environment April 17, 2021

US climate summit to be a reckoning for Morrison

While Joe Biden looks set to double America’s emissions reduction target at a meeting of world leaders next week, Australia’s ‘gas-fired recovery’ sees it increasingly isolated.

resources April 10, 2021

Australia missing out on EVs

An electric vehicle factory that could have brought hundreds of jobs to Victoria’s struggling Latrobe Valley has stalled. But around Australia the lack of government support for EVs stands in stark contrast to other nations.

resources April 10, 2021

Melbourne set to overtake Sydney

Melbourne’s population growth means it could soon overtake Sydney as Australia’s most populous city, which will have huge social and political implications nationally.

rural March 27, 2021

The mouse plague in NSW

Millions of mice are wreaking havoc across rural NSW. Will the more recent disaster of floods help curb their onslaught, or will the devastation be experienced south in Victoria?

environment March 20, 2021

Agriculture and species extinction

Little is known about the extent of species extinction among insects, but research shows that Australia’s farming practices, land clearing and susceptibility to climate change are making the problem worse.

rural August 27, 2016

Exclusive: Toxic chemical conflict on Defence sites

Consultants paid millions by Defence helped revise chemical safety standards that could shield the department from multiple compensation claims.

resources August 13, 2016

Josh Frydenberg’s approach to environment and energy

The new minister for the environment and energy, Josh Frydenberg, is ready to balance his portfolios and disappoint critics on the left and right.

environment July 30, 2016

How rooftop solar energy became a political issue

A potentially influential, unclaimed political constituency is lurking in our suburbs.

environment June 25, 2016

Ruffled feathers in battle to save night parrot

Government efforts to conserve the elusive – and once feared extinct – night parrot have alienated birdwatchers and divided opinion on the best way forward.

law & crime June 18, 2016

Environmental Defenders lawyer Sue Higginson

As a campaigner for green causes, Sue Higginson knew a law degree would be her most useful weapon. Now she’s at the vanguard of the fight, heading the NSW Environmental Defenders Office.

resources June 11, 2016

The battle to save WA’s endangered black cockatoos

A proposed gravel mine in the hills south of Perth threatens to devastate the breeding habitat of three federally protected black cockatoo species, incensing local residents devoted to their protection.