The cats of Kuching, Malaysia

Ricky French
In Malaysia’s ‘city of cats’, Kuching, the author finds a feline museum surprisingly lacking finesse.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology

Gillian Terzis
LA’s Museum of Jurassic Technology presents a disorienting collection of true, plausible and unlikely artefacts, enjoyably posing more questions than answers.

Blanco Renaissance Museum, Ubud, Bali

Patrick Lau
Above Ubud’s thronging streets there’s an eerie quiet within a Spanish artist’s rococo fantasy filled with nudes and Michael Jackson.

Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

Cindy MacDonald
It’s not always easy to quiet the mind, even under the venerable direction of a monk in a Buddhist temple.

Nights out in Glasgow, Scotland

Kate Hennessy
Glasgow’s live music venues – from a pub built in 1792 to King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut – are testament to the unbridled passion of the locals.

Polar bear spotting in Churchill, Canada

Patricia Maunder
Watching polar bears in the wild tundra offers the thrill of a close encounter, but the terrible feeling such experiences may soon be impossible.

Santiago, Chile

Jonathan Holloway
The Melbourne Festival artistic director visits Santiago to scout for performances at a time when truths and freedoms are being upturned across the world.

Shin Hinomoto, Tokyo

Hamish McDonald
Beneath one of Tokyo’s busiest train lines is an izakaya bar run by an expat Englishman, the inheritor of his Japanese family’s long-running deal in the city’s famous fish market.

A funeral at Melk Abbey, Austria

Roslyn Jolly
An unexpected outing during a visit to Austria allows access to the secret life of a monastery town.

Pyongyang resturant, Shanghai

Andy Hazel
Visitors to North Korea’s state-run restaurant franchise in Shanghai might second-guess the polished smiles of the all-singing staff.

Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas

Gillian Terzis
The adult fantasy land of the Las Vegas Strip offers freedom from responsibility and shame, and ultimately, freedom from being yourself.

An escape to the South Pacific and Castaway Island, Fiji

Cindy MacDonald
Plans to escape chilly climes for sun-drenched Fiji can fall foul of unpredictable weather and illness, but some clear blue sky can turn it around.

Finding solace amid Iceland's tourism boom

Josephine Rowe
Amid the violent geology of Iceland, with its volcanoes and hot geysers it is the stillness that lingers in the memory.

Wilderness and wildlife on south Bruny Island

Tom Wolff
On the windswept extremities of Tasmania, wilderness, wildlife and walking go hand in hand.

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Linda Jaivin
Sarajevo’s streets bear the scars of the Bosnian War siege, but people are pursuing a relaxed approach to life.

Fine dining in England’s north

Katrina Lobley
Joining food lovers on an eating odyssey across northern England offers some serious challenges.

A walk through Harlem

Nathan Smith
The gentrification under way in Harlem is delivering a new population drawn to the history but disconnected from it.

Ballarat’s Kryal Castle and Sovereign Hill

Megan Anderson
In the goldfields of Victoria, the novelty value traverses everything from panning for gold to mediaeval jousting.

Darbys Falls Observatory, Cowra

Alison Arnold
Peering up at the universe to connect with people, at the Darbys Falls Observatory in Cowra, NSW.

The eternal New Age in Palm Springs, California

Gillian Terzis
The Californian desert city of Palm Springs, former haven of Liberace, Sinatra and Monroe, transports the visitor to a timeless Space Age.

Twin Peaks location hunting in the Pacific Northwest

Andy Hazel
Visiting set locations of a favourite TV show or film can feel like entering an out-of-kilter dream – all the more so when the show is David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.

Gothenburg’s Malm Whale

Patrick Lau
Sweden’s cosmopolitan and historic port city of Gothenburg is home to the world’s only preserved blue whale.

The Greek island of Kythera

Karen Halabi
As well as its important place in ancient Greek mythology and history, Kythera has an association with Australia going back a hundred years.

Change they might believe in, in Havana

Josephine Rowe
Change is coming to Cuba, but in Havana on the eve of Barack Obama’s visit, they still don't know what form it will take.

From Paris to Venice with illness and kindness

Alison Arnold
When travelling with a sick child, the journey between the glamorous cities of Paris and Venice becomes anything but stylish.