travel September 8, 2017

Sri Lanka’s Sigiriya

Visiting the UNESCO-listed Sigiriya rock fortress in Sri Lanka becomes as much an exercise in people watching as it is a lesson in ancient history.

travel August 26, 2017

Milk wars in Barrytown, New Zealand

The musician finds himself drawn into trans-Tasman rivalry in the tiny village of Barrytown, as his New Zealand tour mates dismiss Australian milk.

travel August 5, 2017

Panboola wetlands, NSW

As a child, the author spent time at Alexandra Seddon’s farm in southern NSW, unaware of her connections to Russian royalty. Now he visits the the Panboola Wetlands she established with her inheritance.

travel July 29, 2017

Through the Balkans

Travelling the Balkan borderlands from Serbia to Greece is a navigation of the bristling enmities of the former Yugoslavia.

travel July 21, 2017

Japan’s Kumano Kodō pilgrimage

‘Forest-air bathing’ is a traditional Japanese pursuit, but hiking the ancient Kumano Kodō pilgrimage paths through the Kii Peninsula mountains, the author finds herself most absorbed by the rocks beneath her feet.

travel June 16, 2017

The Museum of Ice Cream

Los Angeles’ pop-up Museum of Ice Cream has visitors shuffling from one branded photo op to another, stretching the idea of a museum until it has no meaning.

travel June 10, 2017

Rao’s restaurant in a New York winter

To get a table at quintessential New York Italian restaurant Rao’s you need to have got your name in the book in 1977 – or know someone who did. Yet the warm welcome you’ll get once inside, will stave off the winter cold.

travel June 3, 2017

Wheelchair hitchhiking in west Texas

For a wheelchair-bound traveller in the US, getting around can be relatively easy. That is, until you get stuck on the side of a Texas highway.

travel May 27, 2017

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan’s rich mixture of cultures, colonial and indigenous, invites immersion in the Puerto Rican capital.

travel May 13, 2017

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

The arduous trek in the Andes to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu is made possible only by the assistance of Incan descendants.

travel April 14, 2017

The cats of Kuching, Malaysia

In Malaysia’s ‘city of cats’, Kuching, the author finds a feline museum surprisingly lacking finesse.