environment   December 2, 2023

Murray–Darling plan wrenched across the line

Labor has wrested support for its legislation to save the Murray–Darling Basin with concessions to the Greens and independent senators, but the plan’s heavy reliance on water buybacks will do little to appease farmers and state governments.

economy   November 11, 2023

Why the cost of living is still too high

As expectations rise for another interest rate hike by year’s end, and the pain of inflation pressure weighs on more households, it’s clear the RBA can’t solve the inflation problem alone.

rural   October 21, 2023

Red tape delays Black Summer rebuild

In some areas, barely 10 per cent of the homes lost in the Black Summer fires have been rebuilt due to struggles with development approvals, insurance shortfalls and labour and material shortages. Now another fire season looms.

economy   September 23, 2023

Jim Chalmers’ pitch to clean up corporate Australia

As Qantas and PwC take steps to restore their damaged reputations, Treasurer Jim Chalmers announces draft legislation to penalise corporate wrongdoing and help bring it to light.

law & crime   September 23, 2023

Exclusive: Australia’s welfare agency at risk of collapse

Services Australia staff say the agency is in chaos, blaming under-resourcing and poor decisions for ‘the worst culture, morale and treatment of employees ever seen’.

resources   September 16, 2023

How to build a green economic boom

This second instalment of a two-part series explains how Australia can create a thriving economy based on green energy and manufacturing, while helping the world shift to renewables.

environment   September 9, 2023

Lessons from the US energy transition

In the first of a two-part series, one of the architects of US President Joe Biden’s signature climate legislation reflects on its success and failures a year on, and the lessons for Australia as it crafts its response.

environment   September 2, 2023

Australia’s greenhouse emissions are still rising

New figures show Australia has little chance of meeting its emissions targets. After a period of flatlining figures, the numbers are going up sharply.

immigration   August 26, 2023

What’s different about this intergenerational report

Migration is among the measures laid out in the latest intergenerational report, to help address the problems of an ageing population in an increasingly indebted country.

international relations   August 26, 2023

‘It’s breaking down’: Can China contain its economic crisis?

As China teeters on the edge of a balance sheet recession, it’s clear Australia can no longer rely on its largest trading partner to pull it out of trouble.

law & crime   August 26, 2023

Exclusive: Millions skimmed off government welfare contracts

Briefing documents show employment providers are paying themselves more than $40 million a year to move welfare recipients through jobs and training within their own companies.