science October 20, 2018

The science of saving the Barrier Reef

While political debate rages over the funding of Great Barrier Reef projects, CSIRO and Australian Institute of Marine Science researchers are determining the best approaches for the reef’s restoration and survival

science April 14, 2018

The neuroscience of thrillseeking

While neuroscience studies are finding differences in the brains of people who are excited by risky behaviour, thrillseekers say anyone can turn fear into a challenge.

science September 9, 2017

Quantum entanglement

Long theorised and disputed, ‘quantum entanglement’ could transform technology as much as the digital revolution did – and its implications may even reshape our understanding of reality.

science October 21, 2017

Memory systems and ancient knowledge

Studies of how cultures without writing maintained their scientific knowledge in ritual, dance and song have led to a better appreciation of their complex understanding of the world

science June 2, 2017

MinION pocket DNA sequencer

A new handheld DNA sequencer is releasing scientists from the confines of their labs, aiding in projects from treating contaminated water to potentially testing for life on Mars.

science October 10, 2015

Using sniffer dogs to diagnose prostate and other cancers

Studies suggesting dogs can detect cancer may lead to innovative early detection technologies.

science September 19, 2015

Feeding the world with microbacterial agriculture

The answer to the problem of feeding the growing global population may be microscopic.

science August 22, 2015

The fruitless search for extraterrestrial intelligence

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner’s new program to search for alien life excites many, but has the universe been quiet for a reason?

science August 15, 2015

Biohackers at the DIY BioFoundry

Meet the team of biohackers useing a DIY lab to probe the possibilities of modifying natural biology, and the ethics of doing so.

science August 1, 2015

Breaking the cycle of addiction

The trouble with beating addiction is that it isn’t confined to one substance or activity.

science July 4, 2015

US FDA set to approve flibanserin, the ‘female Viagra’

With a ‘female Viagra’ now on the cusp of approval, is there any proof the disorder it’s targeting exists?