Gadfly: Out of harmony’s way

Richard Ackland
Harmony Day turned into a triumph for pinkish-coloured people. PM Turnbull and his pale-skinned sidekick Bookshelves “Bigot” Brandis say it’s important for our free speech that tinted people be subject to offence, insults and humiliation – but no harassment, please. The Macquarie Dictionary...

The gas industry’s power play

Mike Seccombe
Long-term mismanagement of Australia’s gas industry has seen price gouging by cartels and the possible need for imports. Even if the government can put things to right, natural gas will never again be a cheap alternative fossil fuel.

Don Dale guard Conan Zamolo’s disturbing testimony

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As the royal commission continues in the Northern Territory, a culture of brutal dysfunction emerges.

New ACTU secretary Sally McManus on the new IR battlegrounds

Karen Middleton
The new ACTU leadership finds the Turnbull government more ideologically anti-union than John Howard’s.

The Nant whisky and Angus cattle investment scandal

Anne Davies
The saga for investors in Nant whisky has taken a fresh turn with many being told their liquor doesn’t exist. So what about their money?

Turkish cleric Gülen's Australian supporters fear reprisals

Hamish McDonald
Fethullah Gülen has become enemy No. 1 of President Erdoğan of Turkey, leaving the US-based Muslim cleric’s supporters, including those in Australia, fearful for their livelihoods and freedom.

Gadfly: Brandis logs his claim

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large flies about the nation.

RSL in the wars

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Plagued by scandal, the RSL has become increasingly about commemoration and less about advocating for veterans.

Government withholds funding for Indigenous genetic disease foundation

Mike Seccombe
Despite a Federal Court win over Indigenous Affairs Minister Nigel Scullion, a foundation supporting sufferers of a crippling genetic disease across remote Aboriginal communities is still waiting on funding promised under the previous Labor government.

Renewables and South Australia’s power policy

Max Opray
The outcome of the South Australian government’s bold energy policy could be key to the future of renewable energy throughout the nation.

One Nation’s business model questioned after WA election failure

Karen Middleton
As the fallout continues from Pauline Hanson’s WA state election campaign, claims emerge of a party run as a pyramid scheme.

Exclusive: How the church forced me to relive my abuse

Therase Lawless
Having testified at the royal commission and for a police investigation, a victim of abuse endures another cycle of doubt from the church.

Weighing the priorities of homeland security

Karen Middleton
As the PM and foreign minister attempt to smooth relations with Indonesia, calls increase for a consolidated approach to national security.

The truth about house prices

Mike Seccombe
The crisis in housing affordability traces back to John Howard’s actions half a century ago and the lack of political will since.

Inside President Trump’s Camelot

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As Donald Trump’s administration marks 50 days in office, the scenes from his White House become yet more narcissistic and bizarre.

Gadfly: Animal crackers

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large flies about the nation.

Microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus on the economics of good

Mike Seccombe
Social businessman and microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus has devoted his life to helping millions of people – mostly women – escape poverty.

Cleaning up the Environmental Protection Authority

Chris Woods
Sweeping reforms to Victoria’s EPA are set to shift its focus from response to prevention, and restore the faith of communities at risk from contaminants.

Gadfly: Oh Fatherland, show us the sign

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.

Reporting Robert Xie’s murder of Brenda Lin’s family

Miriam Cosic
In 2009, her world was torn apart by the murder of her parents, brothers and aunt. Now, following her uncle’s long-awaited conviction, Brenda Lin faces the glare of the media again.

Criminalising the homeless of Melbourne’s CBD

Roj Amedi
Rough sleepers have been moved on from Melbourne’s city streets, but without a long-term assistance strategy, how can they rebuild their lives?

Charting the war on young people

Mike Seccombe
A suite of policy settings, from wage cuts to unaffordable education, shows the government turning its back on a generation.

Senior Liberals caution Malcolm Turnbull on style

Karen Middleton
As Turnbull’s supporters become anxious about an absence of narrative and clear advice, his problems are greater than a vengeful Tony Abbott.

Safety fears for Manus Island murder witness

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As the Immigration Department faced senate estimates, a witness to the murder of Reza Barati fears retribution from the man he helped convict.

Gadfly: Piers group pressure

Richard Ackland
Diarist-at-large Richard Ackland flies about the nation.