technology August 13, 2022

The future of cryptocurrency regulation in Australia

Despite all their problems, digital currencies are a rapidly expanding part of the financial universe. Now it’s time for national and international agencies to set some hard rules.

technology August 6, 2022

The enormous environmental cost of crypto mining

Crypto’s mines-to-ledgers technology has roots as far back as early Micronesian society, though today’s energy-intensive process is a far greater threat to the planet, requiring urgent solutions to reduce its carbon footprint.

technology July 30, 2022

The dark side of the crypto market

The second part of our series on cryptocurrency examines how the market’s explosion opened new vistas for grifters and scammers, and sinkholes for investor cash and developer expertise.

technology July 23, 2022

The genesis of bitcoin: how the crypto market started

Cryptocurrencies promised to change the world of finance, but then came a massive reality check. Whether it’s a vision of a bold new future or a disaster remains an open question.

technology December 11, 2021

What you need to know before signing up to Elon Musk’s Starlink

With alarming amounts of space junk already in orbit, Elon Musk’s Starlink will launch as many as 42,000 mini-satellites. These could bring improved broadband to remote Australians but at a significant environmental cost.

technology December 4, 2021

How AI is revolutionising coding

The promise of artificial intelligence is fast becoming a reality, revolutionising the process of coding.

technology November 13, 2021

The mineral that is about to supercharge solar cells

A mineral discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1800s can supercharge solar cells and may help transform solar electricity generation by 2025.

technology October 30, 2021

Where does everything on the internet go?

Ever since the internet’s big-bang moment, archivists have struggled to keep up with its burgeoning content. It’s time to change the rules.

technology May 26, 2018

Australian law and data protection

With the EU’s new data protection laws taking effect this week, the world’s biggest internet companies are scrambling to update their approach to personal information. Unfortunately, in Australia, privacy protections are still languishing in the dark ages.

technology October 28, 2017

Virtual reality for charities

Charities are increasingly turning to virtual reality experiences of lives in developing countries to motivate support, but critics say it’s creating poverty porn.

technology July 1, 2017

Fighting online tracking with obfuscation

To combat Google tracking the success of their advertisers by matching credit card purchases with personal online activity, dissenters are employing ‘obfuscation’ apps to confuse the data.