consumer confidence.

science July 31, 2021

Vaccines and lipid nanoparticles

The remarkable success of mRNA Covid-19 vaccines was far from guaranteed until scientists managed to optimise a 30-year-old technology and turn lipid nanoparticles into high-performing delivery units.

science July 3, 2021

Domestic mRNA vaccine manufacture

For months, experts have been calling for mRNA vaccines to be manufactured onshore. It’s not too late to kickstart the process, if the will is there.

science October 20, 2018

The science of saving the Barrier Reef

While political debate rages over the funding of Great Barrier Reef projects, CSIRO and Australian Institute of Marine Science researchers are determining the best approaches for the reef’s restoration and survival

science April 14, 2018

The neuroscience of thrillseeking

While neuroscience studies are finding differences in the brains of people who are excited by risky behaviour, thrillseekers say anyone can turn fear into a challenge.

science October 21, 2017

Memory systems and ancient knowledge

Studies of how cultures without writing maintained their scientific knowledge in ritual, dance and song have led to a better appreciation of their complex understanding of the world

science September 9, 2017

Quantum entanglement

Long theorised and disputed, ‘quantum entanglement’ could transform technology as much as the digital revolution did – and its implications may even reshape our understanding of reality.