Scott Morrison budgets on turn-in from the world

Karen Middleton
As the treasurer squares up for a fight with the banks over a new levy, his budget finds its unifying theme in making an example of foreign money.

Turnbull's war on universities

Mike Seccombe
If the government’s new schools funding plan represents an ideological change, its cuts to universities reflect a calculated antipathy.

Inside the war on Safe Schools

Mike Seccombe
The campaign against Safe Schools is reaching its final chapter, but in many respects the program has already done its work.

Charting the war on young people

Mike Seccombe
A suite of policy settings, from wage cuts to unaffordable education, shows the government turning its back on a generation.

Gonski funding under threat despite positive outcomes

Jane Caro
As the federal government shies away from the full funding of Gonski, the successes of the model are becoming clearer.

National Art School head Michael Lynch calls for support

Joyce Morgan
It has been the training ground for some of Australia’s best-known artists but now the National Art School is on a knife edge as its interim administrator fights to secure its future.

Exclusive: Safe Schools head Roz Ward speaks

Jill Stark
Roz Ward speaks for the first time about the concerted attacks on her character and the Safe Schools program she leads.

Australia scoring low marks on education

Mike Seccombe
As elite private schools continue to benefit from government funding, Australian education standards are sliding in global terms and politicians remain reluctant to take a stand.

Campus assaults

Drew Rooke
Despite a campaign to develop better support services for victims of sexual assault on campus, students say universities are more concerned for their own reputation.

Grim picture for visual artists and Sydney art colleges

Joyce Morgan
Visual arts education is under siege as plans to merge Sydney colleges spark accusations economic rationalism is triumphing over creative endeavour.

The Australian Christian Lobby's bid for influence

Martin McKenzie-Murray
The Australian Christian Lobby has a high profile as a religious organisation seeking to influence government policy, but are its claims of intolerance and censorship a sign it realises it is out of step with a secular society?

What happened to the Safe Schools program

Karen Middleton
After a year of agitation, conservatives had a big win on the Safe Schools anti-bullying program – a curtain-raiser to their fight on equal marriage.

Q&A with Brian Schmidt, Nobel laureate and ANU’s new vice-chancellor

Hamish McDonald
As incoming vice-chancellor of the Australian National University, Nobel prize winner Brian Schmidt has a clear vision of how to take Australian achievements into the stratosphere.

Hiding sexual abuse behind prestige at Geelong Grammar

Martin McKenzie-Murray
For students of the elite Geelong Grammar School, sexual abuse survived within a subculture of hazing born in the ‘Great Public Schools’ of England.

Why the Abbott government wants Bjørn Lomborg's Consenus Centre

Mike Seccombe
Covert negotiations, whispered announcements and an awkward about-face reveal a political agenda behind reaching consensus.

Universities Australia, Clean Energy Council's lobbying lessons

Sophie Morris
It’s a high-stakes gamble for industry groups to support unpopular government policy if the senate objects, as the experience of university chiefs shows.

Christopher 'The Fixer' Pyne's bid to deregulate uni fees

Mike Seccombe
He calls himself a ‘fixer’ but Christopher Pyne’s achievements heading the Coalition’s education portfolio have done nothing to support this school of thought.

Inside the Knox Grammar's sexual abuse scandal

Martin McKenzie-Murray
How one man’s blindness allowed a generation of sexual abuse at Sydney’s Knox Grammar.

Minding the Indigenous education gap

Clare Martin
A remote NT community where Aboriginal children still aren’t going to school highlights the failure to "close the gap”.

Senate defeat for Pyne's education reforms

Sophie Morris
The education minister’s bullishness in defeat of his university reforms epitomises the government’s struggles in the senate.

Pyne needling

Martin McKenzie-Murray
The death of a political icon made Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s push for deregulation of university fees even harder to sell.

Labor's higher education hopes

Sophie Morris
The ALP believes it can capitalise on fears the government’s cuts to higher education will put university out of the reach of many families.

How Murdoch hypocrisy killed Gonski

Mary Delahunty
If Rupert Murdoch had put politics aside to support the education reforms he deemed urgent, Julia Gillard’s Gonski funding model might now be in place. Instead, Abbott and Pyne are restoring privilege.

PUP to fight Pyne's uni funding cuts

Sophie Morris
Student resistance to Christopher Pyne’s plan to allow universities to raise their fees will find an unlikely champion in Clive Palmer’s senate bloc.