technology May 26, 2018

Australian law and data protection

With the EU’s new data protection laws taking effect this week, the world’s biggest internet companies are scrambling to update their approach to personal information. Unfortunately, in Australia, privacy protections are still languishing in the dark ages.

technology October 28, 2017

Virtual reality for charities

Charities are increasingly turning to virtual reality experiences of lives in developing countries to motivate support, but critics say it’s creating poverty porn.

technology July 1, 2017

Fighting online tracking with obfuscation

To combat Google tracking the success of their advertisers by matching credit card purchases with personal online activity, dissenters are employing ‘obfuscation’ apps to confuse the data.

technology June 10, 2017

Blockchain tech more than cryptocurrencies

While digital currency bitcoin has waned in popularity and value, the blockchain technology that enables it may yet revolutionise global trade, as corporate giants join forces with new sector leader Ethereum.

technology April 22, 2017

Data analysts Cambridge Analytica

The data analytics company behind the Trump campaign is wooing the Australian Liberal Party. But, do their claims about personality targeting stack up?

science August 15, 2015

Biohackers at the DIY BioFoundry

Meet the team of biohackers useing a DIY lab to probe the possibilities of modifying natural biology, and the ethics of doing so.

technology July 4, 2015

The battle for open-access information

A Melbourne-based PhD candidate’s online open-access publishing forum is a boon for those wishing to access texts and transcripts free. But at what cost to the authors of some of these works?

technology June 6, 2015

Augmented reality nail art

Augmented reality promises to alter our perception of the world and ourselves, leaving us hanging on by our fingernails to what’s real.

technology May 30, 2015

LOLs, trolls and rickrolls

If 'trolling' is an inescapable product of anonymity, could it also be a wellspring of creativity?

technology May 9, 2015

The signs of a dotcom crash

The signs are evident of another dangerously expanding tech bubble.

technology April 11, 2015

pplkpr app adds friends to the quantified self

Emotional analytic apps to let your smartphone choose the company you keep.