travel December 12, 2020

Seeking a safe harbour

In a year of turmoil both global and personal, carefree life on a meandering river proves the perfect balm.

travel December 5, 2020

Surviving a bypass

What happens when a regional town finds itself engineered off holidaymakers’ road maps? Instead of viewing it as a death sentence, many are revelling in the chance to reinvent themselves.

travel July 25, 2020

Scents and sensibilities

After realising the perfume industry was dominated by just six major players, Saskia Wilson-Brown set about creating a non-profit enterprise that would empower everyday people with the ability to learn and create. Welcome to LA’s Institute for Art and Olfaction.

travel May 23, 2020

Road map to domestic tourism recovery

It’s the end of the beginning of the pandemic. For those working to revive Australia’s near-dead tourism industry, it’s the start of a long, hard slog.

travel February 22, 2020

Vienna’s Museum of Art Fakes

A Viennese museum devoted to forgeries leads the author to question the very nature of art appreciation.

travel February 8, 2020

French lessons at the Calade

When an Australian woman moved to a village in southern France, she joined a class to help her learn the language. But her time spent with an eclectic group of fellow students held lessons of its own.

travel February 7, 2020

Wellness in Ubud, Bali

Ubud may be the holy grail for bourgeois-bohemians, but it serves up an incongruent tangle of traditional culture and wellness worship.

travel January 25, 2020

Tourism in Damascus, Syria

It may seem like an unlikely holiday destination, but as peace returns to Syria, the struggling nation hopes tourists will too.

travel November 30, 2019

Prison visiting

When it comes to lining up family holidays, the author is committed to planning the perfect escape.

travel November 2, 2019

Tangier, Morocco

Once a wonderland of drug-fuelled hedonism and bohemia for Western artists and writers, today’s Tangier has developed its own cultural identity beyond the legend.

travel October 26, 2019

A whisky quest in Japan

Seven years after hearing about a one-off bottle of a 1961 Japanese single malt whisky, blended in honour of a famed conductor’s 50th birthday, the author tracks it down in a bar named Keith.