environment   December 2, 2023

Murray–Darling plan wrenched across the line

Labor has wrested support for its legislation to save the Murray–Darling Basin with concessions to the Greens and independent senators, but the plan’s heavy reliance on water buybacks will do little to appease farmers and state governments.

international relations   December 2, 2023

Inside the COP28 talks

In light of Australia’s bid to host the 2026 COP, extra pressure will fall on Chris Bowen and his delegation at this year’s conference to prove the nation’s commitment to mitigating climate change.

international relations   November 18, 2023

The art of the Tuvalu deal

Australia’s deal with Tuvalu is the first in the world to relocate a population stranded by rising sea levels, and highlights the cynicism of policy that avoids addressing the causes of climate change.

environment   November 11, 2023

Questions for Chalice Mining

Chalice Mining is seeking partners to develop a massive ‘green metals’ deposit near the Julimar Conservation Park in Western Australia. Poet John Kinsella is seeking assurances that the region’s unique ecology will be protected.

environment   October 28, 2023

WIRES’ unspent bushfire donations

Donations to Australia’s largest wildlife rescue service surged during the Black Summer bushfires, but only a fraction has been spent since, as volunteers complain they are under-resourced and unable to save animals.

law & crime   October 21, 2023

Government settles climate bond lawsuit

A world-first case, brought by a young law student, has forced the federal government to acknowledge its failure to declare the risks to the value of its debt as a result of climate change.

rural   October 21, 2023

Red tape delays Black Summer rebuild

In some areas, barely 10 per cent of the homes lost in the Black Summer fires have been rebuilt due to struggles with development approvals, insurance shortfalls and labour and material shortages. Now another fire season looms.

environment   October 14, 2023

No winners in Murray–Darling Basin Plan

The failure of the Murray–Darling Basin Plan to recover sufficient water to avert further environmental damage has pushed the government towards more buybacks, infuriating farmers and state politicians.

environment   September 30, 2023

The fight to end native logging

Analysis: Anthony Albanese is taking a big electoral risk by continuing Howard-era native forest logging agreements.

resources   September 16, 2023

How to build a green economic boom

This second instalment of a two-part series explains how Australia can create a thriving economy based on green energy and manufacturing, while helping the world shift to renewables.

law & crime   September 16, 2023

On trial for protesting against Woodside

This week, I will be the first person to be prosecuted for protesting against Woodside’s Burrup project. This is the story of the raid on my home and the six-month wait for a hearing.