rural May 30, 2020

How one mine ate a town

A Queensland town’s decades-long legal fight against being subsumed by a coalmine could end next week as the case reaches the High Court of Australia. But not before a final turn of the screws.

environment May 30, 2020

Bushfire hearings spotlight climate change

Experts called during the opening week of the bushfires royal commission warned the Black Summer will not be an isolated event.

environment May 2, 2020

Black Summer bushfire inquiries begin

Many are still waiting to rebuild their homes that were destroyed during the Black Summer, but experts have told the bushfire royal commission and parliamentary inquiry that the climate crisis will leave more people vulnerable to disaster.

environment May 2, 2020

Angus Taylor’s bioenergy plans

As the Covid-19 disruption pushes Australia to rethink its energy security, minister Angus Taylor is championing a national bioenergy road map. But is this plan as green as he claims?

environment April 11, 2020

The Greens’ New Deal

As policymakers puzzle over how to wake up Australia’s economy from ‘hibernation’, the Greens believe the solution lies in massive renewable energy investment and a Green New Deal.

resources April 11, 2020

Angus Taylor’s energy projects push

With the nation’s focus fixed on the fight against Covid-19, Energy Minister Angus Taylor has forged ahead with a new program that includes measures designed to prop up coal-fired electricity generators and weaken environmental protections.

environment March 7, 2020

After fires, loggers move into Toolangi forest

Locked into supply contracts with the producer of Reflex paper, the Andrews government continues to prop up the logging industry in the state’s last remaining forests.

environment February 29, 2020

Political warfare over climate action

While Labor’s commitment to a 2050 emissions target reinvigorated well-practised attacks from the Coalition, the cost of inaction is only becoming clearer.

environment February 22, 2020

Flood dangers and the Warragamba Dam project

Recent downpours in Sydney have stirred up debate about a $690 million plan to mitigate flood risk by raising the wall of the Warragamba Dam, a project that could threaten Aboriginal heritage sites and endangered species.

environment February 15, 2020

Disability and climate disasters

This summer’s bushfire crisis has had a profound impact on people with disabilities, highlighting the urgent need for changes to the national disability strategy.

resources February 15, 2020

Canavan’s successor apt to fuel energy wars

Elevated to Resources minister after Matt Canavan’s resignation, Keith Pitt has moved quickly – announcing a feasibility study into a new coalmine.