resources April 10, 2021

Melbourne set to overtake Sydney

Melbourne’s population growth means it could soon overtake Sydney as Australia’s most populous city, which will have huge social and political implications nationally.

education March 20, 2021

The NDIS and government controls

A win for the government in its push to deny people on the National Disability Insurance Scheme access to sex worker supports may hand the Commonwealth even greater power to control the scheme.

law & crime March 20, 2021

Women’s March 4 Justice

Monday’s March 4 Justice against the sexual abuse and harassment of women sent a powerful message. But for many long-term activists there is also a feeling of disbelief and despair that the same battles are still being fought.

law & crime March 20, 2021

Between here and justice

More than 100,000 people joined March 4 Justice rallies around the country. The rage was palpable, as was the desire for reform. Can this energy translate into change?

law & crime March 13, 2021

The children of gods: how power works in Australia

The rarefied and entitled boys-only private school network has created massive imbalances and injustice in the halls of power, public policy and broader society.

education March 14, 2020

Private schools’ spending arms race heats up

While the nation’s elite schools outspend one another building new facilities, experts question why public schools have effectively had their funding cut.

immigration February 8, 2020

Universities and the China ban

A taskforce that was set up to deal with the effects of the bushfire crisis on overseas student numbers is now examining the fallout from the coronavirus breakout – with repercussions predicted far beyond the university sector.

education December 7, 2019

The reality of Australia’s free public education

Facing funding shortfalls, public schools have turned to fundraising and parental contributions, prompting debate about whether our education system remains free.

law & crime September 28, 2019

Foreign students and sexual assault

One international student’s fight to have a university tutor prosecuted for sexual assault highlights how our system fails survivors.

education August 17, 2019

Repairing vocational education

According to a confidential report, Australia’s largest private training college raked in hundreds of millions in public money before its collapse, despite abysmal completion rates. A senior figure in the sector fears it could happen again.

education August 10, 2019

The bullying of school leadership by parents

Where once school principals were treated with deference and respect, today they are often met with aggression and conflict.