economy August 13, 2022

How ‘tax bludgers’ are ripping off their fellow Australians

The gender pay gap is alive and well and ‘tax bludgers’ are thriving in Australia, as the latest figures show scores of millionaires paid nothing on their income.

economy August 13, 2022

Where Australia is going wrong on the economy

Contradictory forces in the economy are creating confusion, with the Reserve Bank’s limited answer to inflation ultimately harming workers.

resources July 30, 2022

Australia is not prepared for a climate-related food crisis

As figures show more than one in 10 Australians do not have access to adequate food, climate change has made global famine a serious threat.

economy July 23, 2022

Joseph Stiglitz on how to make Australia richer

Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz discusses the bedrock of a fair economy, balancing freedoms and the role of government.

economy July 16, 2022

Albanese offers no relief for jobseekers

The Labor government has left in place ‘mutual obligations’, as new tender documents show the punitive system channels billions of dollars into private companies.

economy July 2, 2022

Reserve Bank: ‘If you know about monetary policy, you’re disqualified’

As a review is set to begin into the Reserve Bank of Australia, questions are being asked about its opaque operations and the absence of qualifications on its board.

economy July 2, 2022

Profits up, wages down in today’s Australia

As Australia attempts to control inflation, it is ignoring the impacts of monopoly ownership and price gouging.

resources June 25, 2022

Energy crisis: The truth behind the price surge

The near collapse of the east coast energy market has its roots in decades of political appeasement directed at fossil fuel interests.

ir June 18, 2022

Inside the Qantas saga: ‘It is a wonder they can get a plane off the ground’

As Qantas drops to become the worst performing airline in the country, staff and unions say years of outsourcing have turned it into a budget carrier.

economy June 11, 2022

Why the RBA’s interest rates rise won’t work

The Reserve Bank’s decision to raise rates will not substantially address inflation, as questions are asked about the bank’s role and its obligations to workers.

economy May 14, 2022

What the Coalition is promising

The Coalition is targeting wealthy retirees in an attempt to secure another ‘miracle’ election win. But its policy platform contains little substance beyond the purchase of votes.