rural April 16, 2022

What is Lismore’s future after the floods?

As the people of Lismore attempt to rebuild following the second major flood this year, residents are divided over what to do next and whether to relocate the entire town.

rural April 2, 2022

Lismore inundated again in ‘never-ending’ floods

As further floods tear through southern Queensland and northern New South Wales, communities are exhausted, devastated and searching for answers.

environment April 2, 2022

Tracking the Coalition’s attacks on green energy infrastructure

For nearly a decade the Coalition has been attempting to dismantle the country’s green energy infrastructure – first trying to defund it, then hollowing it out, then using it to fund fossil fuel projects. Through all this, careful drafting has made it almost impossible for the government to fully implement its plans.

environment March 19, 2022

Morrison failed to act on flood relief ‘handshake’

As blame-shifting continues over the slow response to the floods in northern NSW, Scott Morrison has gone quiet on a support package agreed to with the state’s premier.

environment March 19, 2022

Households battling toxic mould after record rains

Rain in Sydney has led to an outbreak of mould, particularly in cheaper rental properties, with profound and insidious impacts on health.

rural March 12, 2022

Residents abandoned in epic floods

As extraordinary stories emerge of the rescue efforts in northern New South Wales, with hundreds of people saved, residents describe being completely abandoned by the federal government.

environment March 12, 2022

How climate change is impacting health in Australia

From the Black Summer bushfires to the extreme flooding in Queensland and New South Wales, the hidden aspect of climate change is its enormous impact on health.

environment March 5, 2022

What the river didn’t forget

The flooding in south-east Queensland is the result of climate change, two La Niña summers and a slow-moving low-pressure system. More than that, it is the result of a failure of collective memory and of governments to act.

law & crime February 26, 2022

Access to justice threatened by new rules for class actions

A federal push to change the rules around class action lawsuits will make it more difficult for people to get justice from the courts.

environment January 8, 2022

How the climate crisis and masculinity intersect

The response to climate change is increasingly gendered, with inaction tied to a phenomenon called ‘petro-masculinity’.

defence December 18, 2021

Andrew Leigh on humanity’s one-in-six chance of ending

According to a new book by Labor frontbencher Andrew Leigh, humanity has a one-in-six chance of ending in the next hundred years. The biggest threats are not the ones he expected.