Exclusive: Ex-military heads disagree over Middle East operations

Karen Middleton
As Australia considers extending its presence in Afghanistan, key figures have split over what has been achieved in the Middle East.

Trump’s message to China on North Korea

Karen Middleton
As Donald Trump toughens his rhetoric on North Korea, the implications for Australia and other neighbours are becoming clearer.

Calls for outreach program as veteran suicides soar

Miriam Cosic
Suicides among ex-servicemen are alarmingly high and some believe the side effects of an anti-malaria drug are a contributing factor.

RSL in the wars

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Plagued by scandal, the RSL has become increasingly about commemoration and less about advocating for veterans.

Weighing the priorities of homeland security

Karen Middleton
As the PM and foreign minister attempt to smooth relations with Indonesia, calls increase for a consolidated approach to national security.

Foreign policy in the age of Trump

Karen Middleton
As Julie Bishop completes her first meetings with Trump’s key advisers, the alliance appears strengthened by Malcolm Turnbull’s heated phone call.

Land grab to take farms for Singapore Army training base

Susan Chenery
A government proposal to compulsorily acquire farmland outside Townsville, to be leased to the Singapore Army for a training base, has local graziers gearing up for a fight.

Cybersecurity concerns after attack on BOM

Karen Middleton
A new report from the Australian Cyber Security Centre describes a recent foreign-state attack on the Bureau of Meteorology and highlights ongoing threats to government agencies.

Exclusive: Toxic chemical conflict on Defence sites

Chris Ray
Consultants paid millions by Defence helped revise chemical safety standards that could shield the department from multiple compensation claims.

PTSD and the rehabilitation of returned soldiers

Martin McKenzie-Murray
As reports emerge that as many veterans have taken their lives this year as have been killed in the 13 years of the war in Afghanistan, a new narrative is emerging around post-traumatic stress disorder.

US and Australia in stalemate over NT defence bases

Karen Middleton
Plans for more American troops to be based in the Northern Territory have stalled as battlelines are drawn over who should foot the bill.

Andrew Wilkie and the Chilcot inquiry

Martin McKenzie-Murray
Intelligence officer turned whistleblower and politician Andrew Wilkie is calling for Australia to conduct its own version of the Chilcot inquiry into the war in Iraq.

The Gallipoli lie and other tall tales from the front

Jo Stewart
The version of history presented each Anzac Day holds up those who fought as heroes. As the author ’s family can attest, the reality can be less flattering.

US request for more Iraq support wrongfooted Australia

Karen Middleton
A misfired directive from the US Defence Department led to the Australian government’s unusual public refusal to contribute more in Iraq.

Malcolm Turnbull: just a humble cabinet-maker

Sophie Morris
Balancing enemies and allies, Malcolm Turnbull’s cabinet lays the groundwork for reform while holding the party together.

Veterans fight for the right to join Kurdish militias

Max Opray
Keen to join the fight against Daesh, a group of former Australian servicemen have enlisted legal help in a bid to wage their own war on the government’s Foreign Fighters bill.

Abbott's war on governance

The pointlessness of no return for foreign fighters

Lauren Williams
Western governments are refusing to assist the return of disillusioned foreign fighters who escape Daesh in Syria, despite their potential role against future recruitment.

Exclusive: US bugs Japan on trade and climate

Philip Dorling
America is spying on the Japanese PM and major corporations ahead of trade talks, and sharing the intelligence with Australia.

French spying agency tapping Australia’s communications

Philip Dorling
France’s intelligence agency is listening in on Australia’s communication networks, as submarine contracts and regional relations vital to both nations are negotiated.

The other face of Anzac Day

Mark Saunokonoko
Mandy cannot forgive Defence for the lack of support she and her family received after war left her partner violent, abusive and finally homeless.

Japan and US enclose Chinese coast within sensor net

Hamish McDonald
The US and Japan have quietly cornered the Chinese navy with an undersea surveillance ring that is framing Australia’s defence policy.

Tony Abbott’s affinity with ADF reflected in parliament

Sophie Morris
The red and green houses of parliament are being tinged with khaki as an increasing number of former defence force personnel enter politics.

ALP leader Bill Shorten faces big test on civil liberties

Mike Seccombe
The opposition leader is being wedged on data retention laws, not just by the government and the Greens, but by his own party.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s new leadership plan: panic

Mike Seccombe
Tony Abbott’s security speech shows him already reaching for the last trick in the conservative playbook.