international relations   November 18, 2023

Penny Wong on the Israel–Hamas war

In an interview with The Saturday Paper, the foreign affairs minister notes the way events in the Middle East are ‘refracted’ in Australia, while continuing to call for ‘restraint and protection of civilian lives’.

defence   November 18, 2023

Exclusive: Afghan war crime families ready to testify

The widows of Afghan civilians allegedly killed by Australian soldiers say they have had no contact from the Australian government but are ready to testify about the war crimes.

religion   September 2, 2023

Defence ostracised chaplain over abuse claims

A military chaplain, who was indecently assaulted by a colleague, was pressured not to complain by another senior chaplain, who is now serving the royal commission where she is giving evidence.

defence   July 29, 2023

Exclusive: Robert took defence trip with Synergy 360 directors

As a parliamentary committee probes Stuart Robert’s links to consultancy firm Synergy 360, it can be revealed he travelled to the United States in 2015 with two future directors of the company.

defence   July 22, 2023

Deloitte breached undertaking on Home Affairs advice

New evidence shows the consulting giant had a major government contract cancelled after also giving advice to one of the bidders.

defence   June 10, 2023

Exclusive: More soldiers willing to testify against Ben Roberts-Smith

A former SAS soldier who served with Ben Roberts-Smith says other witnesses who did not give evidence in his defamation case will come forward if there is a criminal trial.

international relations   May 27, 2023

Pentagon to secure Australian minerals in green deal

US president Joe Biden’s plan promises billions for Australian companies, while securing minerals for the US military.

defence   May 6, 2023

Australia to expand military ties in Indian Ocean countries

As part of the new Defence strategy, a program offering military training will be extended to countries in the north-east Indian Ocean, some of which have poor human rights records.

defence   April 29, 2023

Inside Labor’s Defence strategy

The Defence Strategic Review is an urgent call for the biggest shift in Australia’s military stance in 80 years, but the government is being criticised  for lack of clarity on spending.

defence   April 15, 2023

Why Australia’s China strategy is dangerous

China’s military escalation over Taiwan this week shows the futility of the US’s plan for ‘guardrails’ to manage tensions, and the risk of Australia being led ever closer to war.

defence   March 4, 2023

Inside Labor’s cybersecurity overhaul

Plans for a national ID card are progressing urgently, according to the prime minister in a closed-door meeting, as Minister for Cyber Security Clare O’Neil warns that companies can’t escape their legal duty to protect customers.