resources July 24, 2021

Welcome to the heat dome

A slow-moving heat dome is bringing record-breaking temperatures to the northern hemisphere. Climate scientists are alarmed by how bad it is – and what might follow in Australia.

resources July 17, 2021

Exclusive: How three men stopped China funding Adani

Bob Carr and Geoff Cousins led an unlikely coalition to block Chinese funding for Adani. Not a cent has flowed to the company since.

resources July 10, 2021

Exclusive: Frydenberg pushed AGL to sack boss

As AGL attempted to clean up its energy, Josh Frydenberg intervened to have its chief executive sacked. Now the company is de-merging to salvage its failing coal assets.

environment July 3, 2021

Barrier Reef: Ley stunned by 22 years of warnings

Two decades ago an Australian scientist warned climate change would kill the reef. Since then, governments have steadfastly ignored what is happening.

environment June 26, 2021

Inside the Wuhan lab leak conspiracy theory

While a laboratory leak may never be ruled out as the origin of Covid-19, the sources of that theory remain highly questionable.

resources June 19, 2021

Part One: Australia’s big spending on war machines

Australia is undertaking an extraordinary military expansion, but there are questions about what is being bought and the skills of the people doing the buying. This is part one of a two-part series.

defence June 19, 2021

China and the G7

The Group of Seven summit in Cornwall has restated America’s priorities with regards to China, but the shift is not necessarily in Australia’s interests.

resources June 19, 2021

Taxing big land deals

Dismayed by huge profits made on rezoned land, a Liberal MP is pushing for the federal government to tax windfall gains at 75 per cent.

resources June 12, 2021

Conciliation on Murray–Darling

Water policy in the Murray–Darling basin has failed farmers and the environment. Will a new conciliatory conference and a promised reset force necessary change before it’s too late?

environment June 5, 2021

Netflix’s battle over Byron Bay

Leaked emails show Netflix was deliberately coy about the true nature of its first Australian reality show, Byron Baes – which will be a glossy, semi-scripted tabloid series.

law & crime June 5, 2021

Sharma v Environment Minister

For the students who launched legal action against the Environment minister over her duty to protect young people from an impending climate change catastrophe, the fight is far from over.