defence August 6, 2022

Does Australia actually need nuclear submarines?

As experts question the diplomatic, strategic and economic rationale behind Australia’s purchase of nuclear-powered submarines, the gaps in the country’s defensive fleet could be filled by conventional subs.

ir July 23, 2022

Exclusive: Richard Marles on AUKUS nuclear safeguards

In an interview on his return from Washington, Defence Minister Richard Marles details how non-proliferation is an essential condition of the trilateral agreement on nuclear-powered submarines.

defence May 14, 2022

Ben Roberts-Smith trial calls next witness

As the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case continues, his four star witnesses face their own difficulties in and out of the witness box.

ir April 30, 2022

Exclusive: Defence review questions Afghanistan war deaths

A review of Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan questions whether soldiers’ deaths helped strategic outcomes and calls for ongoing royal commission-like powers to prevent misconduct.

ir April 16, 2022

Pine Gap’s role in China–US arms race makes Australia a target

The Pine Gap base near Alice Springs is expanding, and so is its importance to the US military. It also means Australia is becoming a more obvious global target, whether we realise it or not.

defence March 12, 2022

Defence spending booms as efficiency dives

By cutting public service jobs then outsourcing to contractors, the cost of defence staffing has doubled. With problems from planning through to delivery, the billions being spent are not giving taxpayers value for money.

defence December 18, 2021

Andrew Leigh on humanity’s one-in-six chance of ending

According to a new book by Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh, humanity has a one-in-six chance of ending in the next hundred years. The biggest threats are not the ones he expected.

immigration November 20, 2021

Afghanistan once more a terrorism threat

Key military and diplomatic figures have admitted that Afghanistan could again become a hub for terrorist activity.

immigration November 13, 2021

Australia to allow visas for trapped Afghans to expire

Australia will let emergency visas expire for those still in Afghanistan, as it emerges the US was consulted on evacuation a month before Kabul’s ‘unexpected’ fall.

resources November 13, 2021

How fear of abandonment informs Australia’s defence strategy

Australia’s defence priorities have oscillated between protecting the country from invasion and joining foreign allies abroad in the hope of future support. Scott Morrison has opted for the latter, following a map drawn up by John Howard.

immigration October 23, 2021

Three interpreters killed in Afghanistan

The Australian government’s emergency 449 visas are set to expire, as another ex-ADF interpreter has been reported dead.